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Newly engaged

hey guys I'm new here im newly engaged me and my fiance got engaged while in Poland visiting his family he didnt go on one knee bt was very romantic were thinking about July 2016 wedding bt iv no idea where start I tried on dresses love 2 


help please im from Fife/perthshire area Scotland 


  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    Congratulations Maxime.

    First i would talk about money who is paying for what etc.. and set a budget and start saving

    Next talk about what you both want from the day - number of people, relaxed or formal church or other etc... once you have an idea of this it will help you to start looking at suitable venues. - which is a really fun bit

    Photographer flowers and caterers should probably be next as good ones get booked up especially at busy times of the year.

    Dress - you can pretty much go for it as long as you dont plan on loosing too much weight or anything they can do alterations. Dont leave it till later than 8 months before the wedding - i was supprosed how many shops needed 6-8 months to order then do alterations.

    Then take abit of a breather and enjoy being engaged - i think its easy to forget that bit and just get so caught up in planning

    My other advice would be if you are planning to do alot yourself start early with eeh DIY projects and avioid last minuite stress.

    Time will fly and you will have so much fun planning - enjoy

  • Congratulations image Were newly engaged too and we are getting married July 2016 image We have venue, registrar, DJ and photographer booked and deposits paid, we are just doing little bits each week so that we are not stressed before the big day!

  • maxime-maxime- Posts: 31

    ohhhh where r you getting married abt? my deposit was paid today image going see lady tomorrow abt cake and ministerimage photographer booked dj booked and bridesmaids picked and save the dates getting made image

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