July 2015

Anyone else getting married in July? How far along is everyone?



  • Gemma JonesGemma Jones Posts: 355
    Hi MrsB2be!! image I'm a July 2015 bride. We've set the date (17th July). Booked & paid the deposit for the church (Organist & Registra are included in the price). My sister is MOH & OH's 2 sisters are bridesmaids. We have 2 pageboys, our beautiful little boy & nephew. We've asked my sister's partner to be an usher & my OH's dad is best man. Our colour scheme is navy & silver with hints of ivory & a heart theme. Booked & paid deposits for DJ, caterers & decorations. A family friend's doing flowers & invitations. Booked the cars & photographer. Chosen the design for the cake. Bought all our favors from Amazon & have packed them away safely. Bought silk rose petals to use as confetti. Started looking at bridesmaid dresses & suits. I've made lots of lists / spreadsheets of everything that needs doing, expenditure, etc.. This is just so that I stay organised & know exactly what I'm doing. We've paid the reception venue in full & aim to pay the church off bit by bit to spread the cost. I've just ordered my dress, tiara & jewellery.. Eeeekk!! image We're in the process of writing out a playlist for the DJ at the moment. We still need to go over the table / seating plan but we have got a rough copy of the guest list. But everything's coming together nicely & we're on target with our budget!! image Xx
  • Gemma JonesGemma Jones Posts: 355
    How about you?? image Xx
  • Hey we are July 25th so very close! I have booked church, venue, photographer, cake, venue decorating, favours, make up and car think apart from flower most the big things are booked. Going dress shopping  in the summer. So hopefully I will find one I like. You sound so organised. We need suits as well but a lot of ours will be in their uniform to only need two I think. I'm just sure I'm going to forget to book something! Xxxx 

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505
    Wow you girls are super organised! Ive not done that much and im getting married in august this year.
  • I'm a bit to organised in general I'd be a nightmare if it wasn't all done. Oops!

  • I'm 4th July image

  • So far I have booked my venue, church, photographer, videographer, stationery, entertainment, DJ, Chair covers and insurance.

  • Wow. Glad to see I'm not the only one who had lots booked. What are your colours?

  • Sounds like the wedding plans are going well.  If anyone is looking for some moder, fun and quirky wedding stationery designs then check out Elsie May Designs as they may have what you are looking for.

    Jo x 



  • ajdjajdj Posts: 12

    We are 25th July 2015 image

    We have booked the church, reception venue and photographer so far.

    Quite relaxed about everything for now. Will start to think about save the dates next, to go out in August and will then start thinking about other things.

    OH is currently looking at bands. We have the option of a very reasonably priced DJ through the reception venue though, so not sure if we will go with a band or not.

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    I'm 4th of July! Date twin with mickeyandminnie. It's my dads birthday so it means a lot to me image 
    We have our Reception venue, ceremony, my dress, photographer, my mum is making bridesmaid dresses closer to the time, my auntie is making invites, h2b mum is doing flowers, hair and make up is booked, car is booked, draping is booked and I think that's it until closer to the time image 

  • EllieTeaEllieTea Posts: 25

    Hi ladies. Our date is set for 18th July. I have booked the venue and registrar, DJ and photographer. We're in the process of talking to a videographer. I've found a dress but haven't ordered it yet. I think I'll do it soon though, I'm just nervous in case I change my mind!

  • nice to see some July 2015 bodes all sounding dead organised. Can't believe how quickly this year is going though. People are right. Time flies  I'm going dress shopping in the summer as I agree with Ellie id change my mind otherwise hehe xxx

  • & yay I have a date twin xx

  • ajdjajdj Posts: 12

    Yay- date twins MrsB2be xO!

    We booked the band today! Well- they are 2 guys doing an acoustic set for us and then sorting out the DJing after. The acoustic set up will suit our venue better and its worked out better with our budget too!

    how far in advance are people sending save the dates out? We were thinking beginning of September, is this about right?

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    I thought the rule with save the dates was a year before? We can't decide if we want to do save the dates or not. We are having 65 people which is just close family really and they already know so I think we might not bother with them :/

  • I agree with MrsK I think it is about a year however I have already sent mine as I got a little bit too excited and just sent them! I am doing flowers over the Easter Holidays so it is all coming together, two of my friends have just got married so I have stolen lots of ideas and picked up somethings that you really just don't need in my opinion. 

  • I'm 31st July image SOOO excited! We have booked ceremony & reception which includes catering etc and last weekend we booked our car. I feel dead behind after reading this! I made a list last night which stressed me out but thought I have ages to go but now I've seen this I'm thinking I should get a move on!

    Anyone got any tips for invitation companies or places for bridesmaid dresses?! I'm only having my sister as bridesmaid which makes it so much easier as she can pretty much choose her dress as long as it's in our colour scheme!

