Hampden House, Great Missenden brides - past, present or future


I wonder if anyone has been or is due to get married at Hampden House in Great Missenden.

Just after a bit of advice as to how open to negotiations they were and general thoughts on the venue....?

Any information anyone has would be gratefully received.

Theres not all that much on the forum and its a beautiful venue.


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I am not getting married there but have been a guest! It was a lovely venue, very beautiful with stunning grounds.

    The couple got married there, had drinks on the terrace, then back to their parents for a marquee reception, so cant comment on the food etc, but the service we had in that short time was very good!

    I am local to that area and have been to tons of weddings if you want any advice on other places?

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Thank you so much Mrs Beau 2 b.

    We liked Hampden as it has the church in walking distance.... (H2B is Scottish and so liked that it shared its name with Scotlands football ground - easily pleased!)

    Do you know of any places which have exclusive use and which perhaps are dry hire and allow us to use our own caterers... we have a bit of a budget but we dont want to break the bank.

    Thanks again for any help

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Only place i can think of to hand is Hedsor House - we didnt look at it though as we wanted an all inclusive package. Am unsure if it is available for exclusive use but im sure it will say on the website!

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    We went to look at Hedsor house - and its absolutely beautiful.... Its a wonderful venue hidden away.. i can see why its Vogues dream wedding venue!

    But... it was just that little bit too far away from us. We are near Hemel Hempstead.


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ah i see.. will have a think and let you know if there are any others.

    Best of luck !

  • bazikovabazikova Posts: 94

    Had a look at Hampden House and Missenden Abbey, but found them a little bit pokey for my tastes, and each venue was staffed by teenagers (nothing wrong with that) - but teenagers who seemed uninterested in my presence and were more interested in each other. Great to hear from a local bride though! I have booked a local violinist called Simon Jordan and a fantastic photorapher called David Bostock. You?

  • Hi

    It's been a while since anyone posted on this thread but just wanted to see if there are any brides getting married at Hampden or got married at Hampden?  We're getting married there this year and we're really excited!


  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Hi Kate,

    Im getting married there this April!

    Im really excited too. Whats your date? x

  • Sorry Ree, really late response, I didn't realise anyone had replied! How exciting, another hampden bride! I'm getting married there in August. Only a couple of months for you, you must be one of the first of the year. Are you having a civil ceremony, or in in the church? 

    Exciting! image

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Hey, no worries.... There arent many of us are there. When I tell people about it hardly any have ever heard of it.

    We are getting married in the church first and then walking across. How about you?

    Not long at all for us. 8 weeks on Saturday and I feel v unprepared! August will be nice. The gardens are amazing for a sunny drinks reception. I wanted a winter wedding first, until we found Hampden and then I put it back to April incase there was a slight chance of some better weather.... Im not holding my breath though and would be just as happy with the beautiful log fires!


  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    I've been a guest and it was lovely, even on a showery day - the food was delicious, easily the best wedding meal I've had x

  • Glad to hear guests have enjoyed it there!

    I'm getting married in the church too! Love the walk over, it was a selling point for me.

    I wouldn't worry about the weather, this is Britain, you can't tell guarantee nice weather on any day of any month! April had been nice the last couple of years though, so hopefully it'll continue the trend! Though, you're right - the fires are amazing so would be equally as good!

    Well, I can't wait to hear how your day goes Ree! x 

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Same here! It was the walk that sold it for me... So excited to lead the guests through.




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