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Hi everyone. My boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Day in a surprise proposal. Getting married in July 2014, which seems so far away This will be my second weding but already I can't believe how different it all is from my first marriage. Looking for some great tips and advice. Have set a budget but can already see me going over that!


  • Hi Sandra, congratulations and welcome to the forum! image image image
    Honestly it will come around so quickly, when we started planning we had 18 months and now we have 155 days left, it seems to have flown by. Do you know which colours you're having yet? image xxx

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    Thank you. image

    Yes we are going with navy blue.  My H2b is from Scotland and will be wearing his clan kilt, and his jacket, waistcoat etc is navy blue, so it makes sense to continue the colour throughout image 

    155 days is not long although it must seem like a lifetime away still. Do you have everything all organised? xx



  • You're welcome, this is a lovely community and it's great fun image

    I love navy, it's so elegant and beautiful. Lucky you that your H2B is going to wear his kilt, I am very envious image. Mr Fox is Scottish but has refused to wear his clan kilt (long story, but he doesn't like his Scottish heritage due as it brings back bad memories of his scumbag biological father and his early childhood in Scotland).

    Hmmm, I should probably add that Mr Fox's surname isn't actually Fox, I just call him that on here as one of his nicknames for me is "the fantastic Mrs Fox" image hence my username. His real surname is a lot more Scottish sounding lol!

    Have you had a look or think about dresses yet? You can probably tell that I'm obsessed by dresses, colours and flowers image xxx

  • Oh sorry, hit reply before I'd finished posting. 155 days is sneaking up at an alarming rate now, it seems that once you hit the six month mark everything starts flying by much more quickly. Yes we've pretty much got everything organised thanks, just the little things to do like hair and makeup trials, bridesmaid dress fittings, putting the names on the table plan once at the RSVPs are back. I wrote a things left to do list a few days ago and scared myself silly as although there are only minor things there seems to be a whole lot of them! image. It is really fun though image xxx

  • Hello!! and Congrats and Welcome!! image

    July 2014 will come round so fast..

    We got engaged Feb 16th 2011 and now have only 22 days! lol

    Navy blue is a fab colour

  • Congratulations image

    Clare's absolutley right, July 2014 will come around quicker then you expect, especially when you approach the 12 month mark.

    In terms of advice it really depends on the type of wedding you feel best suits you as a bride. The, eclectic, shabby-chic DIY look is very popular at the moment and can lead to some beautiful unique decoration and styling, especially with personal touches like table settings, place cards, invitations and save the dates. The benefits to this is you can achieve something your guests will truly appreciate while keeping the budget manageable.

    If you're picturing a more glamourous, decadent affair, the 1920's seem to be a great source of inspiration this year, perhaps due to the excitement other the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby.

    Hope that helps a little image

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    Thanks everyone

    Clare - good luck you must be so excited

    Soir??e - still looking at ideas at the moment. I will be doing alot myself, and in the short time I have spent looking at this forum I know I will get a lot of inspiration

    Fox - I have ha a few thoughts on my dress. I dont want something OTT, I had the big flouncy dress th first time round! Looking a getting something fairly simple but still want to make the most of being a bride, if that makes sense! If my mum had her way I would b wearing a suit!!! I have had a look online to see different styles so have a fairly good idea but don't want to get my heart set on something that does not suit me!
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    Aww I have just seen this.....I was a xmas day engagement too!! I hope your planning on sharing your wedding with us! xx

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    Just realised how alike we are. My colours are the same as yours, although this was driven by the colour of h2b's kilt.  I will be sharing my wedding.  May even start my planning thread this weekend xx

  • Hi Ladies,

    Im getting maried in 2014 aswell. Im getting married in May and i cant wait image

    So far we have booked the venue, church, band, photographer/videographer, ordered my dress. Im going to confirm the make up and hair stylisht shortley.

    II met my fiance over 3 yrs ago, and he proposed to me after 6 months. I knew he was the one imageimage

    Im having a Greek wedding and there will be 200 people comming which is very scary!!

    I think it will go so quickly the time

    Soulla xxx

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    Hi there, I'm also getting married in July 2014 and my OH and I are both Scottish! Looking forward to hearing about your plans xx
  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride
    Oooh and I had a Christmas Eve proposal! Guess you also spent the rest of the holiday period on a cloud of champagne and hugs?! Xx
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    Hi Soulla - 200 guests, I think I would panic if I had that many people at my wedding. image  A greek wedding sounds fab!

    Hi Toad Bride - Yes like you we spent most of the holiday on cloud nine, and drinking champagne. image  When in July are you getting married.  Mine is 25th July.  It was the only date that we could do as it had to fit in the school holidays, and I didnt want August, (will explain that when I get round to my planning thread!) x

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    We are the 5th of July! Had to be in the summer for holidays and my Dad (and most of my uncles) are farmers so couldn't be near harvest time!

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    Hiya!!! Welcome to the family image I'm going to be a Mrs M too!!

    Firstly congratulations, what areas are you looking into getting married in?

    Budget wise, I had no clue whatsoever and it does depend on your area, so it might be more usual and sit down with a list of things i.e wedding car hire etc etc and just give them a call, find out pricing image xxx

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561


    useful instead of usual (been in front of the screen for way too long image)


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