Best places to shop for wedding dresses in Herts

Hi all, 

It's time for me to start making some appointments to try on dresses. I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire and always had my heard set on Bride & also Satin Bow. I've made an appointment at Satin Bow but Bride is too expensive - their dresses start at £2.2k - so...looking for any recommendations of nice service people have encountered or just bridal shops they personally recommend in the Hertfordshire area.




  • Have you thought about marshmallow brides in St Albans? They stock some lovely dresses and aren't as pricey as the bride. The service is really good there too. Brides2b in Watford is also a good option, slightly more affordable too and again good friendly service. Hope that helps!
  • The ladies in the silk box in Cheshunt are lovely and Clifford Burr in Ware have been recommended to me.
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    Morgan Davies in hitchin were lovely. They didn't have the dress I wanted but stocked the designer so i decided to go anyway. When I went for my appointment they had got the dress in for me to try on at no cost.

    Brides of berkhampstead have a good reputation. I did have an appointment with them but found my dress before my app. When I rung to cancel they were lovely and sounded genuinely pleased that I'd found my dress even from another store.
  • I would also recommend Clifford Burr in Ware, I didn't end up getting my dress from there but the ladies there were absolutely lovely and so helpful.

    I also really liked Hinxworth Bridal (nearer Beds and a bit of a way up the A1) but again the ladies there were really helpful.

  • I live in Watford and had my heart also set on Satin Bow - love driving past their shop and having a peek. I went to The Bridal House in Aston Clinton and found my dress for £940  - the ladies in there were so lovely and we had the whole shop to ourselves...couldnt ask for better.

    Its not far from Watford - only took 20 mins to get there.


  • Ah thank you everyone - I will go check some of these out. I'm hoping I fall in love with one of the first ones I try on and can afford it too but I doubt that will happen. Have no idea what style will suit me either and don't have a particular designer in mind so bet ill be really indecisive!

    That's a great help though as I hadn't heard of most of these.
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    Brides of Berkhamsted are amazing, the people are so lovely, and the shop is just beautiful!

    Confetti in Tring is nice, but the shop is small and they stock too many dresses for the space they have, very crammed!

    Anns bridal in Leighton Buzzard is meant ot be good but I haven't tried it personally

    Airs and Graces in Berkhamsted are ok too, shop is nice.

    Hope that helps x

  • Hello, you could try Karen Forte in Royston or Mariposa in Sawbridgeworth xxx

  • The white wardrobe In hitchin are lovely, need to makd appointment ahead of time but they are lovely and made my friend feel at ease who walked in shaking and already close to tears with fear! ( she had nightmares of tearing dresses as she is a more curvascious figure)
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    I haven't been wedding dress shopping yet, but have been engaged for two years! My wedding is now a year and a bit away, and I'm about to start looking! Does anyone have any advice for the first visit to a bridal shop? Is it best to go with an open mind, or a set idea of what you want? x

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    So it didn't take me long to find my dress at all - I went to the White Wardrobe in Hitchin and they were all absolutely amazing there. So friendly, lots of advice,and really chatty, lovely ladies image Can't recomment it highly enough image I got the dress only 5 minutes away from where I am getting married too, which is really lovely image


    How is everyone else getting on? x

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    Where r u getting married? I grew up in hitchin. Didn't think to go dress shopping there, but I do admire their dresses as I drive past. X
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    There are so many places to go wedding dres shopping in Hitchin, it's mad! Where did you get your dress from / where are you looking? x

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