April 2015 Brides

Hello ladies.

Recently started planning my wedding for April 2015 and wondering how many others are currently doing the same.

Would be lovely to hear from you.



  • Hi what date is your wedding? Ours is 8th April ?????? X x 

  • Hi, when is your wedding? Ours is 25th April 2015. I have been planning since July 2013, so we are on the final stretch now! xx

  • sprite68sprite68 Posts: 727

    Hi ladies.

    Congratulations on your forthcoming weddings - all systems go!

    Mine is April 1st . . . 100 days to go!

    We've only been together 7 weeks & are getting engaged on Christmas Day . . . Last week I ordered my dress, we booked the venue for the ceremony and the registrar, then collected my engagement ring & chose our wedding rings at the same time.  I've designed our invitations.  But that's it . . .

  • I'm getting married on 4th April 2015, Easter Saturday image

    Wedding plans are on hold while we get Christmas out of the way but so far we have:

    Venue incl registrar, invitations, suits, dress, shoes, tiara, guest/table list, bridesmaid dresses, favour boxes, bird cages for center pieces, photographer, cake maker, florist, wedding rings, band, music for walking down and back up the aisle and first dance.

    Still to organise:

    Cake designs (wedding and H2B's 40th birthday), flower designs, candles and flowers for bird cages plus other decorations including 40th birthday stuff for my H2B's joint night do, presents for bridal party, presents for my H2B although I have ideas, menu cards (ordering those while off at Christmas), music for signing the register, music for before the ceremony (H2B wants control over that as he's going to be the one listening to it lol), music for the meal, my jewellery.......I think (hope) that's it although if there's anything glaringly obvious then please tell me!!! 

  • Remembered already, mini eggs for favours and place cards!!

  • Hi


    I'm getting married 18th April 2015. Been planning it from January this year. Pretty much got 85% of all my vendors and arrangements booked. Now just focusing on finer details.

    You might want to check out the other April 2015 forum thread started a while back: http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/im-getting-married-in-2015/april-2015-weddings/394749.html

    Happy Planning & congratulations on your recent engagement!

    T L-A x

  • sprite68sprite68 Posts: 727

    Wonderful proposal yesterday from my now officially h2b!  Have asked my chosen bridesmaid and she said yes, so it's dress shopping next week . . . Venue now booked for party . . . started writing guest list . . . emailed our preferred photographer . . . friend offered to be chauffeur for the day . . . making progress . . .

    Lovely to hear from you ladies too xx

  • Kerry19Kerry19 Posts: 201


    Souns like everyone's planning is coming along nicely.

    Our wedding is 5th April, Easter Sunday image x x

  • Hi all you future brides!!

    our date is the 29th of April.... ??????

  • ??? That's meant to be a smiley face image

  • susan28susan28 Posts: 268

    Hi, our date is also 25th April, just finishing off making invitations but don't want to send them out too early.  Wedding books suggest  8 weeks before but I think this is a little too late, what does everyone suggest ?  Some need to book hotel rooms so thinking next week (middle jan) help please!!   

  • BeckyPBeckyP Posts: 178

    Congrats Sprite!

    Hope plannings going Ok.

    Hi Susan, I just sent mine out this weekend for our 2nd April wedding. Three months seems a good amount of time especially for a mid week wedding or like you say if they have to book rooms. 


  • Today sees me drop down into the 80s! These last 10 days have gone FAR too quickly and I'm now in slight panic mode lol

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