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Hello everyone,

I've been browsing around here for a few weeks now and just wanted to say hello!  I'm hoping to get married to my Fiance Damien on 12.4.14, we have been engaged for years but due to uni and buying house it has been a long time engagement.  We have only looked at one venue, Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, but I have fallen in love.  We are going for a tasting next week and as long as the food is good were planning on booking it.  Has anyone attended a wedding here/had a wedding here/getting married here???  I would really appreciate any comments or hints (good or bad) and would love to talk to other potential brides there?!

Laura xx


  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    I think my sister had her reception here years ago. It was lovely, and I remember the food was nice.

  • Hi Laura,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    We have performed at a few weddings at Cutlers Hall and the staff are really good, the wedding coordinator (cant remeber her name) is lovely.

    The reception rooms are very ballroom looking perfect for weddings and good acoustics!


  • Helo,

    We the group of singing waiters have performed many times there. Its really a nice place. Must go for it..

    Thank You

  • RsmithRsmith Posts: 18

    Hi Laura..

    Congrax  for your engagement. My friend (Nathan) had reception there about a year ago. It was very good and specially the wedding singer is awesome and perfect entertainer,  Because of him i always remember his Nathan's wedding..

  • I've been to a few legal dinners here, no weddings, but they do the whole formal, large catered event very well and it's a beautiful venue - if they can keep a load of boring lawyers happy, they'll do well with a bride I imagine!

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