Proposal Stories please (same thread as General Chat)

Hi everyone

I want to hear everyone's proposal stories - simple or extravagent, expected or right out of the blue!! I will no doubt end up in tears after reading them all, but I'm looking forward to it!!

Almost 7 years after we'd been together my H2B took me to Sheffield on valentines day (so I would be unsuspecting) he'd hired out an entire ice skating centre for an hour and arranged for our favourite love songs to be played as we skated, I was so unsuspecting that even as we were fastening our boots I said to him "what are you going to do when you propose to me? You'll be hard pushed to out do this!!" - we skated around with a spotlight on us then he pulled me over, took the most perfect ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him right there on the ice!! In all my life I never thought I'd be so happy - I actually almost fainted from shock!! image

After I accepted the staff of the centre brought champagne down to the ice and our names flashed up on the score board congratulating us!!! He then took me to the marriot hotel in Sheffield where he had reserved us a room under the names Mr & Mrs Crombie. Best day of my life so far!!!

Everyone else now please!!


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    Mine wasnt particularly romantic but hey, its still a story! id been on holiday with my 2 friends, we'd been to tenerife for 10 days and whilst i was away, jake had said he didnt want to stay at home on his own because he missed me to much (which i thought was really sweet), so he went up north and spent some time with his mum! Our flight home was horrible, i wad 14 weeks pregnant at the time and i suffered badly coming home, even on the car journey from the airport to home was a nightmare, i was sick and the room kept moving when i went dizzy, i felt like death warmed up, hardly in the best state to be proposed too! anyway when i got home jake was waiting there for me, we unpacked his pressies and then i had to go for a lie down because i was not feeling at all well, jake followed me up, and i was laying o n the bed and he knelt down next to the bed and told me how much he loved me, how much he had missed me, and then asked me to marry him! i turned over and said yes (still feeling really sick from the flight), then after an hour or two, jake then took me to hospital because i couldnt eat anything and kept being sick, they admitted me for the evening and stuck me on a drip to re-hydrate me! again, hardly romantic but i didnt care we were engaged and thats all tht mattered!
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    Hi all and wow, Dorothy! What a lovely story! Thats sooo romantic!

    We both went out for a dog racing night with his family and when we came back, he said "Shall we have some champagne?" which made me think "Oh no, what is he up to?" and then he put my fave song on and got down on BOTH knees and asked me to marry him! I was so in shock... he got the ring as it was a family heirloom and apparently had asked my dad on Xmas Eve for my hand in marriage! Never thought he could be romantic!! Then we had our engagement party last Saturday and he re-proposed to me with a new ring as he said that the one he had given me before didn't feel like it had come from him! Bless!

  • Hi all they all sound fab.

    We had gone to New York for the new year bit of a splurge. That's what credit cards are for! H2b was hasseling me to go to the Empire State Building, got to the top in complete awe of the view and he said will you marry me then and had the most stunning ring total surprise and not expected at all blamed the wind for the tears. Found out later he had asked my parents in October and had had the ring hidden at his parents house. Wedding is next August.
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    Ooo, I love to read all the other proposal stories from you girlies.

    Mine was very special:

    Me and h2b had discussed getting married for about a year, but he kept saying he was intimidateed by the idea of a wedding and needed some time to get his head round it. I was half-expecting him to propose on Valentine's Day this year, and must confess was a little disappointed that he didn't!

    Friday 23 Feb 07 was our 5th anniversary of meeting and we had booked a table for dinner. As h2b is in the RAF he lives on base during the week and only comes home at weekends, so I got a text at 4pm on 23 saying that he was running late and had only just left the office. At the time he was based in High Wycombe and we live in Suffolk - about 130 miles!

    The table was booked for 8pm and at 7 he called me to say he was stuck in really bad traffice and wasn't going to make it in time, and could I put the table back to 8.30. I said I would, but was more than a little miffed that he hadn't made the effort to leave the office early when he knew we had dinner booked.

    He arrived at 8.10pm and rushed upstairs to get changed. I think he knew I was in a mood and he handed me a card saying "Happy Anniversary". I opened it up and inside he had written "I know I've been a pain in the a** and dragged my feet over this, but it would mean so much to me if you would agree to marry me"! Also inside was a little card that said "I.O.U 1 diamond ring". I thought he was joking and asked him if he was being serious. He said yes and I burst into tears! He's quite shy sometimes, so getting on one knee was never going to be his style, but I love the way he did it - I'm keeping the card to show our grandchildren!

