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Any short engagement brides?

Hi! I got engaged in May and we're getting married in October. Anyone else planning a wedding in less than 6 months? Need some support!! 


  • Hi There, we set the date 7months to the day before our wedding.

    We were engaged for 2years before that though x

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    I went to a wedding last year where they got engaged mid April and married mid June! And the bride made her own dress, favours, drinks tokens and iced wedding cake complete with pretty icing flowers. Both working during that time too. whenever I think I've got a lot to do in a short time I think of how much she managed in 2 months and remember it is possible!

  • Geek GirlGeek Girl Posts: 145

    Ello MS!

    We started planning our wedding in late February and are getting married in, erm, six days! (eeep!).

    We've planned the whole thing in just three and a half months while working full time & so far (crossing fingers, hugging black cat, waving horseshoe) everything has been smooth.

    Things we've learned that might be handy:

    - Firstly, if you have nerves of steel and are a bit easygoing it's possible to get some great deals for 'last minute' (anything within six months) venues etc. We got Sunday in June wedding venue for the equivalent price of a weekday in February because the venue were keen to get anyone in and knew the opportunity to do so at relatively short notice was minimal. This saved us £2k on venue / food costs before we started. They also threw in a few other bits here and there (although of course the other side of this is I had to pay £95 extra to rush my dress order through as otherwise it wouldn't arrive within three months). We deliberately chose a venue that does everything too - the ceremony, all the catering, they even have an in house DJ. That meant once we had one hour long meeting with our wedding organiser to discuss the major details of the day we could cross a massive chunk off our to do list in very satisfying fashion.

    - Do the intent to marry paperwork and buy the dress first (especially if you're ordering one that takes a while to come in). I was shocked when I booked an appointment to talk to our register office about an appointment to marry that the first space they had was six weeks away. The bureaucracy takes time so book that up as early as possible - at least if you know that's ok everything else can drop into place. Ditto the dress. I'm pretty tomboyish but even I felt a fear in the pit of my stomach about finding the dress at 'short notice' - once I'd done that things felt a lot more bearable.

    - Planning a wedding in a relatively short time really concentrates the mind. We're quite laid back people anyway, but there are some things that we found really important (cake of cheese rather than a wedding cake, a few quirky elements of decoration, goodie bags to keep nieces, nephews and godchildren happy, customised Converse for under my dress) that we did very early on, but things we care less about we've been able to forego because 'it's too short notice'. So we haven't bothered with changing linen colours or hiring cars (it's all in the one venue, and I'm getting dressed upstairs on the day, so the only thing we'll need is a black cab to take us to the hotel that evening).

    - The major thing we've learned, over and above everything else (and reading this forum seems to underline this fact) is that the easiest way to keep things simple is to organise it yourself and not let other people get too involved. Admittedly we're paying for our wedding ourselves which makes that easier to do than if families are helping with such things, but we've been quite quiet about a lot of the details of the day - our mums know some of the details they're helping with and that are relevant to them, and my sister and other bridesmaids obviously were involved in their dresses etc, but otherwise we've just been really quiet about it all. People don't know and thus can't express opinions, suggest changing things and thus make things more complicated. We're hoping that on the day everyone will be caught up in the happiness of the wedding, but in a cold blooded fashion if they're not then nothing can be done anyway. And having no-one going 'you should buy this or have this or do this...' when you don't want to or may not have the budget for it means no family rows or faffing.

    Just a few thoughts - and they might not even be relevant for you. But whatever happens it IS doable. GOOD LUCK x

  • MStobeMStobe Posts: 9

    Hi Geek Girl! Thanks for the reply, we've managed to do a lot in five weeks so I'm starting to relax a bit more now. I was shocked by the legal stuff too, I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. 

    We went for a late availability deal and as you said it's so much easier knowing you have a venue, caterers, tableware and DJ all sorted! It also meant we were able to have our dream venue even though it's still the majority of our budget.

    I think the biggest thing left now are invites and booking a honeymoon, once my dress is finished we'll have the fundamentals to get married!

    It makes it all the more fun that my fiancé lives 100 miles away!


  • wow so you dont like together?

    we didnt need to go in we just filled our forms and gave appropriate  documents and sent them in.

  • MStobeMStobe Posts: 9

    We don't live together no, I'll be getting married and moving in and changing jobs all at once! 

  • Oh i see lots of changes at once then lol.

    how long have you been together?

    good luck with the wedding x

  • MStobeMStobe Posts: 9

    Don't ask me how it'll all work out! We've been together just over a year, he proposed on our year anniversary. 

    Good luck too!

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