Land to hold wedding


me and my fiancé are in need of help finding some nice land to hold our wedding in merseyside or around that area. We are fortunate enough that my uncle has a tipi company and is letting us  have one so we just need to find some land to erect it. 

we have recently been to a farm and looked about holding it there. It was a nice farm but we would be grateful of any other ideas as we would have to bring our own toilets, generator etc

Any ideas would be great these can be farmland, golf clubs, cricket clubs etc.




  • Have you tried contacting any local campsites? Some of the slightly higher charge per pitch ones have really nice toilet facilities and then there would be the option for guests to pitch up and stay Over? Might be an option to consider if you are open to that. Sort of thing? Xxx

  • No to be honest didn't even think of a campsite. Ideally we would like somewhere with some nice gardens. But a lot of places won't just hire the land as they want you to hire the marquee off them aswel. We're as we have our own tipi.

  • Might still be worth a look I know we have some beautiful ones near me. One has alpacas and peacocks and is stunning.  Not sure whether it's something local councils would let you do in a nice park or something they have if there are any with toilet facilities? Again may be a long shot but could be worth looking. I hope you find something xx

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