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I've found 2 venues Which I have appointments to view. Both are available next December and are affordable. I want to make sure I get all the right information so I can choose the best venue. So what kind of questions should I be asking?

Another question. One of the venues (my least favorite at the moment) only has one function room for both the ceremony and the reception. I don't know how I feel about that. Won't it take ages to re arrange the room after the ceremony for the reception? I know we will probably be taking photos but it doesn't have any gardens as it is a city Centre location so I'd imagine it won't take too long. I'm guessing I should be asking about exclusive use so we can have drinks in the bar?



  • Hi, exciting about the venue viewing, for sure ask about exclusive use. When we were viewing we forgot to ask to see a bar menu or price list and since we've booked most of our guests have moaned about the bar prices :-/ lol so might be something to consider. We've been told it should only take about half hour for room switchover so thats not too bad.

    best of luck with your viewings

    kim xxx

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    Ask how they handle the switch over. One venue we looked at had all the tables already set behind a room divider, then they just opened that up and carried the tables out. So it was very quick!
  • Bar prices how could I forget. I'm always the first to moan about drink prices at weddings as well.

    Half an hour that seems really quick. Hopefully this one will be similar as I don't want my guests waiting too long after the ceremony for their meals. I'll probably be starving never mind them.


  • What are your 2 choices?
  • So far we have The Robert the Hotel and the Stravan Hotel. Though we will be looking at more before we make a final decision.

  • We asked if they can hold another wedding on the same day, and if you can ave exclusive use which is quite popular now. If they allow for live music bands or singers. Special room rates for guests?
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    We are having our ceremony and breakfast in the same room, then the evening party in another area. Im not at all worried about the turnaround time - you normally give at least an hour or two for after ceremony pics and drinks reception which is plenty of time, unless you are having very elaborate decorations.


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