Eloping to Las Vegas??

I am feeling in 2 minds right now tbh... we had planned to get married in 2 years with close family & friends around us, it was never to be a huge wedding, finances just won't allow it! However, today I have been chatting with h2b about our DREAM to have our honeymoon in Vegas and this led us to talking about going over later in the year and getting married there instead and having a small party when we return.

It really excites us but I feel selfish towards our families. We have a toddler and I have kids from a previous marriage and we can't afford to bring them with us, which really really upsets me!!

We cannot afford to have the wedding we really want over here. Plus we'd be stretching our budget for the whole of the next 2 years to pay for it all and no honeymoon.... but our family would be with us.

Whereas if we go Vegas we get a honeymoon and a wedding to remember (though only we will remember it!) I truly doubt our familes can afford it. We can only afford it due to ppi claim.

We would literally be eloping to Vegas, alone! Our family would be more than happy to have our toddler for us and my kids can stay with their Dad...

Should we or shouldn't we? 


  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    I think at the end of the day it's your day and you do what makes you and your H2B happy!

    We are going away on our own and do not want the expenses of a big wedding, plus there are always family hassles, I want a simple day with the man that I love and that's what a wedding is about, committing yourself to one another.  You do not have to have a big wedding, there are plenty of people that choose to go away on their own or with close family.  Why not go away two of you and have a party when you come back?

    You do not want to be getting in debt for just one day.

    Going away you get the holiday of a lifetime and you getting married at the same time for a fraction of the price of getting married in the UK.

    Hope all goes well.


  • Vegas is the best place in the world I have been 4 times would defo say go for it. I kinda wished we had done that (plus another excuse to go back)

  • Mrs to beMrs to be Posts: 136

    Omg I have just come back from Vegas and what an amazing place I would get married there its amazing.

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    If that's what you and your OH want more than anything then just do it - surely family would understand, especially if you are avoiding getting into unneceesary debt.

    You could always arrange a blessing/party for everyone back here - maybe show them the video of the ceremony etc.

  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    I think if its what you really want then go for it!

    Your toddler will not remember it anyway and the older children can still be involved if they wish by hosting a party when you get home. Some chapels in vegas even do a 'live link up' so that people back home can watch it online!

    I would say go and have your wedding and honeymoon and then come home and save for 6months to have a small blessing followed by an evening reception in a low key venue where everyone can be involved.

  • Mrs to beMrs to be Posts: 136

    Omg Bellagio is lovely we stayed at Caesars Palace, I think if I planned mine again I would get married in Las Vegas it is unbelievable.


    Do what you feel is right.

  • MissKazMissKaz Posts: 51

    If you want a planning buddy, I'm doing the Vegas wedding thing around the end of next year image  Waiting for flights etc to get released at the end of this year, but will probably be October time.


    Currently looking at all the gazillions of options - and realising that doing it this way is actually probably gonna cost a bomb!  Ah well!

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    I have been to Vegas and stayed at the Bellagio and don't blame you for wanting to get married there! It was a joke that I would do it and I wish that I had but we are going for a small wedding and keeping a tight eye on budgets as it is about you and what you and your h2b want to do and no-one else. xx

  • wee juleswee jules Posts: 2

    Go for it!! We are booked in for a December 2013 wedding at The Little Church of the West in Vegas. We will be having a few guests joining us but for those who can't make it they can watch the ceremony online which is great when most of the family live in NZ! Just looking at flights and accomodation now, expedia have good combination deals for both. Good luck with everything! image

  • McKenziMcKenzi Posts: 1

    I realize this post is a little bit old, but I wanted to point out that there are sooooo many new and awesome additions to eloping in vegas since 2013! I invite you to check out www.cactus-collective.com or any other super cool businesses that focus a little more on "out of the chapel" weddings! Good luck to everyone! 


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