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Ipswich Brides?

I'm getting married in Ipswich and despite being on this forum for over a year I haven't come across any other Ipswich brides ... until now.

There seem to be a few about so I'm curious as to when and where you're getting married, which suppliers you are using and how your planning is going.

My wedding is 12 July 2008.

We are having the ceremony at St Mary at Stoke Church in Ipswich follwed by the reception at Belstead Brook hotel.

Other things I have sorted out are:

Car - a family friend has a Jaguar we are using

Florist - a family friend who works in a florist but is doing it on the side for cheaper

Disco - Cutting Discos (again a friend so they are doing us mates rates)

My dress - Maggie Sottero's Lavina

Photographer - Mike Kwasniak

We have also chosen our bridal party which will consist of

2 best men

4 ushers

3 bridsmaids

1 pageboy

I think thats all we've done for now but I may have forgotten something! :\)

Oh and we are now looking at honeymoons but struggling to decide where to go!

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  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    Hi Samantha Louise!

    I am a fellow Ipswich bride!!!'ll see a few of us on another thread, I think it was entitled 'Make up artists in Ipswich' under the 'hair and make up' section. Good to see another Ipswich bride on the forum! I'm always logged on during work hours....I do a bit of work and then come on here for a browse!! Just hope the boss never finds out!!!

    Well, I am getting married on Dec 08th 2007...142 days and counting! We are getting married in Walton Church in Felixstowe as that's where we both grew up and then having our reception at Haughley Park Barn in Haughley near Stowmarket

    This is my dress...also a Maggie!!

    It arrives in September...I can't wait!!

    We've got most things sorted now, we need to start writing the invitations soon as I want to send them out early September.

    We're heading off to The Maldives for our honeymoon

    I'm almost as excited about that as I am about the wedding!

    I have to do some work now (damn it!) but I'll post later or tomorrow with some more details.

    Where abouts do you live? x

  • Hi Samantha Louise,

    Lovely to hear from another Ipswich B2B. I put a request on the make-up forum and found a few Ipswich B2Bs - the last posting was at the end of last week I think so you can check it out and see what we've been writing about. It's really nice to know that there are quite a few of us in Ipswich :\)

    I'm actually getting married in the same church as you on 26th April 2008, but we're having Woolverstone Hall for our reception.

    Car - haven't decided this one yet but thinking about having a London type Black Cab

    Florist - still making enquiries (can you recommend anyone?) I'm doing the table centres myself.

    Disco - haven't even started looking yet as we can't decide whether to have a disco or a band

    Photographer - Little box of memories

    Dress - Maggie Sottero Ltd Edition Luella but unfortunately there are no pictures anywhere due to the fact that it is a ltd edition. It's really bad as I keep wondering whether I've got the right dress since ordering it a month ago!!

    Our bridal party so far:

    2 x Bridesmaids

    1 x Best Man

    I'm leaving making other decisions on who else to ask until nearer the time - depending on who shows an interest and wants to help us :\)

    Don't think we're going to be able to afford a honeymoon or fit one in as we're planning on immigrating to New Zealand 2-3 months after our wedding. I think I must be mad planning to immigrate at the same time as getting married but at least life won't be dull :\)

    Lovely to chat, keep in touch

  • slkingslking Posts: 236
    Hi Jessica

    Your venue looks stunning!

    I picked Martina as one of the dresses I liked before I went to any shops but I don't think they had it in the shop I looked in.

    We looked at the Maldives for our honeymoon too because I love the water villas but unfortunately July is their rainy season image I have now set my heart on Tahiti but it looks like its going to be too expensive. image

    I live in Ipswich near Tesco Copdock, what about you?

    I'm the same as you coming on during work hours. My boss will wonder how I've suddenly become so efficient once the wedding is over! image


  • Hi Jessica,

    I think we're two peas out of the same pod - we always seem to be on here during working hours image We must have been writing our responses at the same time almost!

    Are you doing your own invitations or have you bought some? I can't really decide what to do but I'm finding that the bought ones are sooo expensive.

    I think we should have an Ipswich meet and get all the B2Bs together for a drink one evening. We can then talk about weddings all night long :\)


  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    Just seen your reply's girls - can't chat as have to go to meeting but the idea of an Ipswich meet is fab! Let's get our diarys together and sort a date. Be good to meet you all!

