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Booking a Registra Help please

Hi All,


I was wondering for those of you who are having civil ceremonies and getting married outside of the borough you live in, how did you go about booking a registra to conduct the ceremony? Im so confused. Can you book the registra before giving notice?


  • Hia we live in reading but am getting married in Wales, we have provisionally booked the registrar and will give notice in reading in april when we can 'confirm' our booking in Wales if that makes sense! I phones the registry office and they were very helpful x x 

  • Great, thanks Aimee. I think Ill give them a call tomorrow. Do you need to pay upfront to provisionally book?

  • We paid a deposit of £75 I think then the rest to be paid at the meeting a few weeks before image they'll answer all your questions if you give them a ring, ours were fab x x 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Aimee has it spot on image

    Yep you will need to pay a fee to the office covering the area where your getting married to reserve the time and date. The area we are getting married in charged £100 and there is another £385 to pay 6 weeks before.

    We then gave notice at the local registrar office and that was the better part of £100.

    If I remember correctly the area we are getting married in booked the date for us, but asked for confirmation we were booked in to give notice locally, I will say we had less than 9 months to go to our big day, so didn't have to wait until the window to give notice opened. I think some places its 12 months before your wedding day, but do check with your local office.

    After you have given notice there is a blue slip, I think that's what it is called that's sent on to the other one, the one we gave notice gave the option for them or us to send it on, we opted for them to but I will be checking this week that was done!

    I will add all the registrar office staff I dealt with on the phone and via email have been great.

  • Hi

    We have also done this.

    We have booked our ceremony provisionally with the registrar based in the area we plan to get married. We then had to give notice in the area we live in. The area we live in will issue us with marriage authorities, fifteen days after our notice has been displayed in the local registrars office, which we need to send to the registrar where we hope to get married. I hope that makes sense. image

  • Thanks girls, thats helped a lot, I was getting all in a muddle about it, Ill give them a call tomorrow image

  • I'm getting married in Northumberland but live in London, we booked by calling Northumberland council and paid £30 to book the time and date we want to get married (beware there was only 3 times slots left for our date and that was 14 months before we get married!!!) then you give notice where you are living but within 12 months of your wedding date, you can't give notice more than a year in advance, this costs £35 each and we have to pay £395 closer to the wedding, it seems different areas have different prices so maybe look on the website of the area in which you are getting married? 

    Just another thing for yes to get confused about!! 

  • All booked for 2:30! Eeek. Seems a bit more real now! haha £470

  • It feels really real when you are sat giving your notice. Many congratulations on getting it booked! image

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