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Hi, I'm a 2015 bride, we're seeing the vicar & setting the date tomorrow. But I'm a little unsure when to send out the invitations. Should we do it as soon as or wait a bit ?? I really haven't got a clue!! image Xx


  • Hi! We sent save the dates when there was just over a year to go and then invitations 3 months before. If you want to give people a lot of notice I would send your save the dates and then leave the invitations til closer to the time.

    I would say your guestlist will probably change a lot in two years so I would probably wait a little while before sending anything. There were a couple of guests we sent save the dates to,who by they wedding we had stopped talking to as much/drifted apart so we had the awkward decision of whether to uninvite them or not which isn't ideal lol Enjoy the meeting and congratulations on setting the date! X

  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    We are getting married August 2014 and have just sent the Save the Dates image We will send our invitations in February - people have plenty of time to send their RSVP's that way image x

  • Traditionally you would only send out invitations about 8 weeks before.  However we are sending ours 5 months before.  I think if you send them too soon people will forget to RSVP or lose it!  Also as someone else said your guest list might change.  I defo would not send them out more than 6 months before.

    Either send a Save the Date - or if you can't afford it just let people know by text/email.  We did an electronic Save the Date using a free download from

  • Hi we're may 2015 brides and wont be sending invitations out til about 6 months before, we have given a few save the date cards already though

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    oir date is June 2015 and I'm sending out our save the dates with this years Xmas cards- saves on postage!! I'll send out the invites jan 2015 x

  • mrsmoomrsmoo Posts: 124

    I'm getting married may thinking about sending out invites dec-feb time

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    I totally agree about guest list changing. Ours has changed in 6 months!! I would send out save the dates 12 months before and then invites 3-4 months before.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone! image Xx

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