Christmas proposal!!

Hi girls!! I am a brand new bride to be!! I got engaged on Christmas Day and I am soo excited to start planning!! It's all very daunting but can't wait to get stuck in!! Any advice on where to start is very welcome image x


  • Hi congratulations on your engagment image

    Do you have any idea when you want your wedding to be?

    I would suggest to start writing a list of things that are ost important to you and a list of the things you want to include in your wedding, make a scrap book and keep any images of anything you like as its so easy to get overwhelmed reading wedding magazines and hearing about other peoples wedding and thinking you need everything they have got xxx

  • I think I would like a summer wedding but summer 2013 doesn't seem a long time to be able to save up for everything so it will more likey be summer 2014. The scrap book sounds like a fab idea thanks image x
  • Were having a summer wedding but made sure we had money ready before we booked anything.  Just a note if your looking at a popular venue they tend to get booked up quite far in advance especially in the summer and if your wanting a saturday wedding.  We were quite lucky that although our venue is booked up 3 years in advance the date we wanted (our anniversay) was a weekday and they still had it available xxx

  • I have no idea which venue We want I think we will just go and see a few different ones and go to a few wedding fayres get some ideas x
  • Congratulations!! It's one of the most exciting times of your life so enjoy every second!!

    Most important thing to do is have the talk about the budget - you cant book anything until you know how much you can spend!!! then within that budget work out where you want to allocate the most of it, you know, dress, photography, food etc!!! 

    Then the fun stuff starts, set your date, get your venue booked and start the dress search!! And of course, pick your all important bridal party! Have fun! xx

  • Congratulations! It must be a very exciting time for you.

    As others have advised, I would recommend that you sit down and work out some sort of 'budget'. I found that I put off buying anything wedding related until I had created a spread sheet with estimated costs. That way, I could keep track of how much I was spending on what. That's not to say that you have to have a fixed cost in your mind - it just means that expenses won't spiral out of control if you can't afford to let that happen.

    I would recommend that you start looking at venues now. We booked our venue almost two years in advance, and I know some people getting married in 2014 and 2015 that have already booked their venues - particularly for summer weddings. There's nothing to stop you visiting a couple of bridal shops and looking for some ideas too. Good luck!

  • __cupcake wrote (see)

     I know some people getting married in 2014 and 2015 that have already booked their venues - particularly for summer weddings. 

    We booked our wedding 2 years in advance to the day - and it was the last Saturday they had in July or August of 2014 so if you ARE looking for a summer date then do get thinking about where you'd like it to be!! Booking earlier also gives you the opportunity to book things early and haggle about keeping 2012 prices until your big day! 

  • Thanks for all the advice ladies!! First thing on my to do list is budget and venue finding!! x
  • Hooray!  Congrats.

    My advice:

    1. Budget - sort this out first as it dictates a lot. 

    2. Magazines, scrapbook and a bottle of champagne.

    3. Be open minded!  Don't get fixated too early on.  Have a good look and think and you'll naturally be drawn to what is right for you and H2B.

    4.  Enjoy!  It's good fun.

  • GabiGabi Posts: 18

    Congrats Bride2_B, i also got engaged Xmas morning! Hope you have lots of fun with the planning xx

  • Aw thank you!! Congratulations it's so exciting!! I'm trying to put a pic of my ring up but can't work out how to do it on an iPhone!! Have you got a date in mind? x
  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458
    I'm a new bride too, Xmas day proposal also sooo exciting don't know where to begin and being overwhelmed by all these planning forums sooo much to do!!
  • GabiGabi Posts: 18

    Hi Bride2_B, i think we are looking at May 2014;  how about you?

    Congrats Gemma to you too!! xx

  • I'd like a summer wedding but prob won't be 2013 as need to save so it will prob be summer 2014 image

    Gemma congrats to you!! Lots of Christmas Day proposals image xx
  • Congratulations Bride2_B and all who got engaged on Christmas day!! I also got engaged on Christmas Day. image  Exciting times ahead!!! xxx

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