Leez Priory 2013


We have been looking into getting married at Leez Priory, Essex. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the venue, helpfulness of staff, if day went smoothly? 

Many thanks x


  • MikeytMikeyt Posts: 5 New bride

    i was the photographer at a wedding there a year ago and was a guest at a wedding there about 10 years back - I thought it was a *fantastic* location!  Lovely people, everything went beautifully.  

    edited to add - I just remembered there were a couple of tricky staircases, and i'm not sure it'd work as well for a huge wedding party. Beautiful though! 

  • I used to work at Leez Priory and I can officially say that the staff there are incredibly friendly, the food delicious and the venue is gorgeous image I was going to get married there myself image I would recommend it to any one image 

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    I was a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding at Leez Priory. Gorgeous venue, everyone was really helpful and the food was delicious image I think my friend got a good late booking deal too! Good choice image

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