    Carol - we must be peas ina pod! Strange huh??

    I'll check back in later x
  • slkingslking Posts: 236
    Hi Carol

    I'll have a look on the makeup forum at some point, I still have to decide on that myself!

    I'm usually on here once a week for a real catch up but every now and again during work for bits and pieces but I'm catching up from about a month ago from when I went on holiday, its taking ages to get through all the posts!

    As we're in the same church I might end up seeing you at the marriage prepartion in January! When we booked the church they said all the summer 2008 brides would be contacted in January with the details. Woolverstone Hall looks lovely.

    I'll have to see if our florist does other work on the side or just friends and let you know. Other than that if I wasn't having her I wanted Kaye Souter, I have seen her at loads of wedding fairs and her work is beautiful and she's really friendly too.

    Little box of memories were my first choice for our wedding but they were booked on our date even though we enquired over 2 years in advance.

  • slkingslking Posts: 236
    A meet sounds great!

    Its lovely to have other Ipswich ladies to chat too because loads of other brides have people from the same area but the closest I had found before was Colchester.

    Sam :\)

  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    Hello....I'm back!!

    Metting was very dull indeed!

    Carol I've got my invitations from here....

    They came as a recommendation from someone on here actually and they are very good. A lot of their stuff is a pile of poo but we got 50 day, 50 night and 50 order of service for about £50! We just couldn't justify the £150 + that we'd found elsewhere and didn't want to make our own. Ours are very simple (they aren't on the website anymore I don't think but they just have 3 red hearts vertically down the card and our names and wedding date on the bottom in silver) they are worth a look otherwise Vistaprint looked good - you can upload your own picture onto invites and they were all good prices too. Some of the ladies on here have mentioned Dunelm have some ex M&S stock, just plain white invites that you could customise yourself, they were really cheap - maybe worth a look.

    This is my photographer

    We've seen his work and he looks fab.

    Defo up for a meet, just say when you're all free - would we do a weeknight or would it be better to do a Friday or something (in case we have a vino or two!!) or we could meet for lunch one Saturday or something? I'm normally free most evenings apart from Tuesday's and occasional Thursday's when I work in a pub in Felixstowe! (Remember the Half Moon Carol?)

    We'll have to let the others from the make up thread know too! x
  • Sam - Oh dear do we really have to go to the church to for a preparation meeting?? how embarassing :\) Did they give you any information about what we've got to do?

    I've actually got to be 'interviewed' as such as I've been married before so they can't even confirm 100% at this moment in time whether I'm allowed to marry there but the parish office advised that it is just a process that they have to follow and it should be ok. I'm waiting to hear when I'm being interviewed but was told it would be sometime after the main wedding season this September or October.

    Jessica - I keep forgetting about Studio so thanks for the reminder! Do they come already printed or can you print your own bits out for the insides? Ooh where is the Half Moon?? I've been to the Alex a few times and it was in there that me and h2b realised we'd fallen in love :\)

    Anyway definitely need to arrange a meet and get all the Ipswich B2Bs there. The worse thing is that I'm pretty booked up until the beginning of September but could do something that month if everyone else would be ok with that? I think either a Friday evening or Saturday lunch would be good - then we can have a some drinks without worrying about getting up for work :\)


  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    They come already printed so you just fill in the details - my mum is writing ours as she's good at calligraphy! Less for me to do, although I may get her to teach me so I can do some too! Only thing is the order of service is also printed but there's very little room to add all the bit's you'd want in there so we are going to stick some card over that and print our own inserts.

    The Half Moon is in Walton - it used to be the Tap and Spile and is just before the Butchers if you were coming from Trimley (next to the new ish doctors) Thje Alex is probably the only decent bar in Felixstowe and how sweet that it was there that you and H2B realised you were in love! Bless!

    As far as the meet goes - September is fine for me as we have a few things going on in August too. I can do Friday 7th, Saturday 15th, Friday 28th or Saturday 29th at the mo.

    So how old are you all and how long have you been with H2B?

