scared! i don't even know where to start!

hi all

just joined the forum as myself and mr haines have finally decided on a Las Vegas wedding in October 2014.

this has been a very long time coming! we got engaged in Sept 2009 and finally booked a venue in February last year. Unfortunately during the summer the venue went into administration and we had the chance to cancel the wedding and claim back costs through my credit card. So this, we did.

It felt very strange cancelling the wedding - it seemed drastic and it almost felt to me like we must have actual 'problems' in the relationship to do this (it didn't help that I was just finishing my degree while working full time and was slightly stressed at this point!). After the summer I'm happy to report that I lost that feeling quickly and while we were on holiday in December, we chose a new engagement ring together (we'd always planned to do this eventually as we bought the first one when we didn't have two pennies to rub together!) and decided to start the wedding planning afresh!

I feel like my new ring is slightly cursed though - I had it resized once we were home, it then spent nearly 2 weeks in repair as two of the tiny diamonds fell out when i first brought it home, took it back to the shop, and another diamond had come loose when i picked it up image i actually picked it up at last (hopefully permanently) yesterday and happy to report that things are stable image it turns out that the claws aren't amazing for the amount of diamonds that are on the ring and being on the ultra sonic machine shook them out. h2b jokes that if i need to sell this ring and buy another, i'll  be the only girl in the world with 3 engagement rings off the same groom to be image

we have spent the last couple of weeks firstly pouring over cruise weddings (too expensive for both us and guests), beach weddings (fine on cost for us but maybe not for some of our guests) and finally Las Vegas!

Today we went to Virgin Holidays to ask a few questions and I'm disappointed that we can't book anything until 11 months before the departure date but otherwise it all looks very good! The only thing i'm not sure about is using Virgin for the wedding - i hate to throw money away (the other forum i belong to is moneysavingexpert) when i could do things myself. so that's the next decision.

this was meant to be a brief introduction image xx



  • already have lots of inspiration for our Las Vegas wedding. We have gone from loving the idea of the heights of the Stratosphere or a beautiful hotel wedding in the Wynn, to now enquiring about a ceremony in the Chapel of Flowers. It's beautiful and i love the website where you can add extras easily while booking! i haven't booked and paid the deposit yet, but have signed up and already exchanged emails with a wedding co-ordinator there who has been very prompt with replies (this is very reassuring!)

  • also have broken the news to my two lovely bridesmaids (one is here in wales, and one is in austria!) and we are going to book in some Skype sessions to get planning!

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    It sounds like you've had a very stressful time of things so far, but I've no doubt that things will start to pick up for you image I got engaged 2 years ago, and only recently started planning myself - our wedding is in March 2014, but here in the UK. We've organised the venue, florist, photographer and honeymoon, and I'm really enjoying the planning! I hope that all of your friends and family were really excited for you, and have supported you through the stress so far!! x

  • Getting married in Vegas will be amazing! We went last Christmas, a month after we got engaged and the Wynn had some amazing flowers which have been a massive inspiration for our wedding! It sounds like you've had some stressful times so far but hopefully all of that is behind you and you can start planning the wedding of your dreams! 

  • hi ladies thanks for your replies image

    2012 was a stressful but amazing year, lots went wrong but we also had some lovely holidays and lots of good luck (promotions etc) so this year we have put everything behind us and looking to the future image

    Mrs P-tobe - the Wynn looks stunning to be honest, if i could afford a wedding in there i think i would be booking it. Where are you getting married?

    JoHelen - you must be so excited now with just over a year to go! Even though we have just started planning 'again' i am enjoying it already like you image you've got loads done! i am a bit frustrated that i can't finalise the travel arrangements until this time next year but hey-ho! i can book the venue and organise the UK party so i'll get on with organising and paying for those this year! and of course, start looking for a dress.


  • I'm getting married at Spains Hall in Essex, we did think about a wedding abroad but my fiance was keen to have a massive party which we wouldn't have been able to do anywhere else!

    I imagine the Wynn is loads of money, it was one of my favourite hotels on the strip. The Chapel of Flowers looks good though, a traditional Vegas wedding! Are you going to get an American wedding planner?

    I LOVE planning, it's the most fun I've ever had!! Make the most of your dress shopping experience as well, I almost didn't want to find "the one" because I was enjoying trying others on so much!!

  • i haven't decided about having a wedding planner yet to be honest image  the most confusing bit is picking a reception venue.... unless i pick one of the hotels for the reception, in which case i think i might get a wedding planner of sorts....


    i don't know when to start going dress shopping. i'd like to go right away as i haven't a clue what styles i like etc but it all seems so soon and like i have loads of time (i'm sure it will be here before i know it image xx

  • well, for the next installment of my lengthly waffling thread lol.

    the save the dates are ordered, and thanks to the snow they are late! i am dying for them to come now so i can start giving them out with a nice letter explaining everything.

    we have started to tell people as we see them. the parents reaction was as expected - they aren't party animals so not overly thrilled at going to vegas - but it's our special day so they are just going to live with it. our friends are reacting completely differently (as 23/24 year olds would!) and are all completely thrilled at the prospect of a giant trip abroad as a group. it's their reactions that have really cemented everything in my head, and my worries about people's reactions have diminished.

    we were meant to go to a wedding fayre today but are both a little hungover so we went to the gym instead. i will make it to one soon!

    i have a headache about bridesmaids, i had two planned when we were arranging our wedding in the UK. now, i'm wondering whether to have more, as i may need more help with the arrangements abroad, and this time my mum is not around to come dress shopping with me so i could use extra support! the girls have all been great so far and offered to come dress shopping etc etc but it would be nice to honour them with being a bridesmaid. hm....

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    I know the feeling about bridesmaids. I am having my sister and my sister in law to be, but I'd really like some of my friends too - problem is there are 5 I absolutely cannot choose between, which would mean 7 bridesmaids, and a bank loan to pay for it all :P Such a shame, but I can't afford it. They understand, and came with me to pick the dress, are fully involved in everything and are coming round in the morning to get ready with me. And I'm going dress shopping with them too, so we all do everything together image So there are ways around it! What hae you decided? x

  • Hi Brides and Grooms!

    Congratulations on your engagement! I wonder if you could help me with a little bit of research?!

    What is your opinion on having a virtual wedding assistant?

    They would be able to provide an affordable service throughout the planning,from finding a venue to cake tasting sessions and from organising entertainment to ordering invitations. The assistant will be on hand every day until your wedding via both phone and email!

    How do you feel about this service?

    Would you use it?

    What fees would you be willing to pay?

    Many thanks for any response in advance it is much appreciated!!!
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