    I'm excited there's this forum so I can follow everyone else's progress! Best get a move on myself!

  • Hello All!

    Just booked the registrar and going to put the deposit on the venue tomorrow!! So excited!
    Apart from that i've done nothing


  • Hey ladies. It seems you have the important things booked though image welcome to the club. So what are your ideas/ colours? Nice to see more and more of us joining, the days are slipping away which is scary. 


    Katherine x

  • Sparkle15Sparkle15 Posts: 132

    Hello my Lovely July Brides.

    I am getting married 18th July  2015 and I am so excited. My Date Twin is Ellie Tea image

    My Wedding Theme is Lavish Coral = Coral Blush and Gold


    I glad that I am not the only organised bride.

    The planning process has been smooth so far, but I think this due to the amount of time I have given myself to plan.

    So Far I have booked the Church, Reception, Venue Stylist, Videographer, Florist, Make Up Artist, DJ. Currently deciding on my Photographer, Caterer, Cake, Transport.

    I really would like to finalise all major things, before the end of this year, so far it looks like this will happen way before then.

    I look forward to hearing about everyone's progress.

    Heaven xxx

  • MrsB2be xOMrsB2be xO Posts: 35

    Hey and welcome, it is lovely to see another July bride.

    My plan is to have everything done by September, mainly because I start my final year at uni which will take over my life, as well as planning a move to Scotland so busy busy.

    We have everything booked, although I am sure I have missed something, there just isn't a definitive list.

    I love your colours! 

    I just have the exciting part of my dress left, roll on August. Anyone else got their dress? 

    Katherine xo

  • Sparkle15Sparkle15 Posts: 132

    Thank You for the warm welcome MrsB2be

    Yes, I am sure something will crop up out of nowhere, the planning never ends.

    Aww!! THE DRESS, I can’t wait to go Dress Shopping. Once I have booked everything as yourself, I will be looking for wedding apparel.  But I do have a style in mind and I have been researching, so I am prepared for when the search begins.

    Have you found the dress you want?

  • MrsB2be xOMrsB2be xO Posts: 35

    I've tried not to look and have to much of an idea. I am planning to go dress shopping in the summer holidays, bonus of working in a school - 6 weeks off!


    Any more plans made? 



  • Amber BirdAmber Bird Posts: 10

    Eeee! *waves* Hello fellow July 2015 brides!

    We're all booked for July 17th (my 26th birthday eek!) Our venue is booked, (Alnwick Treehouse - so it will be rustic/vintagey themed!) Photographer is booked, registrar is booked, favours are in hand, me & my mum are making the cake.

    Dress - I'm still in the process of deciding. Rings are chosen just need to be bought, 2 MOH's have been informally asked image Pretty much on target/timescale with it all. Flowers and invites I'm doing myself. Eeek! It all seems a little more real when you write it all down!


  • Hannah1989Hannah1989 Posts: 27

    hi all,  looks like everyones very organised!

    i'm getting married 13th July 2015. So far we have the venue, dress, photographers, bridesmaid dresses, DJ, sweet cart for the sweet buffet, centrepieces, postbox  hire for the cards! 

    I am so impatient but I'm sure the time will fly by. Has anyone started on their save the dates yet? X

  • MrsBailey2beMrsBailey2be Posts: 302

    Wow everyone is so organised! We're getting married 4th July 2015 (2 date twins here so far I think?!) We've only booked the venue, photographer & 'reserved' registrar (not confirmed until we give notice within 12 months of the wedding) Feel like I'm a bit behind now!! eeeek!

  • MrsB2be xOMrsB2be xO Posts: 35

    Lots more of us on here now. I've already sent my save the dates as I couldn't wait any longer. X

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    I've just sent my save the dates last week, wasn't going to do them but I got them for free image 
    Since my last post we have only booked giving notice in August, bit of a nightmare we live in Scotland and want to get married in England so need to live in England for nine days before we give notice. 

  • Sparkle15Sparkle15 Posts: 132

    Hello My Lovelies

    Welcome Amber Bird / Hannah 1989 / Mrs Bailey2be

    MrsB2be would love to hear how your dress shopping goes, from reading threads some women have had some nice experiences.

    Amber Bird wow what a double treat or triple if we include the honeymoon. Looks like you a very DIY bride I can’t bake to save my life.

    Hannah 1989  Yes! I am making my own save the date on Photoshop nearly finish the design, hopefully will sent them out next month.

    MrsBailey2be no you are not behind, it’d not a race just a journey. Everyone find the right supplier and different times. Right now I’m still trying to find the right Photographer and Caterer.

    2015Bride2 I thought you was going to say nine months lol

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