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Anyone having a themed wedding?

Hi everyone, 

My partner proposed with an amazing ring which had a vintage/20s/great gatsby look to it and I know I want to have a wedding with a bit of a twist so I have been thinking about having a 20s theme. However I'm worried that how I imagine it to be and what it will actually be will be 2 different things. I'm thinking vintage style dress and grooms suit and Art Deco decorations, I've also found a 1920s themed hotel which has a gorgeous ballroom decked out in that style with a themed cocktail bar and giant martini glasses provided for table centre pieces. I would have the ceremony there too if we choose it, but is it all too much??


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    The 1920's hotel sounds amazing! Personally, I would just stick to Art Deco decorations and stationery etc., but I'd steer clear of 20's clothing and just pick a dress you love/ feel amazing in- you and your groom don't want to feel like you're going to a fancy dress party on your wedding day, but that's just my opinion xx

  • AmyAmyAmyAmy Posts: 8

    thats what I didn't want it to feel like! It looks great when you see it in magazines but in reality it might just look a bit cringey! The dress I was thinking of would be Lacey long sleeves ( I have a large tattoo on my arm that I'd rather have a little covered up) which I think fits but it's not too much. Plus I reckon I'd have fight on my hands with the bridesmaids getting into 20s dresses haha xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Your dress sounds lovely- vintage feel, but not too much like you say. Hmmm... flapper dresses aren't the most flattering, unless your bridesmaids are all very slim and tall with great arms and legs! You could still have some subtle touches though, like 20's-style headpieces etc. xx

  • Letty LouLetty Lou Posts: 219

    You can do it subtly, so with the stationary & decorations & then with clothes you can compliment the theme, so basically don't have anything too modern! We are having a 1930's Hollywood glamour wedding & trying hard not to make it tacky! Xx

  • AmyAmyAmyAmy Posts: 8

    That sounds gorgeous...big hair, red lipstick! Yeah I think a nod towards that era is just enough, I don't want to recreate a period drama...  Xx

  • Im wanting a 1960's themed wedding as I love tea-length dresses and 60's hair and makeup! As long as you love the era and you love your dress, it wont feel tacky image

  • AmyAmyAmyAmy Posts: 8

    I love tea length dresses, they are so girly and flattering, plus you get to show off your shoes! image x

  • I love Art deco era.. stunning..


    It can be so classy..

    As for yours, grooms attire I would just go with what you fall in love with.. rather than just going with period costume to fit the theme myself..

  • hf1989hf1989 Posts: 416

    We're also having a 20s themed wedding as we're both very fond of deco design (our house is becoming like a museum!). We didn't want to go too far and are sticking mainly to the décor as I don't want to have to choose my dress around a theme. I think H2B may be opting for a 20s inspired suit, but he's keeping it a secret. Initially we thought of asking guests to dress up but felt that people wouldn't spend a lot of money of outfits (rightly so) so we'd end up with a bunch of guests in tacky ebay bought outfits. There's so much you can do without going over the top...

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    You can definitely do it without it being tacky - just as others have said, use that era as your inspiration, not like you're going to a fancy dress party.  I think a 1920s styled wedding would be beautiful image

    All I would say (and it sounds like you've already thought about this) is don't sacrifice on things you want because they don't go with the theme!

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