£2000 budget, suggestions?

So I'm getting married sometime next year, and we don't have much money (as we're saving for a new house too) and I've seen a couple of articles on how to do it.  

I've got an idea to borrow everyone's fairy lights to deck out the village hall, I'll design and print our own invites, menus, RSVPs, etc, I'm having a simple buffet for dinner (Children are having their own seperate buffet table to a) save money and b) it'll be food they'll like, mini pizzas, etc) and I'm buying all the drinks from Costco and the like.  The H2B is happy, he's getting a lot of input (he wanted a simple wedding as much as I did). Depending on how much we have left in out budget (probably looking at £700) I'll make my own cake, as I've done some semi-professionally.

I've got one bridesmaid and a bridesman, and I've told them to turn up in what they like, on the conditions it is a) smart and b) won't clash with blue and c) isn't jeans or tshirts.  Any other suggestions for saving money for dresses, flowers, centrepieces? We're having around 70-80 people there (his side of the family is huge, and we didn't want to exclude children.) Thanks!


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    For centre pieces candles look lovely, and not expensive. Or if your going for vintagy, country fete look save and decorate with ribbon/lace lots of jam jars, and scour charity shops and car boots for vases and fill them with a pretty mix of seasonal flowers (pop to your local big supermarket the night before the wedding and pick up a few bunches of their reduced flowers, they'll still look beautiful, but cost a lot less!!)

    Unless your really set on real flowers, look into foam - they look real and cost a fraction of the price, you can get beautiful ready made bouquets on eBay, or if your feeling crafty buy the flowers seperatly and make your own.

    Dresses - check out high Street bhs, debenhams and monsoon all do gorgeous ranges of dresses. Sometimes sample sales in bridal stores you can pick up a bargain, or if your feeling brave, with a little research you can order gorgeous dresses from China super cheap!! (But I'd look for recommendations on sellers - there's usually a few threads on here you could check out)

    Good luck - there's lots of great ideas out there, you just have to not be afraid to get stuck in and get hands on!! image
  • Oh that's awesome! Real flowers would be nice, but I'm not that bothered; I want real ones for my boquet though (I like the feel of them).

  • I second Mandy's idea of the jam jars - what about simple bean cans with ribbon/lace round them? They look so vintagey! I've seen bouquets done with hessian, if you're going for a vintagy feel. Treat it like a village fete wedding. Hessian table runners look great. You could go for lavender, very cheap and looks (and smells) amazing!

    I've been on a very tight budge and have managed to find lots of things on eBay and charity shops. Get those crafty fingers out and it'll make the whole wedding so much more personal x
  • That sounds great, thank you so much! Got to admit though, eBay is epic, same with amazon.  Mandy, I've been reading your wedding report, SIIDIM? Can I use it? lol xxx

  • Have a look in pound shops . They have lovely vases which can be filled with gel beads or cheap bunches supermarket roses or floating candles . Dun elm sell bunches ivory , pink or blue silk roses for ??5 that are already in a small bouquet shape . I decorated some for my friends wedding by putting diamante pins in the flower heads and wrapped lace and ribbon round the handles . We made 5 bouquets for just over ??6 each . Or use clear wine bottles a centrepieces , peel label of and fill with water gel beads and wrap lace / ribbon round the middle . Simple but lovely
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    ebay!!!!! my dress , my sandles , sons suit , ties , flower girl dress , personalised table confetti ( really nice ) - so far spent aprox 90 quid !

    what time of year are you getting married ?


    simple table arrangements that you could do yourself :-















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    pre loved for wedding dress. read in bridal mag this moth that if the dress is man made fibres then you can put it in the washing machine and you can get them really cheap i they havnt been dry cleaned x

  • I have been collecting douwe egberts coffee jars. Not 100% what I will do with them but I was thinking candle centre pieces for large jars or favours with smaller jars. I have been making everyone drink coffee
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    ArrianeS, SIICDIM is for everyone so use it as much as you like!!!! image

    Oh2bmrsj, love those centrepiece ideas, they're so pretty and so simple!!
  • Grow your own flowers!! buy seeds for wild flowers and make your own.

  • oh and give seeds of the flowers you use as favours, to remember your day image


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    Lots of good ideas suggested already. Have you looked on eBay at wedding dresses? You'll be able to get a lovely dress for a fraction of the origional price!

    As you're having it at the village hall I'd be thinking of going with a 'country village fete' theme. When is your wedding? Flowers would depend on what time of year but there's lots of reasonably priced flowers which look great, daffodils, tulips, sunflowers etc.. Small arrangements would look great in empty bean cans like someone said - tied with ribbon or lace. Or just borrow vases from friends/family - they don't have to match. Fairy lights will make it look lovely, you could even make your own bunting very easily. Start collecting jam jars to have tea lights in. You could make your own cake - someone on here once had a 3 tier Victoria sandwich decorated with strawberries & it looked amazing! You could do that yourself for less than ??20!
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    Hi Arianne, 


    Have you thought about hiring a mobile bar? Im sure we could work out a reasonable price between ourselves, it would look more professional and glamourous and would probably be cheaper than buying all the drinks from costco! 


    Please feel free to email me on [email protected] or visit out website www.jrinkbars.webs.com 



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    Majestic wines can be cheaper than Costco for booze image

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    Have a look at sale areas in wedding dress shops too - you never know what bargain you can get.  My friend bought her dress for £100 and it was 5 sizes too big. She went to a dry cleaners who took the entire thing in for her and made it look amazing!!

    I highly recommend it! image good luck!!

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    We have a £2.5k budget and I have gone for a bridesmaid dress instead of a wedding dress image

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