Wedding 'roles'

So I'm thinking of not having Bridesmaids for our wedding- my H2B is having a best man & 2 ushers but we're trying to think of other roles that are involved in a wedding that include other people, or things that the bridesmaid would do that we might need to rope in some help with! So far we've got:


People to do readings

Dress shopping

Planning the hen do

Company the night before/getting ready in the morning (for me, he'll be with his best man & ushers)


Is there anything else? I was kind of thinking there would be more!


  • Crafty things - if you are making things yourself.

    Someone to help you on day, have your flowers, help you to the loo!!!!!!!!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Someone to babysit your mobile on the day

    Some to take pictures on your camera, I had to wait a few days before people started posting any on facebook!

    Someone to help you zip your dress, to at least 2 people to lace you in it it's a lace up back.

    Someone to go with you to the florist and/or decorators if h2b is not interested.

  • I didn't have any Bridesmaid, and was not an issue at all...

    Witnesses - We had Fathers be witnesses

    People to do readings - We didn't any

    Dress shopping - I went with my Mum

    Planning the hen do - I did this myself, was so much easier, as there was a lot of girls

    Company the night before/getting ready in the morning - I stayed at the venue with my Mum, and we had a lovely relaxing morning getting ready, the night before two of my best friends (who would have been BM's if I'd have had them) came over to the venue and we all had dinner.

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