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Hello, New Bride to be


I'm so terribly excited I'm currently planning my dream wedding to my fiance. We have provisionally booked Saturday, June 17th 2017 at our dream venue. We are waiting until our little girl turns 3 so she can be involved. Her big brother will be 5 so they can be a bridesmaid & page boy. My fiance & i have been together for three years on June 17th this year, hence the date booked. 

After having my children this will be the best day of our lives. My wonderful fiance bought me a beautiful wedding planner so we can keep all the plans well after the day. 


  • Congratulations!

    You have plenty of time to plan everything - that's really sensible! And congratulations for finding a venue so quickly!!!

  • Thank you redwhitebluelondon. I'm uber organised & hate to leave anything to chance, I found our venue online & just knew I wanted to get married there. Here is our venue

    I also have an idea for my dress we have a lot of children coming so anything expensive would be silly:

    When are you getting married? xx

  • congratulations I'm sure it'll fly over! Seeing as there's still quite a while till your wedding I'm sure you could pick up a beautiful dress for as little as £100 & still get the whole wedding dress shopping experience! And we have quite a few children coming to ours too xx

  • Thanks Lianne. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to get to try hundreds if not thousand of dresses on LOL. When do you get married? xx

  • Lol don't blame you trying on dresses is soo fun! image you definitely need to go! I get married on the 5th of December so 8 months yesterday!! image can't wait xx

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    Bridetobe2017... Nice to see another bride whos past 2015 lol!

    Im 11 months before you... But also have been planning for around six months. 

    Although im planning on having a baby inbetween - so i figured id get things done before, and after baby lol! Although i know things never usually go to plan!



  • LOL Cakeybride as you say things never got to plan if you plan too much. So far I've changed my colour scheme three times so who knows what we will end up having. At the moment we are thinking of using Breakfast at Tiffany theme (duck egg blue & white). I'm currently creating my own trivia cards with facts about the film & seeing how easy they are to make into a scratch card LOL. Also driving myself insane looking the bridesmaid dresses in the right colour. LOL. I know I long dresses in duck egg blue with white accessories. 

    We have also had a re think about our venue so off to see two more this weekend. If we go somewhere cheaper we can invite more people but our current venue has the wow factor. 

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - I'm a newbie too!  image  

    I love you colour scheme idea! And know exactly what you mean about bridesmaid dresses! I've looked at so many, I've almost considered not having bridesmaids haha

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    Bridetobe2017 - i wouldnt even start looking at bridesmaid dresses yet - you may change your mind on colour and you never know by the time you get married duck egg blue could be the in colour for that year. image 

  • Congratulations!

    The wedding planner is a fantastic idea! Mine is like my pinterest hardcopy! I would also recommend setting up a wedding specific e-mail address as it's good to separate everything wedding from your normal e-mail and I find it is easier to keep track of. 

    I love duck egg blue! Its such a delicate beautiful colour for bridesmaids dresses, but you have plenty of time to choose everything image but it doesn't hurt to get  a head start on the plans as you said things do not always go to plan. 


  • Thank you all. 

    I set up an email address the day we got engaged as there is nothing worse than having wedding quotes mixed up with other items.

    I've set up a Pintrest account & ordered stationary samples my picture. I've found my suits in light grey with duck egg blue ties (I realised we need 8 suits in total) & a dress for my sister, daughter, mum & if she is up for it my H2B brothers partner. He he the wedding party will be in the colour theme whether they want to be or not image. Hello Bridezilla 


    I bought a beautiful art deco inspired self adhesive photo album. image to keep all my fabric samples etc together. xx

  • Alex5Alex5 Posts: 290

    wow that dress website is awesome!! cant believe how much they have on there! get yourself to a shop, try on what styles you like, then buy it cheaper off there...savvy shopping! image x

  • Thanks Alex5 that is my plan image

  • MrsA2B3MrsA2B3 Posts: 357

    Welcome hun and congratulations image looking forward to chatting with you x

  • Thank you MrsA2B3. I'm so excited we have booked THE venue it is the only one we saw or even contacted I just knew it was the one. 

  • NowMrsUNowMrsU Posts: 95

    Sounds like you need a planner- visit for competitive prices.

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