Getting all your colours to match?

I'm getting married in December next year and am thinking of mainly ivory and gold/champagne for the colour scheme but then introducing a warmer wintery colour for bridesmaid dresses and some of the touches like on the invitation ribbons etc. 

The colour I quite like is the Dessy Ruby which is quite plum like. What ways have you all matched your various items so you don't end up with ten shades of plum? You can buy a pantone chiplettes with your chosen colour from Dessy - but will most stationery companies be able to match if I sent them one of these? 

I'm just worried I'll chose a shade that I then won't be able to find matching things for.

Any advice?



  • Unfortunately I have no advice as I'm in the same position... I have Alfred Angelo's Blue Box as my colour, and as it's not quite aqua and not quite turquoise I cannot find ANYTHING that matches perfectly!! And I've had samples from about 30 different companies!!  I've come to the conclusion that nobody is actually going to be holding the invitations next to the BM dresses so maybe a couple of shades out wont matter... I don't know how much shades of plum will differ to each other, but I wouldn't have thought it would be a huge difference!

    Good Luck with it!

  • I gave up within a week of getting everything to match perfectly. Officially our colour is TARDIS blue but the BM dress is a bit lighter and other bits don't match perfectly but they're all in the same colour family so I don't care.
  • Ours is Coast jade green. I managed ribbon and some paper. The cravats aren't an exact match but as has already been said no one will hold your invites up to your BM's dress (unless they are also planning a wedding and have gone a bit bonkers).
  • Ah thanks ladies - that makes me feel much better. Like you many shades of plum can there be? image

  • Love your colours.sounds really nice.
  • Ah thanks mancbride! Hope I don't change my mind once I start ordering things! 

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