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Hi all,

I'm Nicole & my wonderful fiance (eeep!) proposed on the 1st of September, just before we went on holiday.  We are looking to get married next year.  My sister gets married in September 2014 so need to judge how soon after is not too soon!

We are planning to get married in South Ayrshire, and have a few venues in mind.  It's only just starting to dawn on me how much planning is involved!

So hello & I'm sure I'll be pestering you all with questions very soon! image


  • Congratulations! Think its lovely gettin married close to your sis. You'll be able to plan together etc 

  • Congratulations! That's so exciting!


    Could be awkward for your sister, make sure you talk to her lots about it and make sure she doesn't mind! I would imagine the following Spring/Summer wouldn't be too soon after, Christmas may be though! That's just my opinion though image

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    Congratulations and welcome. You'll find a selection of brides on here from those who have married to those just starting out! You'll find loads of good advice, even if your not looking for it, I know I've spotted a few things I never thought about whilst wandering around the board aimlessly.

    A good chat with your sister and parents would be my recommendation to ensure everyone's happy with the date you pick, but remember it is your date and you are entitled to have it when you want, although its always useful to keep in mind that a number of guests invited to your sisters are likely to be invited to yours so a certain aount of space will ensure they don't feel that they have too much at once!

    Anything else just give a shout. And good luck.

  • Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your engagement and all the planning to come! Xx

  • Thanks Ladies,  looking forward to chatting with you all.

    Goodness, we are planning on around a month after, not 9!  Definitely next year, although the date will probably be decided by venue availability over anything else.

  • Welcome and congratulations

    I would say talk to your sister and see how you both feel. My Sister decided to get married after we had been planning our wedding for a few months. Whilst she has decided to do something small before our wedding it did upset me a little as my first trip dress shopping was made all about her and the exciting news of her getting married first. 

    I am over it now and excited for her but at the time it really hurt. It was the first part of the planning that my Mum had been able to come too and she spent the whole time talking about her dress and how she wanted her wedding. Even my Mum (who NEVER takes my side in an argument) said it was "poorly timed". 

  • Thanks Lollybear,  we are keen to get married asap as we want to start a family.  We thought it was the right thing to do to wait until after my wee sis gets married as she was engaged first.

    We have had a good chat though & she has said she really doesn't mind if we get married before her, as long as it's not right before. I absolutely adore her & will not upset her.  She was engaged first, so it is only right that we don't get in the way.  So we shall see what the venue gods decide!

  • Thats great that everything is working out.

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