    I am 27, H2B is 30 and we will have been together 2 years when we marry in December. We got engaged last December in New York. We haven't been together that long really but it feels like we've always been together if you know what I mean - it just felt right from the start! Plus we spent a month together in Thailand last year so that accelerated our realationship onto the next level quite quickly really.

    Jessica x
  • I'd love to be able to do calligraphy - you lucky girl having such a helpful mum :\) We saw some invitations in Tescos which were quite nice but they were already printed so we thought the same, about sticking some nice card in there so that we could print our own out.

    Well here goes for the shock value - I'm 35 and h2b is turning 23 this month. I must admit that everytime I say our ages, it sounds like I'm talking about someone else as 22 sounds so young in comparison with my age but we get on incredibly well and he's such a grounded person that he actually acts older then me :\)

    We'll have been together 4 years when we get married. He proposed on our 3 year anniversary this April which was a shock as I thought he was going to propose when we went to Cuba which was a week later but he said he didn't want to do it when I was expecting it.

    That's so romantic, getting engaged in New York. I don't think it matters how long you're with someone, you know yourself how well you get on and whether it feels right and spending a month together with someone is definitely a test as to whether things work between you. Jeez Thailand as well heh, that sounds wonderful - you'll have to tell us all about it when we meet up. You sound like you've both been bitten by the travel bug too, we've been to Italy, Norway, Barcelona and Cuba in the last year - we love traveling! I just want to see as much as I can before we immigrate but money is going to be an issue with the wedding coming up :\)

    I can do Friday 7th or Saturday 15th - shall we put a note on the General Chat for the other Ipswich B2Bs, not sure how best to get their attention? It'll be so nice to meet you and everyone else.

  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    Check you out with your Toy boy! That's fab and age is nothing but a number after all if it's love then it's love regardless of age - I say Good for you!!

    I wa kind of expecting the proposal in New York but H2B was giving nothing away so thought I could be totally way off. Plus H2B is the sort of person to think things through 100 times before doing antything let alone proposing so I thought it might take him longer than a year to pop the question! He booked and piad for New York and that in itself was a bit of a hint as I'd said to him before that I'd love to go to New York at xmas time. Bless him though - he chickened out of asking me a few times for various reasons, (it was too cold or too many people around or whatever) he ended up asking me in our hotel on our last night before we went on a dinner cruise - I was totally shocked but overthemoon...ha ha!!

    We have indeed got the travel bug, I just wish I had more holiday from work...I only get 4 weeks and it's just not enough. We're planning a baby straight after the wedding but if i'm not pregnant by April ish next year then we'd like to take another month and go somewhere...I really want to go to Australia but it doesn't really appeal to H2B.

    It's sooooo exciting that you are emigrating...I know you said in another message about it but can't remember where you said??? Is it to do with one of your jobs or anything? How are the plans coming along for that?

    I think we should do as you said and put a thread on General Chat about our 'meet' for either of the dates you can do. Friday would probably be the best if others can do it exciting, be great to meet you and the others x
  • I can't believe it, I wrote my whole response out and then deleted it, what an idiot. I did the exact same thing yesterday as well :\)

    My sentiment exactly. I found it quite hard at first for some reason, with the age gap, but when I realised that this guy was someone really special and was so right for me, I just had to learn to forget the numbers! I do love to see the reaction on people's faces though when I tell them, it's great :\)

    Oh bless him, how lovely is he! My h2b thought about it for ages, exactly 2 years and 8 months from when he first told me he wanted to marry me. I thought it would never happen!!

    Ooh how exciting, just think by the time I get married in April, you could be expecting a baby! I can't leave it too much longer as I'm clocking up the years. We'd like to get settled in New Zealand first - haven't got anywhere with the plans yet as been too busy with the wedding but must start doing something very soon as we're off there in December to check the place out for a few weeks. If it feels 100% right for us we'll have to start the immigration process off when we get back from the holiday - which is going to be sooo stressful with the wedding being so close. hopefully it'll be worth it all in the end though!

    I've put a note on the GC forum so hopefully the other girls will see it and can make it.


  • slkingslking Posts: 236
    Carol - I don't really know much about the 'marriage preperation' other than most churches make you do it. My friend got married in the church we are using and said it was a big group thing but I know others who have done it just them or only 2 or 3 couples at a time. I have no idea what it involvesthough but then if you have to go for an interview anyway you might not have to attend it.