    The best part was that he had fibbed about leaving work late. In fact he had taken the day off work and driven to my parents house in Bristol (about 90 miles from his base and 200 miles from our house), to ask my dad's permission to marry me. He'd then stopped for lunch with his brother before heading back. I didn't think people did that anymore!

    We had a fantastic meal with plenty of champagne and went into London the next day to buy my ring - a platinum diamond solitaire.

    Our wedding date is set for 13 September 2008, and I cannot wait to become Mrs Caves!

    Sorry, I rambled a bit there, but it's one of those stories where you need a lot of detail!
  • Awww aren't these stories lovely...

    Now to meet my H2B he is the most clumsy person ever, u wouldn't think it because he is a British Champ in Kickboxing! What's that about?

    But anyhoo... we decided to go to Paris last year for my birthday which was on a Friday, we went via Eurostar (never would i do that again lol) and got into Paris and got really lost...(I hate being lost) i can just about get by in French ok, but due to being half italian know a lot more italian than french and we had only recently come back from italy (wish i had that money now lol!) anyway, so none of the french really understood me because i myself was getting confused, so as u do, i got into a huge strop.

    We finally got to the hotel at 6pm and had a reservation in a very nice restaurant at 7pm.. we walked in and the man greeted us "Hello Mr & Mrs Chapman" and i'm like ay up.. what's he going on about... anyway quick change, and were trying to find the restaurant (so unprepared!!) it's now 8pm and i'm nearly crying because it's my birthday, i'm totally fed up lost in the centre of paris and hungry! We finally found the restaurant and it was an all fish rest!!! (I hate fish!) so in the mood i was in, I stormed off and dragged us into this crummy little cafe where we had the most awful meal ever...

    He then took me to Hagaan Daz (however u spell it) and like any sane female i cheered up a little image

    Earlier in the evening, i'd gone to put my arm round him and hit this box in his back pocket (what a div bless him) but i thought the night we'd had if it was an engagement ring there was no chance of him proposing. so we sit down by the river seine under the eiffel.. it's sparkling at this time so it's looking gorgeous..

    (this story gets worse lol!) anyway were sitting there and he's saying, I really love u all of that, and i'm staring at these ducks at this point (it was quite dark) and i'm going "david? are they lesbian ducks?" gosh what a thing to say.. anyway, he finally managed to take me away from the ducks and started again "I love u, I want to be with u forever etcccc" because we were siting down, struggles to get the box out of his back pocket finally does... opens it and the ring goes flying (he opened it up the wrong way and it had some how over the night fallen out of the pouch thingy... nearly went into the river!! finally got it on my finger... totally gobsmacked for some reason!!

    Although it was a bit of a crazy proposal, everything about it was like H2B and I wouldn't have changed it for anything image were getting married in June image

    (am quite jealous of the ice skating one tho! haha)
  • H2B had been planning the whole thing for months but it was especially wonderful as my family and I had spent the whole of Christmas either caring for or in hopsital with a very sick relative.

    On Dec 29th 2006, I was whisked away to London on a surprise trip. On arrival we checked into The Savoy and got ready for "a night out" I had no idea where we were going. H2B took me to The Royal Opera House where he produced tickets to see the Royal Ballet perform The Nutcracker combined with a pre-performance dinner. The first 2 courses were served before the performance, pudding and champange were served in the interval. H2B proposed over the champagne with a Tiffany diamond.

    Anyway, the restaurant at the ROH is on a balcony and as we went down the stairs for the next act, we were approached by a group of other theatre goers who had watched the whole proposal from downstairs in the bar and were dying to Congratulate us!! As a former ballerina having performed in this ballet at the ROH, it was the most perfect day ever!

    Back at The Savoy we had cocktails in the American bar with a live jazz singer and when we got back to the room (which had been upgraded!) the room was gently lit, some soft music on, a complimentary bottle of my favourite champange and a box of chocolates, courtesy of the hotel!

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    My proposal came on Christmas Day. I'm a midwife and had to be at work at 07.15. I was all ready to open pressies at 6 am and after opening them all, there was 1 last unopened present sitting on the bed. My H2B then crawled out of bed and got down on 1 knee (naked I hasten to add!) and popped the question! I, of course, said yes but then had to go to work! It made it slightly more bearable working on Christmas Day though, having a gorgeous sparkly diamond to show off to everyone!! We are getting married in May and I can't wait!!
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    ooohhh myyyyy goddddd!! dorothy!! your proposal story is sooooo romantic!

    mine, isnt quite as romantic, but its very personal.

