Dress shopping!!

when should I buy my dress? I'm getting married in September 2015 and I'm dying to go dress shopping but when is the right time to get the dress? I dont want to get it too soon but I also don't want to leave it too late!! xxx


  • I don't think it's ever too soon. I left mine quite late but that was only because I was terrified. It was an awesome experience though.

    I think it depends on you and if you think you will buy something and then possibly change your mind or want something from the new season. image

    Happy hunting. image

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    I bought mine about 18 months before the wedding date, I hadn't planned to but found one I loved image

    Dresses take on average 6 months to be made and delivered, plus you will want a few weeks for fittings. I wouldn't buy your dress too soon as you might change your mind about the style or find something even better image When you do go shopping I recommend you try on lots of different styles image as it might surprise you image

  • I get married July 2015 & I started dress shopping before Christmas but haven't found anything I've fallen in love with yet. I plan on looking at lots more & hope to go dress shopping again soon. It takes roughly 6 moths for your dress to be ready once you order it but I don't think that includes fittings & any alterations that might need doing. You also have to take into consideration the amount of time & effort it takes to find THE DRESS as well. If you're anything like me, it'll take you forever to find something you really really love. I'm very fussy but I have broken it down, which does help. It also depends on your budget. But generally speaking, wedding dress shopping is such a special & emotional time, it shouldn't be rushed. Right now you have plenty of time so look around, try on as many as possible, take your time & most important of all, enjoy it!! Xx
  • Hi

    Im getting married in April 2015 and got my dress in November last year. It was a sample as had been discontinued in October, It will need alterations as its a few sizes too big. Its never too soon i dont think xx

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    I'm getting married in September 2015 and I put my deposit on my dress on Friday! I just couldn't wait image Happy hunting!

  • i dont think you can ever go to soon, i left mine quite late but thats because we are having a quick engagement and i had a lot to sort with venue etc first, but on the other hand mine came in very quickly, ordered it end of nov and it came in last week image

    i think start sooner than later though and at least you will have a better idea of what you want, everything i thought was the one for me in a magazine when i tried it on it really wasnt, i wanted v front, ruffles, sparkly, tulle or lace ,  long train, and i tried on my dress which is a - line, duchess satin, high neck no sparkly just a simple belt and i knew straight away it was the one. so just shows its not always the one that youve pictured, as the dressed look completly different when they are on yourself.


    good luck dress hunting image  xx

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    imageAgree with MrsGtoBe14.

    I found mine in 2011! I was meant to get married in 2013, but due to financial difficulties and the loss of my Granddad we postponed to this year.

    It's never too early as you've plenty of time to make the right decision rather than rush into something you may later regret.

    When you find the one, you'll know so enjoy searching for it!

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    Thanks for the replies. I didn't realise it could take 6 months for the dress to come. I think I'll start looking at the end of March that way I've got plenty of time incase it takes me ages finding a dress xx

  • It's never too early..

    I started dress shopping in Feb 2011, brought my dress May 2011 for Feb 2013 wedding!! image

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    dress shopping next Saturday have a 2 hour slot booked, don't have a clue what I want just going to go with it and try everything ! princess for a day ????

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    natsxo go for it!! I think I'll try a bit of everything on as I have no idea what will suit me. When are you getting married? xx

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    yeah I just think put me in everything, everyone always says what they want they never come out with, I just know I want lace and feminine as the venue is quite pretty and wouldn't suit a traditional gown x


    august 2015 what about you ?

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    oh I love lace!! But I have no idea what I want which I guess is a good thing as I'll be open minded. I'm getting married september 2015, seems so long away xx

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