Just wondered if anyone could tell me what usually happens when you speak to florists?

I went to one today and explained that I wasn't really sure what I wanted, all I know is the colours. I asked what flowers would be in season in September and he said 'everything' and then he said I'd be best going back next April as he doesn't have the diary yet.

He didn't offer to show me any images of previous bouquets or really advise me in anyway? I just wondered if it's because I went so far in advance (the wedding is Sept 15) that he didn't feel it was necessary?

Is this what normally happens?

TIA xx



  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 861 New bride

    I went to my florist about a year before and they were very helpful. They do a lot of weddings and appreciated that some bride's like to get organised early. They looked at how many bouquets, button holes, centrepieces etc we wanted and discussed some flower types. They then emailed me a quote a few days later.

    It sounds as though the one you went to are being very unhelpful and don't understand that brides want to be able to budget for flowers and find out how much they'll cost. I would go somewhere else!

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I found I had mixed experiences with florists. I went in to speak to a florist that I have bought from a lot in the past, she was very offhand with me. Basically handed me a price list and said to go back when I had a better idea because she couldn't help me if I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Threw the price list in the bin in view of the windows of the shop as I left. 

    The next place I went to, they were helpful to a point, sat down with me and showed me some weddings she had done before from some big folders. I was struggling and wanted some advice and she didn't really give it - she just kept saying, "Well you can have whatever you want" when I really wanted more guidance than that - for her to make a suggestion and then us take that as a starting point! They also wouldn't give me even a vague ballpark on price. 

    The next guy's shop I popped into on my lunch break and he went through some options, gave me some prices, and I left feeling much happier. He said I still had plenty of time, and now was the time to look in magazines, look online, gather ideas before coming to a decision. Really liked him. 

    But then I got a recommendation from someone else so went to a flower shop I had never been to and she was just lovely. She talked to me for a good hour, went through different ideas, did sketches, even got out some flowers and did me some mock-ups. She was fab and has kept in touch since to see if I have changed my mind on anything etc. 

    I would definitely say go somewhere else - at the end of the day YOU are paying THEM a LOT of money and they shouldn't treat you like a inconvenience! You do have plenty of time but a good florist, like anything, will get booked up. Good luck finding someone image

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Thanks, that's what I thought, I know it's early but I just want to get stuff booked so I'm not flapping next year.

    I know what colours and sort of feel I want, but want advice off someone. I mean it's all well and good looking on pinterest but I don't know if they'll be able to get those flowers in the colours etc.

    VicN2B - you're not anywhere near Leeds are you, your florist sounds fab! x

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Bradford! Will PM you! x

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 861 New bride

    As VicN2b are paying them, so they should be as helpful as they can! I hope you manage to find a good florist image

  • natsxonatsxo Posts: 268

    mine was super helpful, I think as soon as you say your venue they get a feel for it if they are well established in the area, ours where fab, I got the feeling they loved there jobs too which is fab ! I met with them in January and our wedding inst until next august, I'm just on a list for when she gets diary, however she doesn't want a deposit until a year before so thus august

  • natsxonatsxo Posts: 268

    arghhhh this forum sometime !! she showed me loads of pictures and a bit of a budget chat so she wasn't pricing 1000 of pound worth of peonies, ect which was great as she grasped we wanted them to look great but we aren't fussed on like....roses and all the most expensive flowers, if you took the time to go see him he should at least of gave you the time of day. iv booked everything because I am fully deployable and don't want to get rushed off and have to rush everything when I am back before the wedding, plus it takes the stress away for you knowing you have what you want. I have an itemised list too for all the bouquets ect ! I think it just depends what or who you go with xx

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    I'm definitely going to visit some others, Vic has just sent me some details and there are a fair few around where we live. 

    I think it makes it worse as I'm a designer so I'm used to discussing details and advising people and helping them work out what they want, I'm never usually in this position myself ha ha x

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    They should definitely be more helpful! I saw my first florist today and it was great. They'd asked for a link to my pinterest board in advance, and also we had talked through my thoughts and plans. When I was there, they had lots of ideas about what was in season, talked through what I might need (they know the venue) and showed me some pictures. They are going to write up a proposal with suggestions and a quote to email.

    So I'd keep looking if I were you! You want someone who is as excited as you are!

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Cheers! Yep definitely going to keep looking! I'm sure I'll find the right one eventually ha ha x

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Yeah they should definitely be more helpful that that, keep looking image

    I know absolutely nothing about flowers lol.  I sent a few pictures to a florist before I met with her to give her an idea of the sort of look I wanted, but I didn't know what any of the flowers were and didn't necessarily want those specific flowers, just something that could create the same sort of look.  She was great - during the appointment she showed be pictures of similar bouquets to what I'd sent her to fine tune exactly what it is I like (turns out I really don't like gerberas lol), and she told me what colours I'd be able to get, alternative flowers to things I like that wouldn't be in season etc etc


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