    It was 15th May this yr, Luke was working late and didnt get in until 9.30pm... so i started cooking dinner... something simple and quick... chicken tikka masala.. one of them with the sauces in a jar. so, the rice is boiling, hes in the front room chilling out after a long day at work. i get the chicken out of the fridge and luke comes up behind me, puts his arm around me as im about to open the chicken and says ''baby, how would you feel.(puts the ring over my shoulder, infront of me)... if i asked you to marry me??'' and my response...???

    ''LUKE!! .. Im opening chicken!!'' lol.

    so then i managed to get my head round what he said and managed a ''id feel ok...'' then he said ''will you marry me?'' and i said yes, then jumped up and down and had the biggest grin ever for like, a whole week!!! lol

    so not the most romantic way to do it, but it was ideal because it was just us two, in our flat, personal. id always said i wouldnt have wanted him to do it in a room full of people or anything.

    so yea, thats my lil story! image
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    Mine was xmas day 2004. Ed and I had chosen the ring together, so I knew he was going to do it, just didn't know when or how. Anyway, we lay in bed, opened all our pressies, then he slid his arm around me, put the box in front of me and said "so will you then?" I wanted to hear him say it properly so said "will I what?". "Will you marry me?" I asked him if he was joking, which of course he wasn't, and then cried! We got married last September, and I'm 23 weeks pregnant with our first baba x
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    My engagement was definitely the best day of my life so far! After almost 7 years together, H2B whisked me off to Meringa Springs in the Grampians which is about 4 hours outside of Melbourne. It is an absolutely gorgeous 5* place in the middle of the mountains. He took me horseriding in the afternoon and then popped the question as we were sipping champagne at sunset, watching kangaroos go hopping by!! It was absolutely perfect and I was totally shocked. I had absolutely no idea he had been planning it and after about 5 minutes of being unable to speak I of course accepted at once! He gave me a beautiful diamond and we met with jeweler and designed a band together.

    He put a lot of effort into it as he took the day off work on Friday to run around doing everything, rearranged my hair appointment I had on Saturday morning and was up at 6:30am packing the car. He even sneakily packed me clothes and shoes for horseriding and dinner, and then rearranged my wardrobe so I wouldn't notice anything was missing. And he even packed my hair straighteners!

    It actually makes me well up just even writing it down again! We are getting married in 135 days and I can't wait!

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    Only been engaged a couple of weeks so still in shock!

    For a couple of months, Mark had been saying he was taking me for a surprize holiday but for some reason I was convinced it was camping. He had already taken me to Paris for New Year and we have just returned from 2 weeks at his parents in Spain so I thought our budget may stretch to camping but that would be about it. Must admit, I was being a right ungrateful cow about it as it wasn't exactly the weather for camping! He told me to get up really early on the day we were leaving, hence I got even more miserable and then when we went down to the car, a taxi turned up and Mark said to the driver "Take us to the airport"! So there we are in the queue for checkin .. for an hour and I still don't have a clue where we're going and after a while, Mark looks a bit nervous and goes off to speak to the checkin staff. He returns and says "Right, we've got to go to the front" and so we get to the checkin desk and I finally hear we're off to Venice (!!!) only to hear the checkin girl say "You've missed the flight!", bloody airline had changed their flight times and reckon they left a message on Mark's answermachine three months ago and there was no other flight for 4 days!

    So we returned home and I was trying to be all nice about it and Mark looked like he was going to cry. Anyway, Mark managed to get us a flight out of Manchester that day and so we made it to Venice!

    You can guess the rest, Mark took me on a gondola at sunset and he looked so shifty the whole time thnat I knew something was going on so I got really nervous and everytime he started saying something lovey dovey I would talk about the smell of sewage (From the canal not me!). So we get to the end of the gondola ride and Mark says "Will you make me a happy man tonight" and I thought, bloody typical, hes talking about sex but no, I was wrong and he went down on one knee but then ended up crouching as gondola man shouted at him for nearly drowning us all! But then he said all of this lovely stuff and put the most gorgeous ring on my finger and lots of people on gondolas started cheering, I had to say yes or he would have pushed me in,lol! Joke, was happiest girl in world and still am!

    He had asked my Dad the weekend before so I couldnt wait to get home to tell my Mum, except parent's house and village I'm from had been very badly flooded so couldn't tell any of my family for three days after we got back!

