Literally don't know where to start!

Hi guys! Just got engaged in January and me and h2b are planning to get married in portugal in 2015 but I don't have the first clue of how to go about this mammoth task! Would love some advice on where to begin! Thanks xxxx


  • Congrats! I'd start with setting a budget. We worked out when we wanted to get married and what we would realistically save each month and went from there. Next I'd look into venues, look online what style are you looking for. I'd also clarify the legal requirements of getting married in Portugal and go from there image x
  • Congratulations! And have a breather you've got 2 years enjoy being engaged and organise your wedding. I'd start by deciding on a date and budget and then look into the logistics of getting married in Portugal. I'd then think about contacting estate agents or co-ordinators who will help you plan your wedding. My friend is getting married in Zante and she met this wedding planner at the national wedding show and she organises everything within your budget. image then it's onto the exciting bits of dresses!!! Have fun planning xx
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    Aw thanks guys! Just trying to get our head around how much we can save each month ( realistically! ) as we are paying for the wedding ourselves. Also booked to go to Portugal in June so we can hopefully take it from there! Woooo! X
  • Hi Brides and Grooms!

    Congratulations on your engagement! I wonder if you could help me with a little bit of research?!

    What is your opinion on having a virtual wedding assistant?

    They would be able to provide an affordable service throughout the planning,from finding a venue to cake tasting sessions and from organising entertainment to ordering invitations. The assistant will be on hand every day until your wedding via both phone and email!

    How do you feel about this service?

    Would you use it?

    What fees would you be willing to pay?

    Many thanks for any response in advance it is much appreciated!!!
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