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Vintage / lace bridesmaids dresses

Hi girls,

I'm trying to find bridesmaids dress for my four bridesmaids - initially thought I'd like a dusky pink / pearls and grey theme as it's a Spring wedding (April 2014).

Found the 'perfect' dress at Monsoon called Beatrice in "Nude":,mon_4.3/3530326318

But unfortunately they have no sizes left (they've trawled their warehouses) - I need one size 6, two 8s and a 10. Two of the girls are 5ft, one is 5ft4 and the other is 5ft 7 so all differing heights too....!

I've trawled the internet and shops for something similar but nothing comes close, I just really love the beading and lace combination.  Ideally trying to find something for less than £140, that the girls can wear again.

Went to try on some Dessy dresses with my best friend (chief bridesmaid) last weekend but they just all look so 'bridesmaidy' and plain by comparison (also v. expensive for what they were!!!), the reality is I'd have to blow £800 on dresses I just "liked" not "loved" and they would never be worn again.

I'm losing motivation to look and have started thinking of other colour schemes instead... would grey and coral work for Spring or is it too summery?

Have any of you got ideas for alternatives to the Monsoon dress?



  • BowBow Posts: 46
    Hi - I was told today that monsoon don't do size 6. I tried this dress on today as a potential going away dress and they have a size 8 available in Bath x
  • MrsF2014MrsF2014 Posts: 57

    Hi Bow - thanks for the update! It's a gorgeous dress, love it in Ivory too.

    As Monsoon don't do size 6 we've had to look around for an alternative... got a bit stressed about that but finally found something which all the girls like! Big relief!

    I never thought it'd be difficult to find dresses for teeny bridesmaids - I guess it's tricky at both ends of the size chart.

    Hopefully my dress is going to be a lot easier, only me to please ha ha xxx

  • GiovanniGiovanni Posts: 208

    Hi Easterchick - that's the dress I wanted for my bridesmaids as well! It must have been in a magazine or something cos it just sold out straight away. Literally days after I saw it in our local branch it disappeared image what dress did you go for in the end? x


  • HelsbelsHelsbels Posts: 13
    Have you tried local dress makers? Most good ones should be able to make a similar dress in the colour you like, they would also be made to measure each bridesmaid so no alterations needed!! I got both my bridal and bridesmaid dresses made and they made a fantastic job at a fraction of the cost.
  • MrsF2014MrsF2014 Posts: 57

    Hi Giovanni - I know, it's so beautiful. They've got size 16s and 20s in the Westfield Stratford branch but no smaller sizes available.

    I've gone for this one: (Next Apricot Lace Dress)

    I'd say it's more pink than apricot in real life. My Mum suggested putting dusky pink pearls or covered buttons down the back (following the zip line) and perhaps teeny strings of beading round the neckline to make it more special.  My BMs are really pleased with it and as it's half the price of the Monsoon one I'm happy to spend some money making it more pretty! xx


  • This is a lovely choice instead of the monsoon (I may do the same as I worry about how long I may have to wait for monsoon to restock and this is half the price!) I could also look into having the neckline embellished similar to the monsoon.

    Thanks xxx
  • It's back in stock in all sizes! I've just ordered mine! Get it quick before it goes again!

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