    Sorry, such a long and probably boring story but am still on a high about it! All of your engagement stories sound so lovely, makes me want to do it all again! Good Luck with all the planning!xxx
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    Wow! Have loved reading all your proposal stories. Here's mine. It was my 24th birthday in November last year and my fiance had booked a surprise weekend break to London (he later said that it had to be my birthday otherwise I would have suspected something). We stayed at a fantastic hotel where there was a bottle of champagne waiting by the bed on our arrival. The next day we went sightseeing and ended up at Tower Bridge. We took the lift up to the top and made our way around. At this point my fiance started to race ahead in front of me- I thought he was bored and wanted to leave, but it turned out that he was trying to find a quiet spot to propose. Having found a quiet spot with fantastic views, he pulled me in front of him and asked if I'd enjoyed my birthday surprise. I said I had. He then told me how much I meant to him and that he had one further surprise left for me. Before I could ask 'what' he reached into his pocket and placed a beautiful ring in front of me and asked me to marry him. I went into complete shock and managed, through tears, to say 'yes'. I was so pleased to find out that he'd chosen the ring himself and had asked for my dad's permission a few weeks before.

    In the evening, he announced that he'd booked a table at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant to celebrate our engagement (he'd booked it months in advance-must have been sure I'd say yes!!!!) and we celebrated with more champagne. Best day of my life!
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    Lyndsey - I just had a look at your wedding website - its fab!! And I think your proposal is a lovely story image
  • All these stories are so lovely - i have a tear in my eye!

    My partner took me to Paris for our 4 year anniversary - all very romantic; we went up the eiffel tower, it was early evening and all of a sudden he got down on one knee, produced a gorgeous ring and told me how much I meant to him and would i marry him - all said in French! I asked him to repeat in in English! (though I had already got the idea by this point!). I should have answered 'oui' but as I was slightly in shock I only managed a YES! I was so happy my eyes were welling up. But it is such a fantastic memory! image


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    all of these stories are so nice to read, im feelin a bit poorly today, so they have cheered me up!:\)

    my partner proposed on christmas day 2004, i was pregnant at the time with our daughter. we were at his parents house with his mum, dad, brother, sil2b, kids, grandparents and greatgrandmother.

    he'd been telling me all the week before that i couldn't have my present until after dinner, which puzzled me no end because i thought i was getting boots from river island which i loved!, anyway i just assumed he was going to try and embarrass me with something.

    after dinner he asked for everyones attention and said i'd not my present yet, with that pulled a bag out from behind the tree it was a beaverbrooks bag, i thought ah bless he's bought me jewlery! then next minute he pulled a ring box outof the bag and got down on one knee and said something along the lines of " would you make me the happiest man alive and do me the honour of being my wife. will you marry me?"

    ahhh i cried of course and said yes!! then out came a huge bouquet of flowers and a few bottles of champagne.

    i couldn't believe he'd done it with everyone watching! he said it was because he's never ever wanted to get married before and they would't have believed it unless they saw it for themselves!

    shortly after all this the phone rang none stop with exited relatives asking if he'd popped the question! his mum can't hold her own water and had told everyone the plan!

    we get married 20th september 2008. 5 years to the day since we met, which waspurely by accident but how good is that!!image
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    oh yeh and i never did get those boots!!..........
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    We were in Eygpt and having a really wonderful holiday. We had gone to a really psoh resturaurant for dinner and then after he took me out on the balcony but it was freezing so I said there is no way I am standing out here and marched back inside. Suddenly it dawned on me that he was feeling in his pocket and that he had been extremly quite and nervous all night and I realised that he had taken me out there to propse so I went back outside to him and he asked me to marry him whilst we overlooking the sea. It was still beautiful although slightly tarnished by my tantrum!
  • This is ours - in the words of my OH as he tells it so well image

    When did you propose?

    Saturday evening, under the stars, on Bournemouth pier.

    When did I decide I wanted to get married?

    Well, Shaz and I had mentioned it a few times before in conversations, mostly along the lines of "when we get old", or "when we have kids", that kind of thing. But it was at the end of 2006 that I started thinking about where, how, that kind of thing, and in January I mentioned the idea to a couple of mates. I had wanted to wait until we were living together (to make sure we didn't rip each others heads off!) and then around february/march seemed a good time. However work then started to take over and I was getting a bit stressed out, and didn't want to do things when I didn't feel generally happy with everything (not relationship wise I hasten to mention, just in general). So around the end of May things were easing up, and I still felt the same way as I always had done, so I started putting plans into action...

    How did you do it?

    This is the fun part! The short story is I did it under the stars on Bournemouth beach. The long story? Although it turned out alright in the end, as for a while it had all been going very Benny Hill! I was intending on proposing on the top of the ridgeway near high Wycombe, it has amazing views over the Cotswolds where I was born and grew up and meant a lot to me, but I spent about an hour and a half on a dry run a few weeks ago driving all over the tiny roads there and couldn't find a decent place to park and get a good spot, and I got tired of driving around, parking in lay bys and looking quite frankly like a single man trying to find a decent dogging spot.

