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         We are getting married in April at Ludlow  UK Registry Office.Please  dont think us selfish, but we dont want any guests,  just go to the registry office,  get married, then leave, But that leaves us with a problem of having no witnesses. Does anyone know of a company/agency that offers this service? I have been searching the internet for several days now.Any ideas/suggestions freatly appreciated. Thankyou Delilah             





  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Can't imagine so as it's meant to be people who know you're you etc but worth a look I suppose. Get someone passing on the street or in a local restaurant or something. 

  • On the "births, deaths and marriages" tv programme this week it showed a couple at the London registry office and they just grabbed two people off the street....the registrars knew it I think and it didn't cause a problem. 

    I love Ludlow (I lived in Shrewsbury until recently) image

  • Thsnkyou very much for your replies.

    The witness do not have to know you at all.  What they do is witness that you have gone into the marriage contract of your own free will.  We have considered just hoping there will be someone passing by on the day willing to sign for us, but we are thinking that may be a bit risque and we may not actually be able to get married at all.  I am more than willing to pay for this service.  Looking at other forums, it seems that alot of people wish to also do this, so I reckon there is a market for it.  On our initial enquiry, we were told the venue may change, as the council are looking to move the registry office, but that if it stayed in the same place, we would be able to have the receptionists sign as our witnesses.  I held back our booking until the venue was confirmed, and then booked it.  I have since been told that only the registrar will now be in attendance at the building as the staff have been moved, so that leaves us with a problem if I cannot find witnesses as I may have to cancel my wedding.




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    Are the staff still located reasonably close to the registry office? I wonder whether it's worth requesting that the receptionists still act as your witnesses as originally planned, if you haven't enquired as to whether that's feasible already? You could even offer to pay them for their trouble! I guess it depends on how many staff there are and whether they'd need to close the office.

    Do you and your partner plan on going for a celebratory meal after the ceremony? A hotel/ pub/ restaurant may be willing to provide a couple of witnesses for you.

    Or how about asking your florist or hairdresser?

    I hope you find a solution xx

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    Good suggestions from Jodielou!  I'm sure you'll find some people image

    In relation to a possible business venture into a witness providing service, I'm wondering whether there would be legal issues surrounding paying somebody - could it be interpreted as a bribe to say that they entered into the marriage willingly when they didn't?


  • I'm sure there will be willing people. Ludlow is so friendly....why don't you go into one of the family run shops there in advance, explain your predicament, and ask if they would be prepared to be your witnesses on the day. Find the right people and I think they would love it! I would. image  Wish I was still in Shrewsbury, I would get a friend to join me and be there myself! Do they have a wedding shop there?....they should be up for it. 

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