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I want to get married in January 2015 so probably need to get on booking a venue! Has anyone ever been a guest at or been married at Missenden Abbey? Would love thoughts. It seems quite reasonably priced and quite quirky but would welcome thoughts on how good it is for photographs, food etc. Starting to panic!


Thank you!


  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Hi Bdee,

    Have you visited Missenden Abbey?  I am getting married just around the corner from Missenden Abbey at a place called Hampden House.

    We visited Missenden Abbey after we booked our venue to have a look at accommodation as Hampden does not have hotel rooms, and we were dissappointed. Its main area was quite nice, however the rooms in the new block were not very nice at all and the manager/event staff were rude to us when showing us around.  

    We have our guests staying at The Crown in Old Amersham which isnt too far away. The Crown are now available to hold weddings (they werent when we were booking) so you could look there? Its really quaint and one of the rooms was where 4 weddings and a funeral was filmed.

    Im sure Missenden Abbey would be fine for photographs and people will only be in the room to sleep, but it was just a bit underwhelming really and some of the bedrooms were classed as doubles...but they defo werent!

    Hope you find somewhere and Im sure if you go for Missenden Abbey would will have a wonderful day.

    Just my opinion

    I would strongly advise you go and see the rooms yourself. xxxxx

  • Mrs T2BMrs T2B Posts: 129

    Oh wow, we looked at Hampden House...such a beautiful venue, was our runner up in our short list.

    There are so many beautiful venues around that area, we are getting married at the Pavilion at Lane End as you can get married outside there (perfect for our August wedding). We didn't look at Missenden Abbey but I would definitely recommend going to see a whole load of venues before making your decision as ones we thought we'd like were quite disappointing

    Good luck x

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    The pavilion is stunning. I can see why you want to get married outside in those beautiful grounds. 

    Theres so many gorgeous places in Buckinghamshire. x

  • DeebyDeeby Posts: 33

    Thank you both for your suggestions, really helpful. I think I'm going to go with it as there is so much space to do what we want with and the grounds are beautiful. I'll just advise everyone that the accomodation is pretty basic! x

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Hi Bdee, yes, people are barely going to be in their rooms and they are basic, but who cares? I have stayed at basic accommodation for weddings and never really thought about it. Youre right, the grounds and main building will be so pretty. How exciting that youve chosen your venue!  Thats such an exciting part of the whole wedding planning! xxxx

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