Am I rushing the engagement party?

Hiya everyone. 

So after 5 years, my fiancé proposed to me on Christmas day 

We planned our engagement party for the 7th of Feb 2015. It was meant to be the 28th of Feb but the hall doubled booked and moved us.

Is it too soon? Our wedding isn't until 2017 unless we win the lottery or I decide on a cheaper venue lol.  


Congrats to all you other ladies that got their bling and Thank you!


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Congratulations!! I think it's nice to have the engagement party close to when you actually got engaged so, if you can organise it all by then, then go for it! image

    Hope all the wedding prep goes v well x

  • I would probably put it somewhere in the middle of your timeframe. I agree, it's nice to have the party close to the actual engagement, but on the other hand, the party is also intended to get people excited about the wedding. With the wedding so far off, there isn't going to be any carryover on the excitement. I would put mine about a year out. That way, guests at the party can already start to get info about the wedding plans, can offer to help, etc. Seeing that the venue double-booked you anyway, you could take advantage of that error and move it closer to the actual wedding. Long engagements as we all know are great for saving up and sometimes necessary based upon other factors like work...but they can definitely be anti-climactic.

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    congratulations hun

    no its not too early my sister git engaged at Xmas n hers is booked for end of Feb n she is getting married 2017 the year of my wedding all exciting, you do what you think is best x

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    I would say def not too early either!  It's good to get a view of your guests and then have all your time left for your wedding planning!

    woop woop!

    oh and congrats of course!!image

  • Congratulations image

    No i dont think its too early, i got engaged in oct 2008 and our engagement party was last new years eve lol

    You should have it whenever you want to x

  • We booked our wedding venue today, we moved it forward to next year. The engagement party seems a little more sensible now image

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