Hi everyone and a massive congrats to everyone on here!!!

I got engaged nearlt 2 months ago to my amazin other half and now its all started to sink in i am now staring to scratch my head thinking where do  i start?

We have definetly agreed we are goin to do it abroad in 2015, unsure of what month as of yet due to different climates & temperatures each mont....i have already been warned of my sister/bridesmaid she doesnt want to be part of a bunch of tomato faced group in the photos image

We are thinkin Cyprus (paphos maybe) Lanzarote and maybe Portrugal!! but have no idea where and how to start looking so any ideas/stories of other weddings would be much appreciated.

I am trawling the internet tryin to take it all in and my brain is already working keen to try decide on destination and get a holiday there this year to get a proper feel for the place and to have a look round areas & venues.

I think this site is soon goin to take over my days and i am lookin forward to gettin involved with you all...hope to hear from some of you soon x


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    Congratulations Cara. I am getting married in Portugal in May 2014, and used to live in Lanzarote for 2 years so if you have any questions fire away. Enjoy your planning x

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    Thanx very much Lea_B. I have just had a look at your planning thread...WOW!!! you seem so organised and seem to have thought about everything...i am soooper jealous!! I am actually getting myself stressed already in tryin to find somewhere...i think after this has been decided it will be plain sailing as have though about alot of other stuff!!!

    I am very similar in the though of i dont want the wedding being in view of lots of passer bys but at the same time i really want it to be close/on beach/sea which i am thinkin is gonna prove tricky...any thoughts on places you checked out/know of?

    How long after gettin engaged did you have the venue picked and booked?

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    aw thank you so much! it is really easy and enjoyable once you know where you want. The photographer is taking us to the beach to get our photo's done.

    There were a few I checked out, can't really remember the name of my 2nd fave but I will have a look through my emails and get back to you, In that case I would suggest that you speak to Sonho a Dois wedding planners, they were amazing and patient with me when I was trying to find somewhere, but I couldnt get Quinta Jacintina out of my head and nothing else had the exclusivity that they offered so it was a no brainer. They will send you loads of different options, that you can look into a discuss. I would definetley recommend getting in contact with a planner.

    We go engaged in October and booked the venue end of November x

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    Hi Cara, my 2nd choice was Canico and the Prainiha apartments. This is a lovely apartment complex with a restaurant called Canico in the cliffs on the beach, you can get married on the beach and celebrate at the restaurant or have a bbq on the cliff tops overlooking the beach, It really is amazing but not quite private. I have loads information on this if you want me to forward the emails to you, just send me your email address.


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    Aww that would be great if you can pass any info over thanks image

    Sounds like you were pretty organised from word go...think me n t h2b are plannin on sitting down this weekend and getting on the hard when lookin at pictures online to get the real feel for it!! x

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    i know, we are only going to view are venue in 2 weeks so hope we like it. I guess I knew what I wanted and as soon as i saw the advert for quinta jacintina nothing compared.

    What is your email address? x

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    Fingers (and toes) crossed for you but i ahve every confidence uv picked the right place it looks beautiful!!!

    I think i need to get some more magazines in to...cant beat the feel of a proper magazine for browsing  image

    My email is [email protected] ...thanks so much your a star!! think alot of emails are goin to be sent this weekend to planners etc for different locations x

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    haha yes, i got all the wedding brochures from the travel agents and wedding magazine. then was googling!

    yes definetely advise getting in touch with planners that is there job at the end of the day will email you everything i have from sonho now x

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