Help with engagement ring please!!!!

I am planning on proposing to my partner of 10 years in April and am looking for an engagement ring. She has told me before her dream ring is one like the Tiffany Legacy engagement ring, which is a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by bead-set diamonds design (I have attached a link).

As much as I would love to buy her this ring it is a little!! outside my price range, around £1500- £2500. I live in the Nottingham city area if anyone knows of any jewellers that can make a ring similar to this or if anyone has a ring similar to this where did you get it from?

Thank-you in advance for replies, your help is much needed


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    It could be worth making a trip to Birmingham jewellery quarter- I'm sure a few other ladies on here will be able to point you in the direction of the best/ most helpful jewellers there. Might be worth emailing a couple of them (with the link posted above) first and asking for their advice? Good luck with it image 

  • I haven't used them personally, but found this:

    (If it doesn't work, go to and look under engagement rings vintage)

    Hope it helps!

  • There is a website called my H2b found it and I was a little (ok a lot) dubious about getting one off a website without seeing it first, however after reading customer reviews and feedback about what there rings are like we are in the process of buying one from there. They don't have a mark-up on the rings that shops put on and you pay about 25% less than what you would pay for the shops. Worth a look.  

    If not I live in Nottingham but much prefer the jewellers in Derby, you have Beaverbrook's and Ernest and jones in Westfield and Goldsmiths just outside.

    happy huntingimage

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    I can highly recommend Goldfinger ring makers.  They do home visits pretty much anywhere in the UK and are a super helpful & reasonably priced family run business.  We got our wedding rings from them and several of my colleagues have used them too.

    My engagement ring was made as a one off design which sounds expensive but is wasn't.  I got it made in Guernsey by a father/ daughter jewellery makers called Rocks.  Also worth a try...good luck!

  • i agree with FutureMrsCrease i got my ring from blue nile, the cost is the same for a smaller diamond (0.4) but its bigger (0.73) and very good clarity etc - good quality but cheaper!

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    If its about the look rather than the diamonds then take a look at moissanite , I am a jewellers daughter and opted for a moissanite ring over a diamond one.

    The style looks like a pretty classic one I am sure you will be able to find somewhere that will do it in your price range. I went for moissanite purely because to get a comparable ring made with diamonds I would have been scared to wear it, it would have cost more than the wedding!

    I have to admit my dad sells moissanite, so I can point you in the right direction if she doesn't have to have diamonds, to be honest the only way you can tell the difference is will a special detector! My mum had the Faberge shop on a cruise ship falling over themselves to help her, we didn't tell them her rings were moissanite not diamonds image

  • Definitely They have amazing customer service and will help you get your perfect ring in your budget. My other half surprised me with my engagement ring (never in my wildest thoughts did I think he'd choose it as I'm very 'Monica') having spoken to the guys there about my general style and they helped him choose the most perfect and unique ring. They are based in the Cotswolds (having left Birmingham jewellery quarter) but I know they deliver all over the country. Honestly worth a try. Good luck - and lucky lady!

  • I have a Tiffany ring which H2B thought he wouldn't be able to afford but when he went on the website there is a number to call to speak to a diamond specialist who takes details of price range and ring style and then provides a list of available rings for you to choose from. Alternatively a girl at work has a similar style ring to the one you posted a link to and she got it from the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. It was made to order and cost less than the Tiffany version x

  • My ring is a similar style and was from beaverbrooks.  They have loads if nice ones and you can usually haggle to get a couple of hundred knocked off the displayed price!  

    Something like this this is really similar and in your price range once you've haggled a bit:

    Have a look on other high street jewellers websites will probably find it cheaper than having one made.

    Good luck! x

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    FutureMrsCrease wrote (see)

    I haven't used them personally, but found this:

    (If it doesn't work, go to and look under engagement rings vintage)

    Hope it helps!

    My OH got my ring from Blue Nile. So, so beautiful and much cheaper than he could've got it on the high street. The valuation we got with it values it at about £700 more than he paid for it! 

