Starting the planning....

Hi everyone image I'm new here and already stressed!!

I'm from just outside Dundee in NE Scotland.

We got engaged last May and have now decided to start the planning. I can't believe the price of things! We are having to cut back a lot as my OH's family is huge, so just having a small ceremony and meal then everyone else coming at night.

Currently viewing a few places and deciding on where to have it, think that's the first important thing?!

I really don't have a clue things work, what things mean, arrrghh!!!

I reckon this website will be my saviour!! image




  • LuisaLuisa Posts: 23
    Hi Lisa! Congratulations on your engagement! Now is when all the fun starts!

    I know what you mean about the price on things, as soon as you mention the word wedding people slam the prices up! It's mental. My only advice to you is go go to wedding fayres, shop around and book your photographer ASAP as I found that all the essentials such as venue, photographer and videographers were booked for our date next August (2014) already. Unless your getting married in the off peak seasons? Do you have a date in mind yet?

  • Hi Luisa image not a specific date but we are looking at August / September next year! We have only checked out one venue so far and it's 20 minutes from our house, they have loads of free saturdays still left then so hopefully if we decide on there we can get a date roundabout then. We were dead cert on a saturday wedding but half thinking about a friday now...not sure if that makes ANY differences to prices?!

    Yeah looking around for photographers! crazy money! lol. Also today my big shock was the price of cars...£300 at least for one car! for a 20 minutes journey! eeeeeeeeeeek! xx

  • Hey Lisa,

    Huge congratulations to you and your hubby to be!! Scotland is such a beautiful place, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect venue in no time. image Get looking at plenty of venues - once you have picked one, you will most probably find that everything else will just fall into place. Your choice of venue will inspire you for themes, colour schemes etc... Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself! This will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life!!!! Also, there are plenty of helpful wedding websites out there to help you along the way! image

    Jessica xx

  • ChucklesChuckles Posts: 163

    Congrats Lisa!

    I didn't have a clue when I first got engaged either, but a few weeks on here and other sites and you soon end up with a MASSIVE to do list!

    First thing I did was google all the venues near us and got all their brochures and then me a h2b narrowed it down to about 5/6 to visit. As it happens we fell in love with the 3rd one we saw and booked there and then - you'll definatley know when you walk into the right venue!

    Ohhh and start getting pictures of things you like colour schemes, decorations that sort of thing. You'll see you sort of become drawn to one or two styles and its much easier to focus your ideas.

    I'm getting married on a friday as my venue had no saturdays left until 2016 and there was no way I was waiting that long! I think our package works out about £900 cheaper plus the registrar fees are slightly cheaper too - but this might be different in Scotland!

  • Hi Lisa!

    This is my first ever post on here...! I got engaged in September but only just really started trying to organise anything! I live in Aberdeen and we have decided to get married here, it's scary how expensive everything is! We are going to look round 3 venues this weekend to try get something booked (looking at April/May 2014, most likely a week day!) It seems round here, Saturdays are most expensive with highest minimum numbers, followed by Fridays and Sundays which tend to be same price/same min numbers, then the rest of the week days are cheapest. We  went to the Your wedding exhibition at the AECC this weekend, really great with loads of things to  investigate and a fashion show!  Not sure how often they have them but definitely worth a trip!


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