    So I decided to do it in the new forest, as Shaz had told me she went there most summers as a child and loved a particular spot, where there was a bridge, and some wooded glades nearby and I thought that'd be nice. Except after we left the hotel we had stayed at on friday night it PISSED it down on saturday and we ended up sat in a pub, staring out at the rain, with the ring stayed tucked down the ankle of my sock (well where else were you going to hide it securely when you're driving!).

    So we went on to Brockenhurst. It was also my grans 86th birthday at the weekend and the entire family (including from America) had come over to celebrate. My dad was supposed to be picking my brother up from Lincoln and bringing him down (my gran lives about 15 miles outside Bournemouth) but he got ill the end of last week so I had to arrange picking lee up from a train station and taking him to my grans amongst everything else that no-one knew about, but anyway we picked him up, dropped him off, and Shaz and I headed to Bournemouth under the pretence of spending some time together before my grans birthday party yesterday. I'd secrely booked a really nice hotel right next to the seafront so that was cool, and we went out for a meal, except we couldn't decide what to have and shaz didn't want "anything fancy, just a KFC or something" (I know!) - and of course I was fuming under my breath because I wanted to ensure when we'd remember in time to come it'd all be nice. Anyway, we settled on Bella Italia, and it was really nice place, the staff were friendly and we had a good meal, although I kept checking the pocket in my jacket every ten minutes to make sure the ring was still there! We then went for a walk and I had decided I was gonna do it on the pier, under the stars, earlier when we arrived in town. We had gone for a walk when we arrived "just to have a quick walk" but I was actually scouting for nice spots to make sure the pier was a good choice, haha! It was only really when we were about to get onto the pier that I started getting butterflies..

    Anyway, so we walked to the end of the pier and I started steering the conversation to thinking about the future, while keeping an eye out for people nearby as I didn't want loads of people around. Thankfully the pier seemed very empty. We got to the end, I turned around.. and a security guard came over and said we'd walked straight past him and the pier was closed! Sooooo, we started walking back and I was thinking "f**k it, if I don't do it now then the moment is gone", so half way back along the pier we stopped, I started talking about the future and making plans, and Shaz said there is always lots to plan, so while she was looking over the side at the lights along the seafront, I said "well this is how we start", and got down on one knee. She turned around, and I was holding the ring, and asked her.

    Then her mouth hung open for about 20 seconds (or what seemed like it), and started to cry, and I said "so is yer answer yes or no then?!", and the rest is pretty much where you go "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

    That was almost 8 weeks ago now and I'm still walking on air image
  • Aww, these are all so lovely image

    I got engaged in Paris, under the Eiffel tower just after midnight on new years eve! It was the happiest moment of my life so far, but as you can imagine all did not run smoothly! There was heavy snow in Paris that year (2years ago) and we were supposed to fly out on the 30th so we would have a decent amount of time before coming back on the 1st. But as luck would have it the snow meant our flight was cancelled till the 31st at about 6am! I was really upset but H2B looked devestated (I had no idea at this point what he was planning!) Anyway, so we eventually got to Paris and madly dashed around seeing the sights - we covered everywhere on foot in one day! Then it came to the evening, H2B wanted a nice romantic meal but as it was New Year's eve only the most expensive French restaurants were open. Having splashed out on the holiday and the ring this wasn't really what he had in mind! Just when it was looking like McDonalds was the only option we stumbled on a really cute Chinese place. It turned out to be the best Chinese i've ever had (randomly!) and we were just in time to walk to the eiffel tower in time for the fireworks at midnight and proposal image he hovered on one knee (due to the metled snow!) and asked me to marry him. After a few minutes in gobsmacked shock i cried and said yes!

    It was such a whirlwind day but it was perfect in the end xx

  • ours is on here

    under about us!
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    We got engaged on Monday. =D It was my 22nd birthday (13th August 2007), and we were on holiday in the Norfolk Broads. We just got back today, in fact. =P

    Well, it was me, and DF's family. We woke at 6:45am (it's bloody hard to have a lie-in on a boat with tiiiiiiny beds), and I opened all my birthday presents and cards at the dining table in the boat. After all that was over, Alex (DF) asked me if I wanted to go into our cabin and snuggle (nothing sexual - just cuddling in bed). I went into the cabin, and lay on the bed ready to snuggle. He came over, gave me a kiss, and stood up. I was like, "What are you doing? Come and snuggle!" and he kept telling me to, "Come here. Stand up." and then he said it -- "I've got something to ask you."

