Female usher?

Hi there,

H2B and I have decided that it would make sense for one of our ushers to be from my side, but as I don't have any close male family (except for my Dad!), we've asked my aunt.

Problem is, we're not sure what to suggest for clothing! I'm happy for her to wear whatever she wants, but it would be useful for her to have something that marks her out as one of the 'bridal party'. We've been considering corsages, buttonholes etc. but not sure - does anyone have any other ideas?

Suggestions much appreciated! Xx


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    If you wanted her as part of the bridal party would it not make more sense to have her as a bridesmaid? The way I see it it is the Groomsmen/Ushers are the equivalent as BM's as they are the people the groom wants to be part of the day. 

    I think though that a corsage would be better than a buttonhole. Have you considered her maybe doing a reading or something instead then she is still involved?

  • Thanks for your response image

    The reason we'd like her as an usher, though, is to ensure there's someone from my side at the chapel while the guests are arriving, so she can help with directing people effectively etc. She'll be brilliant in that role too (and is quite excited about it!) - she's very sociable and excellent at putting people at ease.

    H2B will have his own ushers there as well of course, but we thought it would be useful to have someone who knows guests from the bride's side too.

    Hope that makes sense! Xx

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    Ah right, could you have her in a similar colour dress to the BM's or something then so that she stands out, and she could have a corsage the same flowers as the ushers are having on the buttonholes? xx

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    My H2B is having 2 best men, one of whom is actually a female. We are getting her a wrist corsage and while we are not specifically choosing a dress for her, the plan is that she will dress in something that ties in with our colour scheme. I think its a good idea having someone who knows each half of the family for when people are arriving 

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    I asked my SIL2B's if they wanted to be female ushers but they didn't want to be, which is fair enough, lol. 

    What I was going to do was buy them the same dress as the bridesmaids but in a different colour to match with the groomsmen. The groomsmen are in grey so I was going to get a silver/grey dress and the bridesmaid would be in navy. I was also going to get them corsages.

    Hope this helps a little image

  • Good thoughts ladies - thank you!

    Tying in with the bridesmaids or groomsmen colours sounds like an excellent idea - I'll ask her which one she'd prefer. Also sounds like a wrist corsage that matches the other flowers would be a good way to go.

    Thanks again! Xx

  • My Hubby had a female Bestman!!

    We brought her a stunning platinum grey long chiffon dress and she had a wrist corsage

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    I am having a female usher, and she will be wearing a suit to match the men (though fitted) - She is a bit of a butch lesbian though so this is her preference lol

    I am also being best man for one of my best man friends in August, and I am wearing the same as the bridesmaids, but standing his side etc

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    Hiya, We have H2Bs sister as his Best Woman so have decided to have her in the same dress as the BMs but in the colour of the Grooms Party suits. So for us, as we want Navy suits she is in a dark blue dress. She therefore matches both sides but is obviously not a BM or a standard guest. She is having a corsage in the same flowers as the buttonholes to match up! xx

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