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Can hotel weddings still be personalised/DIY?

HI everyone,

I thought it was a barn wedding I wanted, but we viewed a little hotel in the Cotswolds and I fell in love with the setting etc. 

The only thing is I want to do DIY projects and wonder if having it in a hotel would restrict me from doing so? Thinks like bunting etc. Do you think it would? 

The hotel is called The Swan in bibury, and I want a spring wedding so would love a rustic spring DIY theme. 

The function room has been done up and is now blue- do you think that would go with my favourite colour palette of peach, white and mint?! 


  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    You shouldn't have a problem at all! I went to a wedding where the best men were up at 6am hanging the bunting they had made and setting out all their details! But theres a lot of hotel brides on here and it is very commonplace for people to personalise their weddings. The wedding coordinator at the hotel would not be the least bit surprised and should be happy for you to drop things off with instructions for them to set up on the day. For example, a common one is the sweetie buffet and the hotel staff would put the table out, jars out and fill jars for you etc and make it look nice as per instructions image

    Colours - yes!




  • lbarr10lbarr10 Posts: 586

    Definitely, I had a hotel wedding and made my own centrepieces, postbox, signs and other bits and bobs. The hotel were more than happy to put everything out for me. Just make sure that you have everyone clearly organsied to make it as easy as possible for them to get it right.

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    I'm a hotel bride, and I definitely think you can personalise them! We've hired a venue decorator/florist, but the hotel would have been completely happy to let us use our own stuff  - and the decorator is doing everything to our specification anyway, in line with the vision that I have for the day.

    On top of that, I've made all my own stationery (table signs, order of the day booklets, place names, gift bags and tags) in our colour scheme, our own table plan and our own signage to tie everything in too. 

    Even if you're in a hotel - no two weddings are every identical, when you've found the right venue you can definitely get the day that you want.

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I was a hotel bride too and you most definately can personalise your day - and the hotel put everythinig out just as i wanted, so i didnt have the hassle of doing it all myself!

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    Thanks for the reassurance everyone. Pinkafro- LOVE that bouquet!!!

    just looking at a few alternatives, and if nothing does it I will book the hotel. Feeling excited again now image 

  • Hi,

    You wont have a problem at all I'm currently setting up a wedding planning company and have looked at sooooooooo many venues... What ever you choose barn, hotel, marquee... with a little bit of imagination and lots of inspiration from blogs and websites such as pinterest, instagram you can creat a beautiful wedding! 

    Good Luck! X

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