Anybody sending letters to celebrities for best wishes to groom or...

We're both massive Disney folk so we sent invites to Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Cinderella and Prince Charming c/o Disneyworld and got replies / cards / good wishes from them.

I also tried sending to Barack Obama but didn't get anything back - apparently if you're in the US you usually get a response, seemingly they didn't want to spring for international postageimage



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    wifey2b14 wrote (see)

    I read that the president sends congratulation after the wedding has you may still get something image

    I am sending to the Queen & sending out a few letters to celebrities that H2B likes, and to Liverpool fc.


    Can you let me know if Liverpool fc respond my H2B lovesssssss them and would love something from the team but don't wanna send anything yet as our wedding isn't until next year x

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  • My partner is a massive sir Chris hoy fan so I've organized a signed card for him & im also Inviting the queen! X

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    wifey2b14 wrote (see)

    Yes I will report back if I receive anything, it doesn't look like it is likely after I did a bit of googling but hey its worth a try haha x


    Oh I hope they do for you and me otherwise what bores!  We are their support base they should reply haha x

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    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
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    We are going to send invites to Mickey and Minnie too!! X

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    Omg this is a great idea! has anyone gettin any replies back?

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    Hi girls, have a bit of faith in your team!!! When my H2B was on tour in afghan in 2011 I wrote to united and had a signed letter back from Sir Alex! Certainly perked him up!!..... Not sure he would want one off Moyes though hahahaimage

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    We are doing Micky, Barack Obama & the Queen.



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    I should probably also add for those interested, at the same time I wrote to Cheryl Cole, Hollyoaks girls, (he was on tour with army!!) Ricky Hatton, and a few other sporting heroes and only other I got a reply from was David Haye who sent a large signed photo from a fight with a personal message saying "To Jonathan stay safe mate all the best David" which I thought was amazing, espec the message. 

    Word of warning - it took some time to receive, so long he was home and it was nearly Xmas so I saved it as a surprise Xmas day! 

    Also make sure you pay the return postage in advance. 

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    Can anyone get match of day or Alan shearer email. I don't have facebook or Twitter to get it from

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    ooo where did you write to for Micky and Minnie?

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    I've never heard of this. I'd love one from the queen. And the chuckle brothers. And Sean bean. And Matt Damon.

  • i'm so glad i've seen this, its not anything i'd ever thought of but it sounds like a great idea!

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    How do u get a message to queen?

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Invite her or letter requesting wedding message?

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    I researched this a bit after rading the thread and came across and article about a guy who sent over 300 handwriten letters and got loads of replies - then made them into a book for a his bride for the day.

    It got em thinking, if you had the time and the patience to wait for replies (I do not, only 85 days to go!) this could be a really unique table plan idea. You could name the tables after the celebrity on the plan and then display the actualt letter on the coresponding table - in a frame or laminated for protection. It certainly would surprise your guests.

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    I've emailed Spurs and they have replied saying they can't promise anything but they will try to get something out to me from the team.  I offered to send an SAE to return a letter to me but they said the email with the name & address & deadline was fine.  I really hope something arrives...9 weeks til the wedding day!

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    I went to a wedding last year, and the bride got a signed photo from the LFC lads image xxx

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    I hadn't thought to.......but I can think of a few celebs to contact image

  • I did.. I got 4 messages from Hubby's favourite bands.. and read them out during our speechless.. he was pretty impressed..

    took me over a year to hunt contact details down and get replies.. but so worth it.. to see his face when I read them out

  • I have contacted a few of h2b's favourites, i have a reply back from Arsen Wenger, so far.

    Just waiting on 2 or 3 more but if i don't get them at least i have Arsen's message to read out, he will be thrilled.

    All very exciting!


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    We are planning on inviting Mickey & Minnie and my h2b is a massive Chelsea fan so was hoping to post something to them too!

    Did everyone write letters to them or send an invite? I am unsure what to write! x

  • I have sent all emails initially, Arsenal came back and asked me to write a letter to Arsen which i did and got a reply back.

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    MrsH2be2014 - what did you put in the letter? Did you invite him or ask him to pass on best wishes?

  • When Arsenal replied to my email, they asked me to put both bride and groom name in the letter, so he wrote to us both.

    I just asked for best wishes.

    hope that helps.

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    Got a letter back from the queen! woo!

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    MrsH2be2014, who did you initially email at Arsenal? My H2B is also a fan.

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    Sent it near end of jan, wedding was 14th feb n got letter this morning. Was written by lady in waiting just saying tht the queen has asked her to write saying although she couldn't accept invite she appreciated thought and hoped we had lovely day. It's nice that it is to mr and mrs tho! 

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    Sent invite but wrote more in it than just the usual, wedding is at .......

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    Hi JCL1,

    I think i just went through the contact us page on the website, but here is the email address.

    [email protected]

    I had a reply back from Michael Flatley's office yesterday!!! Hes going to send a card!

    H2B is a massive Michael Flatley fan, So i am well chuffed xx

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    Can i ask mrsh2be2014 how did you contact micheal Flatley?




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