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First ever post!!

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself really! - I've only signed up to Y&YW today! I got engaged last week on my 22nd birthday to my boyfriend Mark, and I really dont have a clue on where to start. We've chosen our date to get married on 03.10.2015 so I would really appreciate some advice from any of you who would be able to help me work out timescales to arrange things. Without the risk of becoming a bridezilla, I already am starting to panick ever so slightly about a wedding venue. We live in Telford Shropshire and I've started to google all the wedding venues in our area. Although all of them seem to be quite small, with a max of 50 people to the day and 80 in the evening. Mark has a really big family and I just know 50 people will not be big enough! Mark also likes the idea of having the evening in a marquee somewhere - I also would really love to have this, but I'm concerned if it will be getting a bit too cold for this at the start of October. - Has anyone else done this at the same time of year before, and was it all ok? Thanks for reading, and hopefully will hear from some of you soon! xx


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    First off CONGRATULATUONS!!!!!!!!! 

    You have plenty of time so don't panic! 

    I had 11 months of planning and our big day is in just 11 days!!!

    i found 11 months was plenty of time and haven't been stressed once, it's been the best experience!

    we are getting married in a church and then moving in to a golf club for our reception which is something I never thought id agree to ( can be a bit of a snob sometimes! The nice kind thoughimage

    if you have any questions just ask image 



  • Congratulations!! 

    I am also a 2015 bride. If you are anything like me you will change your mind 1000 times on this forum as there are some wonderful planning threads that give you loads of ideas and inspiration. 

    i don't post often, but when I do there are always people who are willing to help and give advice. 

    Have fun xxxx

  • Congratulations!!!  How exciting!  Those first weeks of choosing a venue and celebrating your Engagement is amazing - enjoy image

    You have plenty of time to plan everything, we booked ours with 18 months to go, and its now 5 months, we did lots of bits and put plans into place, and now am picking it up and tying it all together, as I didnt want to do it all so far in advance and get to this time with nothing to do. 

    I was talking to my Mum this weekend, as I am off the first week of October, and its her birthday on 1st - we both said how the last couple of years it has been sunshine and lovely weather on her birthday, so dont quote me but you may get nice weather, and if you go for a marquee they have heaters you can have as well. 

    You have so much to look forward to image


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    Hi Natasha image

    Thanks so much for your post, I can tell I am going to love this site as it already making me so excited image

    Congratulations for your wedding, really isnt long to go! have you found you've got everything sorted now, or have you got a few last minute things to sort?

    I really want to be the same as you and not feel stressed at all, I want to be able to enjoy planning the wedding from start to finish. My sister got married last year, and bless her turned a bit demanding towards the end - I will try my hardest not to become like that haha!!


    How many guests have you got for the day and evening? This is my main concern I have is with numbers. As I explained in my post Mark has an awfully big family and these venues I am finding just all seem to small. He also has a lot of neices and nephews, 23 of them in total. I only have 2 and want them to be so involved with the day. We've got two of Mark's nieces as bridesmaids, but I am really worried that just with children they will take up a large amount of space allocated for the day. I don't think it would be an option for us to pick and choose which children we wanted there.


    What do you think is the best thing to start off with, we've already choosen the day we would like to get married, as it's the date we met, but I understand not only have I got to find a large venue, I also need one that is available on our particular day. So would you recommend to call/ email different venues and ask some gerneral questions that I have. My sister told me that when she went looking at venues they try really hard to get you to put a deposit down there and then, have you any tips to polietly hold off with putting deposits down on anything?

    You may have guessed I've never organised anything in my life haha!!image




  • You have plenty of time and Oct is not peak season so places are less likely to be booked. Do some research about where you like then contact your faces asking do they have the date and can you visit. In my experience, places will pencil in a date for you for free and hold it for a couple of weeks. If they are pushy, just say you need to speak to your parents etc before commiting. Its hardly unreasonable to want some time to think before paying!

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    Thank you for all these lovely comments ladies image

    Cant wait to go home tonight from work and bore Mark with all the amazing tips i've already found and heard on this website!

    Shabbychic: High fives to the 2015 wedding image what month are you getting married? I've been told my numerous friends that these next two years will fly by and it will soon be here! But yes already I've changed my mind on litteratly everything, and i;ve only been engaged a week! I keep getting told of different ideas and I'm like ooooh yeah I like the sound of that!!


    Kimberley- thanks for your post! gosh only 5 months to go, are you nervous at all, or just too excited? Thanks for adding the bit about weather in October, Mark has already pointe out that the day we had met he was in shorts and t-shirt so it couldnt of been that cold. But it's just reassuring to know others can remember that time of year aswel for weather! I wasnt aware you could get heaters for marquees, which is really interesting to know image


    So whats been everyones favourite part to plan for their wedding then? I'm really looking forward at taking my 6 bridesmaids shopping for their dresses!

    Also without sounded like a typical bride, but I really want to loose a little but of weight for the wedding, I'm a size 14, and although I know its not at all massive, I would just like to tone up a slim down a little, as I feel I am very curvy and bumpy! - Do any of you have any good dieting tips?



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    Thanks for the advise Claire on booking for a venue. We have a couple of hotels near by which are holding wedding fayres in the next couple of weeks, so I will be attending these. I think though it's like how you;ve said I just need to go and have a look round and hopefully yes just pencil myself in without giving a venue too much commitment, without real thought!


