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saddleworth hotel

hi girls , anyone got any advise on the saddleworth hotel ? regretting booking it , have  my own florist , table decs , linens , but worried about my poor guests paying 170 a night for a bacon roll and ceral , a crap dj , CCTV and all the rest that trip advisor has to offer ! the reviews seem to be getting any better , can anyone help ? xxx 


  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    Ive been to a wedding here and looked at it for my own. Its a gorgeous venue  tripadvisor is a nightmare. We are having same problem with the honeymoon getting put off different hotels. a bride called jellybean got married here hopefully she will see your post. 

  • cocococo Posts: 4

    oh thank you for getting back to me , think things were easier before trip advisor ! Hope you have a lovely honeymoon x

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    Do you have to use their dj or can you get your own. Ove not heard great things about brekkie but thats really a small thing and I wouldnt worry too much. Your guests are paying for their rooms if they are not happy with breakfast they can mention it. When we looked round we had a noisy at anthonys bentley and he said he had been watching us on at least you know its safe in that respect. On trip advisor no one complains about the wedding and this is the important bit. You will have a fab wedding there. You having it outside or in the gorgeous room eek exciting 

  • we were going to book its sister hotel Dalston Hall which we loved (is still my dream venue image ) the owners were lovely we got on well with them, then we found out it wasn't them who would be dealing with our wedding but there daughter we looked at some reviews on trip advisor saying how she checked for booze in guests belongings and was rude to others it put us off also contact with her and us was very testing we just didn't get the same feeling we got wiv her parents!! along with the hefty price we didn't want to risk it ! which is a shame as i really loved that place!! reviews are not always what they seem though so i wished we would have requested her parents to do our wedding but it seemed a lil rude to say that when they think she is doing a great job!

    price up some hotels close to your venue and give guests an option?  or see if your photographer or florist  can put u in contact with any other brides who have had there wedding there and get an honest review!! good luck hope u get it sorted x

  • queenbqueenb Posts: 36

    I've been to a couple off weddings there, although I've not stayed over as I'm local. Both weddings seemed very nice and the venue looks lovely. I'd have probably chosen it for my wedding reception if I wasn't on a budget that excluded it. 

  • cocococo Posts: 4

    thanks girls xx

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