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Hi all, a little bit of background about me...

Have been with kev for 9 years engaged for 8 and we have 3 children. after a amazing family holiday this year in zante we've decided to finally set the the date for June next year in . Zante. So.. to the main question, we have a very small budget mainly down to the fact of I don't want to spend thousands on one day when that money could be spent on other things, I tried a beautiful dress on the other day to get a ideal of style but I can get a similar one from China for around £100, has anyone ordered or know anyone who has ordered from China and what was their experience of them? Sorry about the long post lol

Hannah x





  • Hiya, im interested in these dresses too. I've fallen in love with a really different dress I've seen online, but it's a designer one so I was gutted, but my sis-in-law mentioned that you can send the design you want to china with your measurements and they will make you one cheaper.

    ive read so many horror stories, but equally heard stories from happy brides!

    if I find someone that's been recommended by happy brides then ill def order one.x

  • Sam10Sam10 Posts: 51

    I ordered 2 bridesmaids dresses from China on Ebay.... the feedback was 99.9% and I ordered colour swatches before ordering.  I gave exact measurements and put the order in....... 4 weeks later they arrived!!!  THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS!!!  Not the right colour, one was lace up back and one was zip up, the quality was really shocking and they were way too big (as in probably 2 - 3 sizes too big!!!)  I contacted the company and they said to send them back for a refund... this I did.  However because of the time it took I was too late to raise an issue with paypal or ebay and on top of the cost of the dresses (which admittedly was only £120 for the 2 dresses) and the postage back to China which was £28 and despite numerous emails from them saying they would refund they have now gone quiet and not answering my emails.  This was my first ebay/paypal purchase so I was registered on paypal as a guest (didnt realise this at the time) so I have no options but to just accept it as a loss.

    So, in short, I would just be really really careful!!  I know a lot of people recommend Light in the Box so maybe thats the way to go!

    I would rather have written a cheque to charity for the £150 (which I can ill aford!!)  than give it to the theiving b***ards that ripped me off!!!!

    By the way the seller on ebay was li.hu22

    Sam xx

  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    Hi, just thought I'd give you my experiences. I got mine from a company from China on eBay, when it came (in plenty of time) it was beautiful and people couldn't believe how cheap it was. So a positive experience all around

    However, my mum has just ordered one, (different seller) and a few weeks later the company is no longer registered on ebay and she cannot contact them. Thingfs still may be OK, there are millions of reasonable explanations and she could still get the dress as normal. But obviously she is worrying and thinking of ordering another one.

    Like above posters have said, it is hit and miss. If you do decide to go for it, make sure you check the feedback carefully - look at the comments, not just the percentages. Its your own decision to make, but if you do go for ebay, I'd advise you to order it sooner so if things do go wrong you still have a chance to get refunds and find another one.

    Good luck!1

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    I ordered a bridesmaid dress few months ago from a Chinese seller on eBay just to see what the quality was like before ordering the actual ones and I couldn't be happierThey friend studied fashion and that at college she checked the dress out for me and couldn't believe I paid £34 for it! She said to have that made over here I would be looking to pay over £100. 

    They were so helpful and I was told two months for delivery but it was with me within two weeks! The name was honey-kiss.

    they also do bride dresses and can send in your designs for them to make xx

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    I did a test run of the dresses I wanted for my BM's, so ordered one in my size from lightinthebox. It arrived today and I am so pleased with it. I had heard a few other good reviews about the site before ordering, and have no doubts at all now about ordering the other dresses for my Bm's.

    Hope this helps a bit.x

  • Thank you everyone, think I will have a look at light in the box x x

  • I got my bridesmaid dresses from Cynthia styling (china), beautiful, the correct size apart from being too long. seamstress here said they should be easy to alter.


    i got sent two different shades of pink, sure they compliment each other beautifully but I wanted two the exact same shade!!!!

    be aware that a lot of Chinese dresses are almost impossible to alter, we got lucky. Chinese dresses are a nightmare for seamstresses.

    i got shoes from light in the box, they are very pretty bbad poorly made.

    be very very careful.

  • Also, many bridal shops have a secret section hidden from the main shops where you can get ex sample gowns cheap. Sometimes as cheap as £50.

    i don't know where your based but I know margot raybould in Wolverhampton have one of these sections.

  • Thanks imgettingmarried, I'm off into town tomorrow so will have a good old hunt x

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