    I knew right then exactly what his question was going to be. I couldn't believe it was happening, and started shaking all over! I was so nervous.

    He got down on one knee, reached into his pocket, and told me he was shaking. He opened the box (what a gorgeous ring!), and asked, "Will you marry me?"

    By this time, I was beside myself with nerves, disbelief and euphoria. All I could manage was a whispered, "Yes!" before the tears started falling.

    And then we had a lovely chat about how he'd planned everything, and bought the ring. I had been completely oblivious to the whole thing. He hadn't told me, however, that his family knew he was asking me.

    He told me to come out with him to the dining area, so we could tell his parents. So, out we came - and there they were with the camcorder, party poppers, cake, champagne, presents and cards. =) They had changed all the birthday bits (banners and balloons) to engagement bits, as well. It was magical.

    Lord knows what they would have done if I had said no. Haha! After almost 6 years together, there was never much chance of that anyway.
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    Ahhhhh, these are all so lovely. Here's mine. Me and Lee have only been together properly for 10months. We were casually seeing each other 3 years ago, but I moved away (both in army). Bumped into each other again last Jan but didn't start seeing each other as we were both off to Afghanistan! On return from Afghan (21 Oct 06) we got back together and have been joined at the hip since! Valentine's Day this year we went to Paris. I didn't think he'd do it there as everyone was expecting it (even me a little). We'd discussed marriage, kids, etc so he knew I would say yes when he eventually got round to it.

    Sat 25 July 07 he says he's taking me to watch the football (Southampton vs Latzio-mega! Yeah cheers then!) Then we were going out for a meal with another couple we know. After the football we drop our mate Paul off and I get out of the car to go into Paul's house to get ready to go out for the meal. Lee tells me to get back into the car. I had a stinking headache and just wanted to go inside and take a painkiller! So I'm confused and a bit miffed! He then drives us into Southampton. We've stayed at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel a couple of times and say it's "our" hotel. I figured this is where we're headed (we hadn't seen each other for 3 weeks before this day as he was away). Anyway we go into the hotel, up in the lift and he tells me to close my eyes. He's booked a suite in there! It's lovely-massive rooms and a huge balcony. I go out on to the balcony and he joins me with champagne. Then tells me to close my eyes again. Goes back inside, comes out and takes my hand. I was so excited I can't actually remember the words he said. Neither can he cos he was bricking himself! I know it was about how happy I made him and how much he loved me. I opened my eyes, saw the ring and he said he'd be so happy if I agreed to marry him. Naturally I said yes! Cried aloy while hugging him on the balcony. After a few minutes he said "Well are you even going to put the ring on?!" I was so wrapped up hugging him I didn't even have the ring on! Called my mum and dad, Lee had asked dad's permission weeks earlier (how they didn't blab I'll never know!) He'd ordered the ring in May, so I knew he'd properly thought it through. We then went out for a lovely meal in "our" Italian restuarant. This is where he was going to propose but saw the opportunity on the balcony, with the sun out (first time this year!!). Glad he did it like that as it was just us two then, instead of the whole restuarant.

    Still got a massive grin on my face now!

    That's my lovely story.:\)
  • Oh loving all the lovely proposal stories!

