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Getting married 2nd Aug 2014 - looking at all these mood boards and thinking - where does all this inspiration come from!! I always thought I was a creative person, but now I am not so sure!! Our reception is in a motor museum - any car related ideas welcome!!



  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    have you come across anything pintrest? x

  • Bex960Bex960 Posts: 113

    For you place cards could you have them either shaped like cars or I'm sure you can buy stamps or car shaped hole punches. 

    instead of table numbers could you have them named after yours/h2bs car models you've owned or would like to own, you could be quite creative and have pictures as well as the actual words or maybe even models (which could double up as gifts for people?)

    keyring themed favours?

    h2b's cuff links, if you look on not on the high street they have ones you can personalise with maps, could you have these made with where you live/met, holiday destinations or honeymoon destination?

    definately try Pinterest and just type in car weddings and see what comes up?

  • I think bex has suggested some lovely ideas! Im the same, im in awe of some of the stuff fellow brides have come up with lol


  • Bex960Bex960 Posts: 113

    Thanks lianne image

  • AlilateAlilate Posts: 2

    Thats a great starting place many thanks!!


  • Hi, we're date twins! For ideas check out Pinterest and google but beware, it's so easy to get carried away!!

  • Shell81Shell81 Posts: 6

    I was at a wedding last month where the groom was into forest rallying, he had his rally car at the entrance of thee hotel with a sticker on the bonnet welcoming people to their special day.  The table centre pieces were empty gastrol oil tubs, filled with flowers and a red anod blue mental car on the mirror plates with car confetti sprinkled on the table. Our place names had blue cars for men and red cars for women along other top of the card. Unusual but very much the bride and from.

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