    The good thing about them is that you choose your setting and diamond separately, you can choose the exact diamond. So to bring it more into your price range you can alter the size, colour, cut, clarity or polish a little bit - only diamond experts would notice some of these things and you can save a bit that way. My OH said he went for cut and polish overall as those are apparently the most noticeable - I have a 0.5 carat round diamond on a band with 12 princess cut diamonds in and I love it to bits image. He said there is so much advice and explanation on the site too, to help you make a decision. He became a bit of a diamond expert from all his research!

    We have since got our wedding rings from them as well; couldn't recommend them highly enough. Ordered OH's wedding ring on the Tuesday afternoon and it arrived from America by FedEx the next day, free postage! 

    How about this one?

  • We also used Goldfinger and they have been great although home visits might be harder to disguise if it is a surprise!

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    Thanks for all the quick and positive replies all... I have to loads to research now. I have seen one at Goldsmiths what do people think?


  • Oh wow, that's beautiful!

  • Gorgeous!!!! Get it! x

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    I think it's gorgeous, but I definitely reckon you could get one custom-made much cheaper.

    As well as Birmingham jewellery quarter there's also The Ring Workshop in Oswestry and even independent goldsmiths more local to you.  The mark-up on engagement rings sold in high street jewellers is ridiculous- if you visited somewhere like The Ring Workshop you'd be able to select the actual diamonds, which I guarantee would be far superior in quality image

  • Worth bearing in mind that white gold requires maintenance as it's not naturally silver-coloured (obvio!) It might be worth seeing if you can create a similar ring for a similar price in platinum or palladium, otherwise you face re-plating every 5 years or so. (Not that it's expensive, but I know how I felt about parting with my ring for a week for re-sizing! I wouldn't want to do that regularly!) Just a thought. (It is a lovely ring though - I'm sure she'd love it.)

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    The Goldsmiths ring is lovely image  If you wanted platinum instead, every high street jewellers I spoke to said you could get any of the rings made in whatever metal you like, but obviously this would push the price up!

  • There's a very useful guide here with lots in a lower price range. If you know she likes the white gold petite one then perhaps #12?

  • I know it's not in Nottingham, but Hatton Garden in London? My fiance got my ring from Anais Rose there. I was in love with the Tiffany Grace and my fiance and the lady there designed almost the same ring with a few lovely changes so it's unique! I absolutely love it image



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    Ohhhh I loove the goldsmiths one!! 

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    My friend had an engeagement ring made at the jewellery quarter in B'hm near enough the same as that and it cost her £2,700. I dont know the diamond size but it was in platinum.

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    Would recommend going to an independent jewellery maker. We are gettinf our weddings rings made and while not the intention, they worked out much better value than a brand but much better quality than the high street. 

  • For engagement rings visit rings are available here and even you can have bracelets and diamond necklaces  also.

  • Again I'd recommend going to an independant place and getting it made, my fiance did that and it's amazing knowing that no-one else will ever have the exact same ring as mine as they designed it together - it makes it really special


    Good luck!! x

  • I'd say you've got a few options:

    - Buy second hand - eBay prices for engagement rings are often about 1/4 or 1/2 of retail prices, even if they've only been worn for a week. Some independent jewellers have second hand section, and Preloved is also worth a look. I favour eBay as the search filters are very useful.

    - Buy online - as others have suggested, you'll find the cheapest prices online. High Street jewellers do come close to competing on price, but only really when they have a good sale on. Their reduced prices are often the same or slightly higher than online only retailers

    - Try a few downgrades - it is obvious if you buy a smaller carat diamond, but 9 carat and 18 carat gold visually look very similar. Also, you'll pay a lot more for a higher clarity ring with fewer imperfections. A jeweller can tell the difference under a magnifier, but most people are less expert! 

    - Consider importing from the USA - You'll pay about 22% in taxes and customs fees, but some online prices are very cheap.

    - Save money by not getting a grading certificate - I'd only do this if I trusted the seller, but bear in mind that £50 - £100 of the price you are paying could be for a certificate that will sit in a drawer forevermore.


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