What's your reception theme / colour palette?

You & Your Wedding magazine is launching a new feature, where we take one bride's reception decorating brief and ask a top wedding planner to style all the details. The results - from gorgeous stationery and flower ideas to cake and reception details - will appear as a gorgeous and inspiring photo shoot in an upcoming issue. 

So we want to hear from you: are you planning a unique palette or theme idea? struggling with how to make a certain colour combo or design motif work for your day? Tell us about it below or email [email protected] and we may be in touch!


  • Hi!
    I am a relative newbie here on Y&YW but so far I LOVE what I am seeing and also the fab ideas - thank you!!

    I am getting married on Easter Monday next year (2015) and I am trying to decide how to tie my colour scheme (Navy/Gold/Metallics) in with this so that it is still fun, but glamorous.

    The main reason for me going with this colour scheme is because I am having Yellow Roses in my bouquet (this is down to a recent family loss and a very special link to these flowers/colour), but i'm struggling to decide on how I work the Easter theme in with the glamour of a Navy and Metallics day....

    I am madly Pinteresting and have seen so much stuff, but I am starting to see TOO much I think now!! Any help is VERY gratefully receivedimage


  • KateMarried3KateMarried3 Posts: 339

    I'm already married but I had a design dilemma I would have loved help with, and I would bet that there are other brides facing the same one. We had our wedding at an English-style hunt club, and I wanted to keep the florals natural looking but not "weedy" and disorganized looking. This was my first dilemma: how do you make everything from the invites to the bouquets to the table signs look "natural" and "countryside," but still high-end and not bohemian? My second challenge was the related color scheme: I chose whites and greens (mints, rosemary) with real lavender flower accents. The problem came in with the whites, especially with the florals. I wanted WHITE WHITE florals, and everything I have seen contains blooms that are decidedly off-white, ivory, or, my least favorite, greenish-white. How do you achieve a look with true whites?

  • Hi brides! We've moved this discussion over to this forum page so please join us there: http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/general-chat/whats-your-reception-theme-/-colour-palette/403035.html

    We'll be looking for brides to feature in the magazine AND offering styling advice for your theme dilemmas. goldenrevolution, we have a receptions shoot coming up in our September/October issue that will have lots of visual inspiration for combining yellow roses with blue details so look out for that on newsstands the last week of July! KateMarried3, great question, thanks for sharing with the team ...

  • OOOH! Thank you YankeeBride - this is great news!!! Now I just have to try and think how to make it "seasonal"...image 

  • Simone CSimone C Posts: 112

    Try the dessy website, it has colour schemes on there to put together. I have been struggling with orange and pink but the website has helped loads just to give a couple hints or if not reassurance that a colour scheme can work x

  • I don't know very much  about it, but I can say that I prefer Hollywood style reception theme. Actually I have a good knowledge about wedding hairstyle and makeup,  so that I can just share my thoughts about it with you. 

  • Me and my fiance just looked at out favourite colours, but as mine is black, we picked his. so we are having peaches and cream as our theme. if you're struggling for ideas, i would recommend just google your theme and there will be plenty of mood boards so you can see what sort of colours match. before doing this i would never have thought to pair peach bridesmaids dresses with light blue shoes. it looks pretty cool

  • The colour theme we have chosen is Blue and Gold. I have worried about the wedding looking like a Christmas theme due to the gold as we're planning the wedding for early October people mistakenly thinking there is a Christmas theme would not be good! 

    There wont be any flowers - there will be a slight autumn theme (think leaves sprayed gold with peoples names written on them as the place cards). There will be homemade center pieces (woolen balloons). 

    i need to stick to a tight budget but don't want it to come across cheap/tacky. 

  • We are having a "London" theme and our colour scheme is ivory and navy blue image

    We have so many good ideas and things we want to incorporate into our wedding and now we just need to bring it all together image

  • We're doing mint green and aubergine...nice for the colour scheme, not so much for the foodimage

    Problem we're having is doing it without it being shabby chic; we think shabby chic is so over done. It's pretty, we just want something different!!

  • GeorgxGeorgx Posts: 118

    We are doing Purple, grey, black & white image

  • JATINJATIN Posts: 1

    Your color scheme for the wedding has the power to set the vibe – so choose wisely. Focusing on the color theme early on is important to ensure that everything else obtained for the wedding is well coordinated and suited to the wedding as a whole. The colors are completely up to you but you will need to take into account where you're getting married, and the formality or informality of your ceremony and reception.


    for more you go to below link



  • mileymiley Posts: 34

    Jatin your link is great! there are so many beautiful dresses there

  • JolaJola Posts: 23

    I'm all for pink. I know. Cliche. My fiancee is not a big fan of the colour but he let me choose the theme. I would like to have my favourite pink but break it with some other, more neutral colour. Maybe grey? I can have my bouquet and some accessories in pink and the rest grey/silver. What do you think?

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    i'm not too sure about my theme wedding, my option is mint and silver, dark blue and white, or fuschia and black. which one better???

  • SongBird28SongBird28 Posts: 11

    We're having mint, blush pink & gold for our intimate, outdoor Cotswolds cottage wedding, next year. We're struggling with suits as we love blues & navy but not sure they'll go well with our colour scheme.

  • laurenblaurenb Posts: 5

    I am having a dilemma my dress is blush pink/champagne my theme is Alice in wonderland vintages type I am having troubles deciding on bridesmaid dress colours to fit both the theme and my dress. Would love any help. Get tin married 21st october2016

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