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New Bride to Be Venue Stress


Just wanted to introduce myself as a new bride to be! We got engaged 4 weeks ago but finding it really difficult to find the venue we want - add the fact we'd like to get married Summer 2015 and a lot of the venues we do like are already booked up image

We're looking for a country/rustic type wedding - really relaxed and have now widen our search from Sheffield (where we met) to Northumberland (where we live) and still struggling! Hehe.

Am I missing something? Is there some amazing website/search engine I haven't found yet? Or is google really the only tool I have? (Even resorted to googling caterers and photographers and looking at their websites for inspiration!) image



  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    There country house weddings, the venue finder on here, the list of approved venues the registrars office should have ours had it online.

    Summers peak season so you may have to do a weekday wedding to get the venue you want, especially as what you want is very popular at this moment in time.

  • MrsWraggToBeMrsWraggToBe Posts: 281

    Try Hun they have lists of Venues on there that's where we found ours image Xx

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