    Mine was only a few weeks ago, and still can't believe it really happened. I knew he was taking me away somewhere for my birthday, and had assumed it would be somewhere in England, but only found out when he told me on the eve of my birthday at midnight when we were at a party that in 5 hours time we would be flying toVenice (my dream city where i'd always wanted to go!) I burst into floods of tears of course. We flew to Venice the next morning, got there early afternoon, and by this time I was thinking 'he can't have bought me to Venice and NOT propose, and it's not a special birthday or anything'. However, I was so worried about building my hopes up and then it not happening that I persuaded myself that he wasn't going to do it and then just forgot about it and thoroughly enjoyed the day of wandering round looking at all the beautiful scenery and drinking rather too much wine, and then having a lovely dinner. By the time it got to dusk had totally convinced myself it wasn't going to happen and was just enjoying being in Venice when all of a sudden on the top of the Rialto Bridge he said 'I've got one more birthday surprise for you, and the present is independant of your answer" and produced a beautiful ruby ring (which he had designed and had made for me - and made a 450 mile round trip to pick up a few days before!) and then said "Will you marry me?" Cue me bursting into such extravagant tears that I think some passers by thought I was being attacked! After about 10 minutes of crying I finally managed to say yes please. I still can't believe all the trouble he went to saving up (we don't have much money as bought a house last year) and arranging it all and keeping the whole thing a secret. If I could have wished for my dream proposal that I never thought would come true in a million years then that would have been it. It turned out that he'd been really clever and had been surreptitiously observing and quizzing me about favourite cities/ stones etc for ages without me noticing.!
  • My H2B and i went to Vencie at Easter this year, as i had always wanted to go and never been. We decided to go on a gondola boat and when i think back now to the whole thing i cringe as i was such an idiot! My H2B was setting the scene talking about how romantic the ride was and here was I 'No not really...' I was totally captivated by the architecture, not one bit thinking he was about to set the scene for a proposal. We went under the most important bridge in venice so the gondola man told us and as we passed he said, Alison will you marry me? I will never forget it as he is from New Zealand and as we have been together for the past 4 years I dont really notice his accent but whether it was nerves i dont know he sounded like a total kiwi-which i wouldnt usually pick up on. My response was 'Seriously, seriously?' Thinking he was messing around after much ' Seriously' and 'For reals' i said yes after it finally sunk in. What made it more special was that he had it planned for a few weeks even getting my dads consent without me knowing. So...Now i believe Venice could quite possibly be the city of love.......Seriously! image
  • Hi, Im new to the site but a I have told almost everyone I know about my engagement Its good to know I have someone else who I have not exhausted so thanks for listening

    Well, Since november last year my h2b (that still makes me smile) and myself had booked a week away camping to Newquay, somewhere he absolutely loves. We were so excited and had bought a new tent and all the comforts possible for camping under canvas. As the week drew closer I began getting very worried by the weather reports. It was the week of the floods (Monday) when I looked finally at the weather forcast and realised I needed to make the call to cancel our holiday plans. We were so dissapointed and desperate for a break away. h2b was gutted, so I made it my mission to get us on a cheapie package deal to somewhere/anywhere! I had a terrible two days dodging cons on the internet where they said they could only confirm the holiday on the day of departure, but eventually found one on Teletext to Menorca. I was so happy to just have somewhere although still quite gutted to not be able to use our beautiful new tent.

    We were delayed over six hours at the airport and so did not land untill 10pm. I was starting to get worried about our house back home as the floods were getting worse. It was allocation on arrival and we had to take a coach to the other end of the island to. By midnight we were exhausted and I was near to tears and just wanted to be at home. h2b was so comforting and supported even though he was feeling the same, he continued to be positive.

    How releived I was when pulling up to our hotel. It was lovely and although we were exhausted as soon as we checked in we went out and explored the resort as we were determined to make some use of the almost wasted first day of our holiday.

    For the next few days it was a dreamy mix of snorkling in clear blue waters and visiting historic towns and villages. We completely forgot our trials getting there and I thought there could be no way it could get any better. h2b then asked if he could take me out on a 'date' and not being the brightest of sparks sometime, did not think anything of it.

    We had a day trip to the capital, Mao, and the h2b dragged me to this big old window near the heart of the old area. It was a jewelry shop! The penny started to drop at this point and my palms got very clammy. He looked at me and pointed to a ring near the back. He had found it, straight away, and I started crying. We had talked about getting engaged but I did not expect it at that moment. h2b wanted it to be perfect though and so we did not talk about it but went into the jewellers to have a closer look. It was gorgeous!!! just a single, tensor set brilliant cut solitair set in white gold. Not only that, it was unique, a one of a kind. We did not spend much time deciding and before I knew it it was bought. h2b then send me the impossible task of putting it out of my mind untill he proposed (as he wanted a perfect memory for us)

    July 4th we were booked in for a meal overlooking the Mediteranean Sea which was lovely. I sat nervously waiting for him to get out of his seat and get down on bended knee, but nothing. I was getting more nervous now, thinking maybe he will back out! The cheque came and he paid and we got up to leave. We went down the steps to the beach road and instead of turning right back to our hotel turned left toward the beach. This was it, I knew it. We came round the cove and I realised the sun was close to setting. I could also hear Middle Eastern belly dancers further up the beach at the quiet little tikki bar. He led me over to the rocks by the water and with sandals in hand i sat down. I will never forget how young and boyish he looked kneeling in front of me and nervously smiling. He asked the first time which barely came out of his throat, so he asked a second time. This was soooooo perfect, like had read my mind. I could smell the sea air, hear the sea over the wonderfully exotic middle eastern music and was bathed in the dreamy light only a sunset can give. Of course I said yes, was dying to in fact, and threw my arms around him.

