Am I mad planning a wedding in 4 months???

We've only recently got engaged, but want to get married this year, (mainly as I want to have children and waiting another year may not make this possible).

I would love a wedding in the summer and am looking at end of August.  We've found some venues and hopefully the parish church is free. The venue do a package of pretty much everything.  Do you thing we're mad booking at short notice?? 

The next time we could marry would be November because of work commitments, but would much prefer a summer wedding.

What do you other brides think????


  • TripTrip Posts: 120
    I think its definitely doable and a good challenge image
  • Daisy4Daisy4 Posts: 20

    image Ok here goes then!  Thank you x

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    Definitely, we've got 7 months from engaged to wedding, I'm doing lots of DIY but don't feel it's a rush at all so could do things quicker.

    The things people told me could be a problem is the dress - if you want to buy one from a bridal shop that isn't a sample, it can take 6 months. But with samples, off the pegs from the high st, preloved and Chinese websites (mine took 3 weeks to arrive and it's beautiful), there are lots of options. Also things like photographer, you might have less choice as people book so far in advance, but I wasn't fixed on one in particular so didn't find it a problem, just kept looking till we found one.

    Good luck x
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Yeah it's definitely doable, a lot of the time people can get caught up spending loads of time deciding things, but if you've got limited time it'll just mean you need to make quick decisions - the actual planning doesn't have to take very long at all!

    Carly's right about your dress - you'll be best getting one from a sample sale or preowned because ordering one from a bridal shop can take ages

    Good luck!!

  • EdinaEdina Posts: 1

    I agree, I have 4 months untill my wedding, and I dont see the big deal about it.
    As long as you make a comprehensive list so you dont miss anything out, its easily done.

    If dresses are a problem, you can always look on ebay for new and preowned dresses, that deliver quickly and then get a local tailor to adjust if necessary.

    I think there are tonnes of wedding services and I cant ever imagne there being non available ever!

  • animaanima Posts: 38

    Go for it! I think four months would be fine. You can do it in a week if you really wanted to. It might mean you need to be a little more flexible but like has been said above, you will make decision quicker. Just see it as a fun challenge and not a stress and it will be great I am sure!

  • Where are you getting married??
  • cookieboo28cookieboo28 Posts: 102

    Of course it is dooable I am planning mine for October (have just started the planning lol) and will be having a baby at the end of August too this year good luck with it x

  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259
    Yep, we will have gone from engaged to married in exactly 5 months, so it's definitely do-able.
  • joe giljoe gil Posts: 3

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  • Jojo6Jojo6 Posts: 4
    I have just booked this photographer for my wedding. He is very good did a friend of mines wedding in December. I know he has some vacancies for this year his website is good luck and happy wedding planning
  • Hi Brides and Grooms!

    Congratulations on your engagement! I wonder if you could help me with a little bit of research?!

    What is your opinion on having a virtual wedding assistant?

    They would be able to provide an affordable service throughout the planning,from finding a venue to cake tasting sessions and from organising entertainment to ordering invitations. The assistant will be on hand every day until your wedding via both phone and email!

    How do you feel about this service?
    Would you use it?
    What fees would you be willing to pay?

    Many thanks for any response in advance it is much appreciated!!!

  • MrsA2B3MrsA2B3 Posts: 357

    I think it is definitely do-able! Hope you have fun planning and have a great day hun x

  • KatyLouKatyLou Posts: 3
    Hi Katy, just wondering if you have your wedding stationery sorted? I have designed and made some wedding stationery for a friend before and she was delighted with it and I really enjoyed making them so I am looking to build up my own small business. I would absolutely love to design and make some more stationery so if you are interested please PM me and I can give you some more details and send out a sample. Thanks, Katy.
  • It's more than long enough in terms of getting things done but you may have to compromise on venue, caterers, photographers etc if you were hoping to use popular ones as it seems they get booked up way in advance and you're looking at a very popular time of year. Or go for midweek which will also cost less.

    We' ve planned a pretty comprehensive wedding in 4 months: (after 13 years together) H2B proposed out if the blue 30.11.12. We faffed about deciding what we'd do and when for a couple of weeks then got down to planning straight after Christmas. It was pretty full on for about 3/4 weeks whilst we sorted practically everything but since then we've pretty much coasted and now with 12 DAYS to go I'm kicking my heels. In real terms by the wedding we'll have spent 3.5 months sorting it out and it's going to be great! I suspect far less stressful than letting it take over your life for a year +.

    Take deep breath and go for it. Good luck!
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