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Newly Engaged

Hello fellow bride to be's. Just wanted to introduce myself. Im Claire and my boyfriend finally popped the question after 4 years a few weeks ago. Very excited, dreamt of this since being a little girl. 

We go away in November so wont be setting a definate date until after then but already starting to plan as think April 2016. Been to a wedding fayre and wanted everything image.  Looking at colours, themes and most importantly the dress.

Struggling to find venues i like so does anyone have any recommendations for Oldham or Rochdale?

Would be lovely to hear off other brides planning their special day xx



Im struggling with liking venues though so does anyone have any recommendations for Oldham or Rochdale?



  • leah jadeleah jade Posts: 70

    I can't recommend any venues sorry but congratulations on your engagement image xxx

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    Thank you image Xx

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    Oooooo 1 minute,, our videographer filmed a gorgeous wedding up that way image il find out where image 

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    Have you looked at saddleworth hotel very expensive but nice. Also look at the talking point in Oldham. Very different. It's a church on the outside and modern and gorgeous on the inside. 

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    saddleworth hotelimage  it's so gorgeous image 

    p.s congratulations image

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    Thanks JLM. Ive looked there and it was beautiful. Looks very pricey but no hafm in going vuewing it and seeing what they can do xx

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    Ohh ive not heard of the talking point. Ill go on the sute niw and have a look. Thank you xx

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    Yeah I imagine it isn't cheap... I don't know Oldham way very well, I'm from Manchester but even then I'm getting married a mile from my home so hardly adventurous ha 

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    I work in manchester so been trying to find venues there to. So glad im not a last minute bride. Id be extremely stressed haha. I hope your plans are comibg together xx

  • Congratulations!

    I am from that neck of the woods, but don't live there now. the Birch Hotel in Heywood is nice (worked there years ago and it was nice then anyway). 

    Good luck x

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    Thank you image. My mum mentioned there but think its a bit to far out for some guests. Ill keep looking but thank you anyway xx


  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    Have you found any other venues yet Claire? 

    our plans are coming on well, we booked our photographer last week and justo need to sort out the cars and then the biggest things are sorted image 

    getting more more and more excited as it gets closer! Even though it's still 11 months away ha

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    We had a look around Norton Grange yesterday and really liked it there so just waiting on an email from them. We just cant do any proper planning untill december as we have a big trip away so need to get that out of the way then all go image

    Oh glad your getting things sorted.  Great to get all the big things sorted then you can concentrate on all the other little but impirtant details. 

    Im sure itll be lovely xx

  • Bridetobe2017Bridetobe2017 Posts: 237

    Congratulations & welcome everyone is really friendly & a font of knowledge. xx

  • Claire84Claire84 Posts: 8

    Thank you image. Im still getting used to the site and it seems good. Already had some recommendations which is good and very grateful. 

    Hope your planning is coming along nicely xx

  • Congratulations!

    Enjoy your wedding planning image

    What's your wedding theme?

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