    This was seven weeks and two days ago but I still look at my left hand daily, thinking just how lucky I am. He is so wonderful, keeping my spirits up while having a tough time himself. I only hope I can be there for him as much as he is for me.

    Thanks for listening to me waffle on, Im not much of a writer and do not really do the story jsutice. Sometimes I just want to shout from the rooftops how lucky I am. Good luck to anyone else who has recently become engaged xxx
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    I didn't even say yes when I first was proposed to - talk about taking a girl unaware.

    We got together in the February of 2005 even though we had known each other as friends since 1998. (I was actually still married to my first husband even though we had split up the year before).

    So one day about 2 months after we got together we were just sat talking and he pipes up with 'will you marry me'. I didn't know what to say I really didn't (first time in my life that I have been without words). I mumbled something about asking me again when I turned 40 which was about 18 months away at that time. The poor lad turned crimson and started berating himself about what a fool he must be to think I would even want to - then of course I felt bad that I hadn't said yes or come up with something about how I would love to but it was a bit too soon. A few weeks after that I could tell he was still a bit upset but I had now had time to think about it and I told him that when he asked me when I was 40 that I would say yes. In the January of 2006 we booked our wedding for August 2008 and most people just assumed we were now engaged but we didn't think we were because I hadn't got a ring so a few months before my 40th he said to start looking around for a ring so I found a ring I liked and it sat there in its box waiting for my birthday in the January. But then in the October of 2006 we booked a meal at a nice restaurant and while we were stood in the hallway waiting for the taxi he got the ring and put it on my finger and asked me to marry him and I said yes and thank you for asking and sorry for not saying yes the the first time.

    So not at all romantic really compared to some of these stories.



  • mfootnermfootner Posts: 31
    My h2b started to propose to me whilst we were settling down on the beach in Agonda in India to watch the sun set. He started to speak about how much he loved me & said some beautiful things but then I suddenly spotted a rat running up towards me & started screaming. Apparently it was just at that point that he'd pulled the ring from his pocket but I was so wrapped up in the rat I hadn't noticed! Needless to say he felt the moment had been spoiled & he did it the next night instead whilst we were walking back to our chalet on the beach. Just as wonderful in my eyes & he couldn't have chosen a more perfect spot, bless him!
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Ah they are such lovely stories.

    Well in short, mine secretly booked the Friday and Monday off work for me. I knew to keep the weekend free and knew we would go somewhere and thought it was all for my birthday a week later. Basically I got home on the Thursday night from work, got told that I had to pack, still not knowing we were going on Friday. On the friday morning he woke me up to tell me that I had no work and we were off on an adventure. We drove to Heathrow and I had to guess from the departure board where we were going. After chosing all the local countries I found out we were off to New York. Yeah baby!!! I had been saying the week before that we should book to go there, little did I know we would be going so soon. Had a lovely weekend. On the saturday night we went up the Empire State building where he got down on one knee and I said yes. He had then booked tickets to see The Producers on Broadway which was amazing and then had a lovely dinner and cocktails on the roof of our hotel.

    I really never thought he had it in him, never thought he could have pulled out all the stops and made my dreams come true. Can't wait to marry him now., 4 weeks to go. Whoopie!!

  • hailingukhailinguk Posts: 194
    My H2B took me to NYC in January for my Birthday and we walked through Central Park and found a little bridge with amazing views of the park and we dubbed it 'our bridge'

    He then took me to NYC again in May as a surprise for our 5th anniversary and we went to Central park again. We walked through the park and he took me to our bridge, made a little speech, got down on 1 knee and proposed!

    I cried and called all my family even though it was 2.30am in the UK!

    It was the happiest day of my life so far image
  • My proposal story isnt mind blowing but I liked it! H2b proposed twice...once without and once with the ring! First time we were sitting on the wall drinking tea and chatting outside mog's house and it was so pretty as its on the edge of a mountain with gorgeous fields and the sky was pink in dusk. We were talking for ages then out of the blue he asked me! I was struck silent (for the first time in my life!) and then said yes! The second time was at home here in my flat. we had chosen ring in morning but he kept it all day, I cooked a fab meal, but then my flatmate got home so I had to get her to her room with her bf, then my friend arrived drunk and upset and wanting us to go to pub, I said no as I was cooking! She was then hassling h2b to go! It was all a bit crazy cos we didnt want to tell anyone till I had the ring on! Finally at about 1am we got some peace and he proposed again and put the ring on my finger!

    Now we are getting married in 27 Days and I cant wait!!!

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