    I would love to go to New Zealand although don't think I could ever emigrate anyway. At least you shouldn't get all the horrible weather we've been having over here once you've moved!!

    Jessica - thats so lovely that your H2B proposed in New York and even more special that he really wanted to pick just the right moment to do it. I'm taking my H2B to New York over New Year his 30th birthday (he turns 30 12 days before the wedding so it will get a bit over shadowed!). #Have you got any tips or must go places?

    Agewise I am 25 and H2B is 29, we will have been together 10 years when we get married so it will be quite a special year. Its really strange to think that he came with me when I had to pick up my GCSE results!!! image
  • Hi Sam, did you read the thread on the general chat forum - we've set a 'meet' date for Friday 7th September. Will you be able to come as well? Be great to meet you.

    Let's hope that my 'interview' will count towards the preparation as I get really nervous in churches around Vicars and Reverands etc. I feel like it's your parent standing in front of you asking questions about your relationship and I get very embarassed :\)

    Wow that's amazing - 10 years!!! As you say, what an amazing year for you both to get married.


  • slkingslking Posts: 236
    Hi Carol,

    I know what you mean about getting embarrassed answering questions about your relationship, I'm dreading it. I'll be so worried I'm going to say the wrong thing and the vicar won't want to marry us! image

    I have seen the thread in General Chat but I can't actually make that date as I'm on a week long course out near Huntingdon. I thought it was Mon-Fri but its actually Sat-Sat (gutted! image)

    Hope it goes well and maybe another time I'll catch up with you all. I'm sure we'll all bump into each other on the forum plenty of times between now and the weddings!

  • Ah so this is where you have all been hiding!! I'm an Ipswich bride too!!

    I'm getting married in 177 days time!! aggghhhh in April and having my reception at Orwell Park and can't wait! They have a wedding fair there in November!
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344
    Hi to all Ipswich Brides!!

    I am an Ipswich bride too, though I am currently living in Hampshire with H2b.

    We're getting married at Bramford Road Methodist Church Ipswich on 12th April 2008 with the reception at manor farm Henley!

    I hear you have already had the Ips meet - darn, would have loved to meet you all! I back in Ips for a week in November as I'm in Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society's production of 'Princess Ida' so if anyone is free during the day on those days, would be great to meet. Or even better, why not come along and see the show and we could meet up afterwards!! (see )

    Samantha Louise, you are so, so lucky to have Mike Kwasniak as your photographer. He does the photos for Ips G&S and is also a pretty famous photographer of pro shows (he had a south bank show about him!). I would have loved to have him but was too expensive, even with the possible 'friends' disount!
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344
    DOH! Just realised that I didn't post the show dates!! They are 14-17 November 08!
  • my mummy had mike for her wedding too (number 2)! iim having big fish photography!

    I only came on here yesterday!
  • kazynkazyn Posts: 3
    Hi Ipswich Brides, I'm another.

    We are getting married at Seckford Hall on 29th May 09. I'm so excited.

    We have been together for six years and are planning to try for a baby as soon as we are married.

    Age wise, I'm 23 and Mark is 26.

    Jessica, I visted Haughley Park Barn last year for a meeting and it is an absolutely beautiful venue.

    It's lovely to meet some other Ipswich girls. I think my friends are becoming a bit bored of my constant wedding talk, so its great to chat to others who are just as excited about their wedding as I am.

    Did any of you also enter SGR's Win a Wedding competition? We were couple 39.

    Karen x
  • Hello I wonder if could be considered an Ipswich Bride? I'm getting married in Aldeburgh although living in London. We're having a marquee reception in a friend's garden and trying to research marquee companies and caterers, would be so grateful if anyone had any bright ideas!

    It's such a beautiful part of the world isn't it? I've had a yucky day and kept myself happy by doing a bit of imagining and planning.. whoop-de doo!
  • MarieBuk1MarieBuk1 Posts: 118
    Im a fellow Ipswich Bride image Gettin married in August !! x
  • I'm an Ipswich bride to getting married 9th may 2009.
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