Help - this is so stressful

So i only got engaged last week and as soon as i announced my wedding everyone was wondering about dates, venues etc. I have family all over the world and so does my partner so instead of picking one country that are family live in and therefore making everyone else unhappy we thought what about Santorini as it means everyone has to travel. We were going to make it a small affair - just family and our 2 best friends but it has now become impossible!

So we are thinking london registry office and party but this is also proving stressful. Most councils don't do Saturday simple registry office and most of them are at like 9am on a Tuesday! We then thought we could have a mini moon in Santorini and just the two of us have a blessing as i think that would be super romantic.I want the london focus to be like a big party so looking at venues that you could do a drinks and canape reception with a DJ for some dancing too.

Any advice greatly received as i feel very stressed about this all!

Thanks, nat


  • First of all, calm down! This is meant to be a happy fun thing, not stressful, well at least not in this early stage!

    Decide what it is that you and your OH want - stop trying to accommodate everyone.

    Things will fall into place x

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    take your time, youve only been looking a week. we spent months looking for somewhere we could have the day we wanted. can you really not get married in a registry office on a saturday? they do normally charge more but keep trying. otherwise theres loads of other places to get married although thats where youre more likely to struggle if you want ceremony and reception in different places on a saturday. order a booklet for each council with their registered/lisenced venues and work through them. are you restricted on budget for the london bit? what about saying i do just the two of you earlier in the week and having a the london party to ceebrate on the saturday


    keep at it, if you play it right the start will be the most stressful. the first thing you have to learn is you cant please everyone so just make sure you please yourselves!

  • I agree with ThePsephologist. Me and my partner originally wanted to get married abroad but after looking into it changed out mind and decided to get married at our local church. Lots of the family that were up for the whole abroad thing were dissapointed but we decided it was our wedding and we were having what we wanted. If theres one thing I can say its book something that you and you OH want. If you try pleasing everyone else  you will only regret it in the future and resent them, Its you and your other halfs special day so make sure its what you want. Whatever you chose the people that want to be there will come.

  • Registry ofifces definitely do weddings on a saturday. I used to be a wedding planner and had lots of couples getting married on a saturday in a register office. Plus I live near Islington and I'm always seeing weddings outside the Town Hall there on a Saturday.

    Why don't you have the Santorini wedding as a small affair and then do a London party afterwards for the remainder of your guests?

  • Thank you - i know i should be more calm but it's hard as i have never been the wedding type of girl - more like registry office and then party with small bunch of friends. I fell in love with santorini but i think i will stick to that for just me and my partner so we can both enjoy it.

    We just want the simple registry office with 2 witnesses and most don't do that on a Saturday but i am coming round to the idea of doing that mid week and then organising a party on a Saturday with friends.

    I guess it's because we want to get married in June this year so that is why there is a little pressure and also as family need to travel. But you are right i can't accommodate everyone.

    Does anyone know of a good venue for a party with canapes, music and just somewhere a little different in London?

    Thanks for all your advice - i really need it!

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    youll need to book a registrar quickly if you want june, theyll be booking up quicly. that might be why youre struggling

  • I only lived in London for a year so not very good with venues however I did film a wedding that was at the Institute of Contempory Arts off The Mall and it was fab! So simple but the whole wedding had a great atmosphere...

    They had two rooms opened up and one had the band and dancefloor and the other had a photobooth and bar. Fab!

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