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    Hi Emma
    I'm a 2015 bride too...........November 28th to be exact.
    We've already booked our reception venue, Photographer, PIcked the date, theme, colours.
    We've designed some invites, bought chair covers, a candy bar and ornate frame for the Table plan.

    We are going back to the Register office to book it as soon as they get their 2015 diaries.
    I know what flowers I want.....
    Sit down meal options sorted........

    I have two children so have to get as much done as and when I have time...... I think we are doing pretty good so far

  • Hi Emma,


    im a 2015 bride, (2/8/15) were getting married at The Hubdred house Hotel, which isn't far from a telford, it has a separate barn for weddings xx

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    Hi Emma, congratulations on your engagement - it is such an exciting time!! My OH is called Mark too and he also has a large family to accommodate - we are having 200 day guests! image However we're getting married in Scotland so can't help you too much on the venues I am afraid! But sure you will find somewhere in your area that can accomodate you and that is just perfect! Just wanted to check in and say hello and welcome to the forum!!

    I'd also advise to enjoy the next few weeks of pure bliss being engaged before getting all fired into the planning! x

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    So now we have that over and done with down to the serious bit.... you've tonnes of time. I started by drawing up a guestlist of everyone i wanted "come hell or high water" to attend. That gave me my basic numbers and then allowed for the extra few that you think of. I gave it a week to allow myself time to decide if I needed to add any more. Once I knew my numbers then I went venue hunting which was based on close proximity to my church as I didn't want people to have to do loads of travelling on the day.

    There are so many options availiable to you and although there appear to be quite a few 2015 brides about theres plenty of time before the majority of people will think of 2015. Have a scout round. I think its a bit like your dress, you know when its right. Or at least thats what I felt when I walked into my venue and when I have gone back a couple of times as well.

    Good luck with the planning, ask away and above all enjoy it! I've only been doing it 6 weeks and have had a wobble a week lol, but then I come on here and end up smiling and always remember why I'm doing it. Not for the family or friends but for the fact that I am going to spend the rest of his days (I plan on out living H2B) with my best friend and thats what I keep in mind. All the rest of the palava that goes with the wedding is bareable so long as you keep the end goal in sight!


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    Congrats, welcome and enjoy your planning!

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594

    Congratulations!!! X

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Havnt been a member of this site for more that 24 hours yet and already love it so much! You ladies are all great and so chuffed to have so many nice responses! Thank you!!!

    Never even thought of the Hundred House Hotel so thank you FutureMrsC, I went for a works christmas party there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, brilliant reccomendation image 

    Last night we sat down and did our FIRST draft copy of our guest list, I'm sure it will change numerous times over the next two years! It definatley is better though for now we want to go looking around venues to give them a rough idea of our guest list numbers!

    Just wanted to say also what a great little comment from Victoriao about this site reminding you why were all doing it. Really made me smile!! 

    Much Love people!! xxxx 

  • It is brilliant Emma and you will get so many tips and you make some great friends to talk wedding with.  I dont feel nervous yet, excited but really want it to be here now, but we have something wedding related each month to the wedding and still need to book a preshoot, and all the other bits that will come, so hoping it does hurry.

    I would definitely start with a guest list so you know how many you need your venue to hold and go from there.  Use the planning tools on here as well, as they are really helpful. And my biggest tip - try to stick to budget, ours has doubled and then some, but saying that I wouldnt change a thing, but we have had to save and save to do it.

    Enjoy imageimage xx

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    Hi Emma

    Sorry it's taken a while been busy busy busy finishing up with just 9 days to go!!!!

    We are getting married at 3pm and so have just 1 guest list of 130! So quiet a few! Feeling a little panicy about  how every one will fit image there is an extra 15 coming to the church who can't come in the evening for childcare reasons. We have only invited children that are special to us like nieces and nephews also close family friends kids we have 9 kids in total, I think that's more than enough aha!

    I found that when we were looking some places where quite pushy and tried to get me mostly to really want it, I'm not sure if it was because am fairly young and thought it would work but H2B is really good with things like that and they backed off. So just don't let them pressure you, they will want your custom and so won't turn you away! I'd recommend calling them and getting some info sent through but most of all go and look at loads! It's so much fun!

    Firstly get a good rough idea of numbers and then hunt for venues! We booked the venue within 2 weeks of being engaged as I had 2 weeks off work to research! After that I just looked at sooo many magazines to get ideas and made a scrap book of all the things I liked and then consulted H2B. We chose the colour scheme quite quickly things made things easier as I could picture miser stuff. I couldn't recommend Pinterest enough it has some amazing ideas on there!

    I have made most of the things for the wedding myself (invites, order or service ect) and it has been brilliant and a lot cheaper too!! 

    If you have more questions ill be happy to help image 

    Good luck and enjoy! Xxxx

  • Glad I could be of some help xx

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    Congratulations Emma image

    id definately recommend going to wedding fayres especially if they are at venues you're considering. It makes so much difference being able to see what the rooms look like when they're set up for a wedding and not just an empty space or photographs. You can also meet some good suppliers and get good discounts if you book through wedding fayres.

    Get a rough idea of numbers so you can find venues that aren't going tobe too small or too large for the number of guests. I think amarque in October will be fine and you can also ask if they can provide heaters if you're worried it may be too cold.

    enjoy your engagement and planning.  xxx

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