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Colour scheme

I quite like black n white but wanted something else too so we are having black, white n oyster. What's everyone else having? Anyone else with oyster?


  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402
    I'm black and white, after speaking to a florist at a wedding fair and seeing a wedding she had recently done I'm thinking about adding some soft pink into the flowers and stationary just to soften it up a bit but I'm not sure image

    Oyster sounds lovely but might be difficult to get enough if it to make its addition obvious, unless you made a lot of things yourself? X
  • Hey,

    I'm going for navy, antique gold and soft pinks. Very excited xx
  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    I like champagne but h2b doesn't so oyster is just a bit of a darker champagne really. If I can't match anything ill just go with champagne, sure he won't notice lol
  • im getting married in 2015 and we're going for a light navy with a hint of red. i wasnt keen on the whole red wedding idea but have had a look online and iv fallen in love with it, with a light navy, only a tiny bit of red tho hehe 

  • MrsLD2BMrsLD2B Posts: 30

    I'm playing with the idea of a peach/coral/light grey theme - I'll be dress shopping in a couple of weeks with my MOH so I guess I'll see what colours suit her too before we make a decision. 

  • ooooh I like Black, red and white....but then again my friend claire got married last week and dressed her bridesmaids in orange. Which sounds quite out there but looking stunning against her dress. So if you're all about colour, pastel orange is defo something quirky and show stopping! 

  • PersephonePersephone Posts: 83

    Meeeeeeee *waves madly* I'm in an oyster dress

  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117

    We're having indigo, silver and white.  Was originally going for light blue but after seeing an indigo bridesmaid dress, I fell in love with the colour.  Our chair sashes though are organza navy which is a close match as couldn't find any indigo

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Your colours sound gorgeous! I had an oyster coloured dress, with a white viel, worked lovely with my skin tone, and felt like a unique take on a bridal colour,


     (Hope you don't mind me flashing a picture!)image

  • my colour scheme is royal blue and ivory with the guys in grey,

  • navy blue and taupe....

  • I can't make my mind up!! Have seen lime green and navy in a mag but not sure about the lime on my bridesmaids so thought about yellow but would need to find a nice yellow, which might be a bit tricky....then after my MOH trying a navy dress on and looking at other colours on the swatches, I liked another shade of blue - Turkish Blue it was called so now I'm stuck!!!

  • JobooksJobooks Posts: 13

    Thinking of royal blue, ivory and possibly a little bit of yellow? Wedding 21/06/14

  • our colour scheme is cream, gold and sage green but sage green seems to come in a million different shades so it did prove a bit tricky

  • FoxtrotFoxtrot Posts: 105

    We are also having pistachio/sage green, ivory and gold. There are so many clashing greens though that it's made it quite hard! 


    Newmrsg2b - are you having green cravats? If so where did you get them from? X

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