Am I mad planning a wedding in 4 months???

We've only recently got engaged, but want to get married this year, (mainly as I want to have children and waiting another year may not make this possible).

I would love a wedding in the summer and am looking at end of August.  We've found some venues and hopefully the parish church is free. The venue do a package of pretty much everything.  Do you thing we're mad booking at short notice?? 

The next time we could marry would be November because of work commitments, but would much prefer a summer wedding.

What do you other brides think????


  • HazeyJaneHazeyJane Posts: 14
    Ooh just do it! No reason why you can't, it'll be exciting!
  • 4 months is fine as long as you are flexible and accept you cant have everything. you will need to be able to make quick decisions too, but i say go for it! have you checked the church is free, your closest family and friends can come, and   you will be able to get a photographer etc?

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    Go for it!!

    Most of us on here are wishing we only had 4 months to go.

    Time cannot go quick enough for me. 

    If you can afford it and you know what you want. Do it.

    Good luck. Xx

  • Daisy4Daisy4 Posts: 20

    Eek haven't thought about photographer.  Are they hard to book??  Should have found chuch + wedding by next week (sooo stressful looking at loads of places on evening/ weekends!).  Can only use parish chuch for some reason, annoying as church 40 mins from venue.  Not sure if this is an unresonable distance for guests to travel?  

    Vicar says need to go to local chuch for 6 months which is somewhat technically difficult!

    Not sure whether to give up and go for winter wedding with chuch in the right location or go for summer, possible sunshine, and our local church, (and some grey hairs!!)

    Thank you for your thoughts!!

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