FUN Wedding Shopping in Birmingham...

Strange question I know BUT...

Myself, my MOH and one of my close friends (other Bridesmaids' can't come image) are heading to Birmingham this Saturday to buy shoes for MOH and also maybe have a look at some dresses in shops for me (SUPER scared....I am NOWHERE near where the weight I want to be yet!) but I wondered if anyone could recommend places to go and also anything fun for us to go and do together...

I thought maybe some cocktails and a mooch around the Bullring BUT I would love if anyone knew of anything more exciting than this to make it a special day?

We're all from Leics, so this is just a fun girly day out really...

Than you image


  • EllieTeaEllieTea Posts: 25

    Brindley Place is loveley to go for a few drinks/cocktails lunch etc. If the weather is nice it's great to sit outside by the canals. The Mailbox is good for all that too.

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    There are some lovely bars that do fab cocktails in The Mailbox and last time I was in Birmingham we also had some nice ones in Browns. You could go to some of the make up counters and get yourselves made up before you for cocktails so you look extra fab.

    There is a fab pub called The Jekyll and Hyde that do lovely cocktails too, we went on world gin day last year and I had a fab one in a tea cup.

  • EllieTeaEllieTea Posts: 25

    Oh yes, if you like gin the Jekyll is a must - it has a gin bar upstairs....

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    There are a fair few of us Brummies on here!

    I second the mailbox. Loads of restaurants to choose from on edge of canal. You could also pop up to Marco Pierre White's at top of cube (also mailbox) for cocktails/food. It is a really nice place and I've had a wonderful time every time I've been.


    Ditto Brindley Place - lots of good restaurants and places to chill out - I really like the new café at the Ikon (art gallery) and Bank.

    I really like Jekyll and Hyde. A similar place is the Lost and Found. Worth looking on Google but again extensive cocktails.

    Asha's do contemporary Indian cuisine and have an extensive cocktail menu too.

    Harvey Nichols in Mailbox also do champagne.

    Other top spots include Le Truc (down by the Hippodrome) - they will make up cocktails for you based on your own ingredients etc. or the Arcadian (also by Hippodrome where there are a range of bars/restaurants. I used to really like Poppy Reds and Sobar but not been there for a while so cannot comment on current quality.

    Ginger's on Newhall Street also popular. Loft Lounge is rated highly. Fumo do nice cocktails (+Italian Tapas).


    Have a great day here!


  • OOh all sounds wonderful - thank you so much for your advice ladies, it is much appreciated!

    I dont suppose you guys also know of any bridal shops near by these places?

    This is all making it rather "real" now!!!!!



  • EllieTeaEllieTea Posts: 25

    I can't be too much help with the bridal shops. I bought my dress from the Dressing Rooms but it's not in the city centre. I have found them to be fab so far though. There is a few right in the centre (a quick google will help) but I haven't visited any of them to recommend.

    A lot of them work by appointment only so if you give any of them a call see if they have some appointments too. There is one in Solihull that was next on my list to visit (if I hadn't found my dress!) that you can just turn up at.

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  • Thank you image 
    Excited now...just wishing it would stop raining!!!!!!!

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