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Wedding cars

Is anyone else considering not bothering with a wedding car? I'll probably be staying in a cottage about 10 minutes drive from the venue so it seems pointless to spend loads of money when I'm on a tight budget and can just get a lift from my dad!

I'm a bit confused about how you arrive at the venue. I always thought nobody would see you until you walk down the aisle so what's the point in a car if nobody will see you arrive? The only wedding I've really been to is my sisters where she stayed at the venue the night before and got ready there so she obviously had no need for a car!

I'll be getting ready at the cottage and I guess you arrive somewhere earlier than all of the guests and hide somewhere for a couple of hours with your bridesmaids and mum? I'm getting married at Priston Mill and they don't have any accommodation there, otherwise I would just do what my sister did.


I'm getting really confused about how it all happens in the morning!


  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Hi Dolly - think the reason most people have the nice car is because they want to feel a bit pampered en route to the church and will then obviously take the same nice car with new husband to the reception venue. Sounds like you are just getting married in one place though so you are right in thinking that it is totally not necessary. You will arrive after everyone else is seated etc. so that you aren't spotted before walking down the aisle! I wasn't going to have a wedding car as I'm getting married and having the reception in the same place too but a friend has a couple of old Rolls Royces and has said we can use them in exchange for a donation to charity so going with that - but as I said before it really isn't entirely necessary! x

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I'm in a very similar position for my wedding in December - me, my parents and BMs are staying in a hotel about 4 miles from the venue (there is no accommodation there). Any quotes for cars were so expensive, and it just seemed such a waste of money.

    I have to arrive at the ceremony venue 15 minutes before the wedding to meet the registrar (I think that's more common and a bit more pleasant than hiding away and watiting around for hours!) I actually have to be taken to the deliveries entrance before the ceremony - that's the only way they can guarantee guests won't bump into me as I arrive - so a wedding car would really be a waste of money! 

    In the end I have booked a people carrier to take all of us the short distance to the venue so I would recommend you look into that too (would mean your Dad didn't have to drive if he wanted to have a drink in the morning!)

    I think generally cars work best when you are getting married in a church and then driving to a reception venue somewhere else - then there are plenty of photo opps and it's a more pleasant way to get you and your hubbie from A to B. If you are having a civil ceremony and your reception in the same place, there's not so much point as like you said, no one sees you arrive and you don't drive off anywhere after!

  • Yes Toad, our wedding and reception is in the same place.

    I think I have to arrive before the ceremony and meet the registrar as well, I guess the venue will know how to smuggle me in so I'm not seen by anyone! I'll have to get the bridesmaids and the best man to text eachother to make sure I don't bump into my fiance in the car park!


    Knowing how much of a lightweight my dad is, it's probably really not a good idea for him to have a drink in the morning haha! image

  • We didn't wanna spend hundreds of pounds for a short trip to and from our ceramony venue. there is a cab company that does wedding cars on a budget.

    We got gorgeous modern silver bmw with ribbon. for £60 for 3 hours image

  • we are on a budget too and we thought it was an unnecessary expense. We have got our friend to drive us to the church, it's about 5 mins up the road so she is going to do 2 trips, 1 for bridesmaids and my mum then me and my dad.

    She's going to put a nice ribbon on the front, sorted image

  • See I'm having a similar prediciment - I really do not see the point in shelling out loads for a car, however my venue is 40 mins away from my house, and there are 7 in my family... I dont really want to be squished in the back of a people carrier either! Add that to the fact I am picky and like pretty things makes the wedding car an impossible subject! I am so envious of those who live near their venues!

  • Have you thought of getting a B&B nearby to get ready in, so that you have a shorter drive? My venue is only 40 minutes away, but I've rented a tiny cottage anyway so I don't have to stress too much in the morning about forgetting something and can get everything there the night before. Me and my sister are going to stay there the night before and my other 3 bridesmaids can arrive early in the morning so that we can all get ready there together.

  • I am exactly the same and I didnt want to spend hundreds of pounds on something I would only use for an hour. So we are borrowing nice cars from friends and useing our own car. Have a look at my thread you can see how to make a normal car a wedding car x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    It's really just for the photos to be honest!  We had a 'wedding car' and I must admit some of my fave pics are of my Dad and I arriving, me getting out of the car and my husband and I going for a little drive in it (with the roof down) after the ceremony.  My dad loved it too, so even though it was something I begrudgingly paid for at the time I'm really glad we had it now.  My mum drove herself however and my dad's friend drove the bridesmaids in his Jag- he put ribbon on it and everything bless him! x

  • I considered it (there is a hotel just across the road where everyone is staying) but I have already got all my hair and make-up being done near where I live, so I either change who is doing it all, or have to put up with the commute :/

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    We have hired a car but since booked a lovely cottage next to our church! we were going to let our friends stay in it but I have fallen in love with it and want it for myself. We are still keeping the car though to take us on from the Church. It is rather expensive for the short time we will use it (around 30mins) but it will be the only time in the whole day when no one will be able to come up to us and its just the two of us- in that respect its worth the money. 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Lollybear wrote (see)

     it will be the only time in the whole day when no one will be able to come up to us and its just the two of us- in that respect its worth the money. 

    I definitely agree with this; we had our ceremony and reception at the same venue but still went for a little drive just after we'd been married- I always thought it was a daft idea but actually those 15 minutes together were lovely! 

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    We're doing that too image Mr N will stay at the venue over night but I am getting married from my parents house about 6 miles away so we've booked cars for me and dad and the bridesmaids and my mother. They're staying on for photos and a little jaunt after the ceremony. 

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569


    i didnt have a wedding car - i couldnt justify the costs to be honest and have booked a 4 day midweek break with what i saved lol x

    it felt no different to be honest . you have to have what you want not what everyone says you should have - if your happy not having one then brill x


  • We have a 2 minute drive from my mom's house to church, and I'm ever so tempted to do the 5 minute walk for giggles!

    no, seriously, we're paying £550 for a rolls royce phantom because it is Mr H's dream car. It will take him and best man first then come to my mom's for me. After that we have a 45 minute drive to the reception, so we're looking forward to that time together in a beautiful car. as some others have said, it will be the most time we get to ourselves all day. 

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